Portal’s Creators Want To Give You Free Games

Portal’s Creators Want To Give You Free Games

If you play Portal 2 on PS3, you can play with people on a PC. Neat! And to make sure as many people as possible are doing just that, the PS3 version of the game will include the PC version.

All players have to do once they get the game is link their PlayStation Network and Steam accounts. Once that’s done, they’ll have a Steam Play (so, PC and/or Mac) version of the game ready to download in their library list.

This cross-platform play even extends to giving PS3 users the ability to chat to PC gamers, and vice-versa. Oh, and PS3 users can even save their game in the Steam Cloud, meaning Valve has them tucked away in their servers in case something ever goes horribly wrong with your PS3.

That’s a whole lot of “firsts” for both Steam, the PC multiplayer service of choice, and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Not to mention a free copy of the game you can, for example, take with you on a laptop when you’re not on your couch with the PS3.

And if all this works, and works well, let us welcome out glorious cross-platform future with open arms!


  • I had a feeling that this was going to happen, but as the Engie says: “Heck yes!”
    I hope this works out, but there might be bugs at release…

  • Sign me up! All we need now is Team Fortress 2 reissued on the PSN with all of the updates. Mann that would be beautiful (ha! TF2 store pun).

  • That’s impressive – I doubt too many people saw this coming 12 months ago. Really hoping we might see a PS3 version of L4D 1&2 (or L4D3 if they’re working on that), too. All Valve’s games run on the Source engine, don’t they? So theoretically it wouldn’t be a huge job for them to create a PS3 version once they’ve got the engine working for Portal 2, and the network code already there via Steam.

    If this works out you have to wonder if Sony and Valve might look at some closer kind of working relationship going forward. In particular the possibility of a Valve designed/developed, Steam-based (or at the very least Steam-inspired) redevelopment of PSN for their next gen console. It’s no secret that the whole network-service side of things isn’t Sony’s strength, while Valve clearly have it all figured out. Potentially Sony could get the functionality of their service up to par with XBL, while still keeping the free-to-play ethos of the existing PSN/Steam.

    Of course countering all this is the possibility that Sony’s recently-exposed bungling of the PS3’s security might turn Valve back off the platform again for good… Plus the fact that as a platform holder, Sony might not want to share ownership of their service with Valve, while Valve might not be interested if they DON’T own a chunk of it.

  • The question for me, is how much will the PS3 version cost? Given that Valve games are always the same price in AU as US, what will the difference amount to when buying a physical PS3 copy?

    This will be an interesting case-study of exactly how much the difference in cost between physical and digital really is.

    Or will just drive home the point that we Australians are actually getting ripped off.

    Wonder who’s doing the publishing?

    • EA. The publisher that jacks up the prices of their games on steam for aussie users. Hasn’t happened for Dragon Age 2 yet but come closer to release date you’ll see that change.

  • Dam this would be sweet on the 360 version. Although its not really that big of a deal, its not like there’ll be a shortage of players 😛

  • But if I buy it off Steam on PC, will it let me digitally download to my PS3 (like the PC/Mac buy it once and have it on both deal)?

    • I imagine it’ll be cheaper on PC, probably around $40 or so, whereas since the PS3 would likely be a retail release it’d be closer to full price. It shouldn’t matter too much though because knowing Valve the best experience will surely be on PC>

  • This opens gaming a lot more, and heck i wouldnt mind if the ps3 and pc did a lot more cross gaming. Getting a free digital copy of the game on the pc is another reason for me to buy this. Though there must be a catch…

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