People Are Lining Up For Hours To See The 3DS (And Play A 13 Year-Old Game)

Here is the line earlier today to get into the Nintendo World 3DS event in Tokyo. After that, then more lines inside, what are people getting their hands on? How about a game that was released in the 20th century.

Yes, while there are loads of new games on the showroom floor for members of the public to get their hands on, by far the biggest line is that to play Nintendo's 1998 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

You can see in the chart below - handily provided and updated regularly by Nintendo for attendees - that it's averaging around 100-120 minutes at time of publishing, almost twice that of the line for AR Games, the free bundle of augmented reality titles that comes bundled with the handheld.

It says a lot about Nintendo's pull that having alienated so many old-time fans over the past 2-3 years, all it takes is a new console and a re-release of a treasured old title to get them lining up for hours all over again!



    So, this post is up once again?
    First off, why do you believe that Nintendo has alienated their fans? Is this based on anything at all, aside from that Nintendo has outsold your precious Microsoft or Sony in the console market?

    Second, this game is a REMAKE. It's not the exact same game released in 1998. I'm quite sure this game is hitting the shelves in...oh...2011?

    Thirdly, what do you have against Nintendo in general? I'll say this again, did a Nintendo official traumatize you as a child? Hmmm? Poor Lukey Wookey.

    Nintendo need to get rid of those old fossils Satoru Iwata and Miyamoto, and get some young, ambitious talent to take over the company. They have been developing the same shite for the last decade.

    If it where any other company, games media would be criticising them.
    Nintendo is the Labor Party of the games industry. They re-hash the same flawed games disguised as 'new' and people buy into it every time.

      Trolling troll is obvious.

        You must admit, i have a strong point regarding Nintendo and letting Iwata and Miyamoto go.

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