Pot Man And The Video Game Characters A Rapper Identifies With

Are Mega Man's battle chips the same thing as a rapper's weed and alcohol? Houston-area rapper A.D.D. talks about the video game characters that inspire him, name-checking Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear and Tomba. Tomba?

OK, A.D.D. earns some serious video game cred for calling out that pink-haired pig-hugger Tomba as one of his inspirations, even if it is just because he has messed-up hair. Tomba is one of 10 game characters A.D.D. gave as answers to the question posed in this week's installment of the Houston Press Blogs 'Ask A Rapper' segment, Which Video Game Characters Do Rappers Idolize?

A.D.D. identifies with Zelda because she can become Sheik and kick some arse. He idolizes Metal Gear's Snake because sometimes he needs to not be seen. And he idolises Mega Man because Mega Man does drugs.

Megaman should be a reference for any rapper that uses weed or alcohol. It's like our battle chips. Though rappers don't like to admit, we do indeed have writers block sometimes and need a little something to jump start our brain to flow more smoothly. I equip a battle chip and the thoughts start pouring in.

Check out the link below to see more of A.D.D.'s inspirations, including Samus from Metroid (no reason listed) and 'Sara' from Kingdom Hearts.

Which Video Game Characters Do Rappers Idolize? [Houston Press Blogs]



    The enemy pictured looks a lot like Cell from Dragon Ball

    "'Sara' from Kingdom Hearts"?
    Fail, stupid rapper.

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