Play Leisure Suit Larry On Your iPad or iPhone For Free

And King’s Quest, and Space Quest… and whole host of others. If you head to this nifty website with your iPad web browser, you can gain access to a whole set of old-school Sierra point and click adventures, tailored for the iPad touch interface.

And it’s all thanks to Martin Kool, who started off by porting Space Quest across to iPad as a demo, before fixing up th entire game, then a host of others. If you, like me sometimes feel a hankering for some nostalgic adventurin’, this is a great solution. The one drawback, of course, is that you have to online to play it – which may make mobile play on the train, for example, next to impossible – but it’s still an awesome way to waste an hour or two if you’re stuck at home with a mobile device.

Sarien [via TouchArcade]


  • That started off awesome, but then the online thing murdered it! This would be perfect for train rides! Here’s hoping for City Rail free Wi-Fi one day!

  • This is awesome.

    Alright, I went to the site on my iPad thinking I would just get normal site you see in the above link. What you do get is a view exactly like the apple book store with the cover of the games.

    You then select the game you want to play, then it prompts you to add the site to your home page on safari. It then creates a shortcut to this in the form of an application button.

    Freakin’ brilliant!

    As for saving. Yes you can do it… You can hit options as a button on the screen, it then brings up an F Keys option. Hit that… and if you all remember what F button it is to save your game, then you are laughing 😉 Hit the F5 button and rotate the ipad into portrait mode and it will then allow you to save the game in a save slot.

    This has made my game. As for ‘What are you playing this weekend?’ I just found my games.

  • ^^^
    Right on dude. That Quest for Glory remake is boss.

    @Woodze – you can turn multiplayer off.

    @Naca-Yoda – yep you can save games … it gives you a URL or something

    No sound on it as yet though, unfort.

  • Its a bit iffy on the iphone/ipod touch. Unless I am missing something, you need to go through the ipad site and add the games to your homescreen and that seems to work (mostly, I couldnt get space quest to work, but police quest loaded) but when you play, you have to keep moving the screen around to get to the buttons below, and of course tapping the screen to grab and drag makes your character move all over the place. Its playable, but kinda difficult.

  • It says you can download the game, but nooowhere can you get it for iphone.. Says you can… But cant.. Brings up papers published reguarding the game Leisure Suit Larry but… Once again you cannot download it… I feel like im just repeating myself… I need a hug..

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