Portal 2 Gets An Australian Release Date

Valve time be damned, we've just received word that Portal 2, which now features an innovative co-op mode, has just received a rock solid release date for Australia and New Zealand, and that date is April 21.

It's not quite a synchronised worldwide release - the game comes out in the US a couple days earlier - but it's as close as dammit.

Considering the fact that the original is one of the most original and influential games of the last five years, Portal 2 sits pretty close to the top of our most anticipated games of 2011.

The other great news, for PS3 and Mac owners, is that Portal 2 will be released simultaneously across all platforms.

“Portal 2 is Valve's most innovative title in the company's history and will be launched with a first-class launch campaign this April," said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at Valve. "We're excited to be working with Electronic Arts to deliver this title as we expand our platform strategy to include the Mac and PlayStation 3 platforms.”

April can't come quick enough.


    Don't get me wrong, the original was great, but I'm still pining for some HL3 news :\

    I know it sounds cliche, but I truly want them to finish the freaking series! :(

      You and me both
      (plus most of the rest of the gaming world too I would say)

        Yep. I'd rather that before Portal 2 or L4D3 or anything else they've got.

        Maybe they are waiting for those next generation processors to help run the new super awesome physics engine?

          TWO SEESAWS!

      Valve have mentioned a couple of times that they develop whatever game they are feeling the most inspired about at the time. Delaying another HL game should help ensure that they deliver a worthy sequel rather than forcing one out due to audience demand.

      I for one am very glad that Portal 2 is the chosen one at this point, I reckon its mechanics have far more depth yet to be explored than those of Half-Life.

      I second this notion.
      After the abortions that were Ep1 & Ep2, I'm very much hanging for some HL3

    Do we have confirmation on a price on Steam in the US for Portal 2, and a price in Australia?

    I don't want to get screwed out of pocket because I live in a Australia when there is no extra costs involved in delivering the product to me.

      Valve have kept the Aussie price the same as the American one for all of their games thus far. It's unlikely we'll be charged more for Portal 2 (knock on wood - don't wanna jinx it now).

    Can someone translate "April 21" into Valve time for me?

      That'd be sometime in April, 2021.

    i see 2 companion cubes :o

    and who knows, maybe valve were sneaky enough to add a trailer/teaser in the game after completing it for the next installment of one of their games?

      Maybe there will only be one companion cube, and the story will be a love triangle with a tragic ending.

    My birthday! =D

      Be Careful... The Birthday Cake is a Lie!

    "Considering the fact that the original is one of the most original and influential games of the last five years"

    Most influential seems like a bit of a stretch. Can't wait to get this, April is still a while away though. I can't help but wonder if this last delay was caused by the decision to put it on PS3 as well.

    It'd be nice if by the time HL2:ep3 comes out there is some crossover with the Portal storyline. Sure, it'd be contrived, but it'd be fun!

      Already has. (i think)

      Don't you find a boat or something that disappeared from Aperture Science?

        That's right. You discover The Borealis, a mysterious ship owned by the Appature Science Corporation that dissapeared many years ago.

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