Online Game Saves Man From Being (Maybe!) Burned Alive

The strategy game Evony, infamous for its salacious, cleavage-filled ads, has done some good. The Facebook version of the game is now credited with helping to save the life of a disabled man.

Disabled gamer Robert Chambers was at home when a fire, started by his toaster, began to fill his house with smoke, reports the Spokesman-Review. Chambers' limited mobility prevented him from calling for help, so he turned to a chatroom in Evony. Fellow Evony players called the fire department and, 10 minutes later, Chambers was safely escorted from the house.

It was not a spectacular blaze, fortunately. Authorities say the fire was contained to the toaster.

Chambers wife, who says she "hated this game" - maybe she's seen the ads? - has come around to Evony, saying "Now I've got to bite my tongue because it saved his life quite possibly."

Disabled man uses Facebook to summon help during fire [Statesman]


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