PlayStation Games Coming To Android Phones

At it's big PlayStation event held today in Tokyo, Sony has revealed a program whereby "certified" PlayStation games will be made available for mobile phones.

Rather than be tied to a single device, like we've been seeing all along, Sony is calling this idea "PlayStation Suite", a mobile gaming platform of sorts designed for Android mobile phones.

With games bearing a "PlayStation Certified" tag, it aims to bring titles like original PS1 games (or their equivalent, we suppose?) to mobiles in a "hardware neutral game framework".

We'll get you more details - including what role the "PlayStation Phone" plays in all this - as they come to hand.


    Wow, didn't see that at all.
    Sony not going proprietary is very strange, and choosing an open format...just WOW.

    This is fairly interesting move by Sony, it's totally carving up the smartphone market.

    Windows Phone 7 with Xbox.
    Android with Playstation.
    iOS with... Games Centre (lol)

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