Old Sierra Games Host Gets C&D From Activision

Old Sierra Games Host Gets C&D From Activision

Sarien.net is formerly the site where you could play, for free, classic Sierra games, such as Police Quest, in your browser. We say “formerly” because Activision owns that stuff now, and its lawyer-mans sent them a letter.

“Well folks, that’s that. It was a blast,” reads the site’s front page. “So long and thanks for all the fish! … Time to restart, restore or … quit :)”

The fact Sarien lasted nearly two years probably is an accomplishment. Activision apparently didn’t notice until it added in iPhone and iPad browser support. Quoth Acti:

While we appreciate your dedication to the Sierra classic library and understand that you are a fan of these games, Activision has not authorised the development or distribution of these games via your Website. Accordingly, we must demand that you immediately cease any further distribution or exploitation of the Sierra Games on your Website.

Sarien [Official site, via Joystiq]


  • Activision being Activision… I don’t see the problem in what sarien.net were doing. All those games were abndonware anyway. I can hardly believe that activision expect to make any money out of them…

    … unless they are going to do remakes ala Monkey Island. Man that would be awesome.

    • companies like activision are the worst kind for the gaming industry. they do not care about anything but their money and IP. even if they have zero plans for it they will not allow anyone else to go near it.

      this is the final nail for me, activision are pure evil, no more activision games period.

    • Abandonware is not a legal concept: everything remains copyrighted until it is released to the public domain (either explicitly, or when the copyright expires). Until that point, you need a license.

      Also note that Activision is actively selling these games, so it would be hard to even classify them as abandonware.

  • It’s their IP so fair enough.

    But as long as they make them available to download legally.

    I know that the Sierra classics are available on Steam in other regions, but not AUS.

    I’m happy to pay Activision, just give me a chance!!

  • I am saddened that this is how I heard of this website. I would have loved to go back and play some of my old games, does anyone know of any other websites like this?

    I would love to play some of the old Apogee games, I’d be happy to pay for them too I just don’t think I could make them work on a modern computer.

    • Dos box my good man. And can still get all the old shareware stuff from a few different sources. Hell I think pc powerplay had a cover disc with a heap of stuff on it.

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