PS3 Hack Dispenses Trophies Galore

Hackers have figured out how to bestow themselves trophies in some PlayStation 3 games, revealing another threat posed by the PS3 root key crack unleashed earlier this month.

CVG reported that hackers in some forums claimed to have given themselves trophies, though it was not clear if they were able to sync their altered trophy history with the PlayStation Network. The hackers were able to get the full trophy sets of games like PAIN, with timestamps for the trophies randomly assigned. They were unsuccessful unlocking trophies out of other games like Resident Evil 5 and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

A Sony spokesperson told CVG the company was aware of the issue and planning a fix via firmware update.

PS3 Jailbreak Threatens Trophies? [CVG]


    The trophy hack is literally months old. Why is it just making the news now?

      because Slowtaku

      Really, When? I also heard it was on the xbox 360.

      yes that may be true but this is different. What you are talking about is save game exploits which other people to obtain trophies without effort. What this means is people are able to insta platinum any game (well almost any) and no one will tell the difference. God help us all Sony can patch this before it gets out

      lol read the story:

      "revealing another threat posed by the PS3 root key crack unleashed earlier this month."

    OH NO people are hacking to give themselves stupid make believe trophies!

    I hope the patch removes them completely so that people actually start playing games for fun again.

      Are you with the Video Game Police? People are free to do/enjoy what they want.

      Your assumption that, a) they will update their firmware and b) updates actually stop anything now, are naive.

    What's the point of having all those trophies if you haven't worked hard to earn them? Getting them for absolutely nothing makes them even more worthless than what they already are (I'm not much into trophies :) ). Each to their own, I suppose.

      Well you won't know they didn't work for it if you just looked at their profile PSN card.

      But since their is no confirmation of being able to sync the trophies online, it is likely they can't update their points, therefore rendering this a useless hack.

      So true.

      Exactly, takes a special kind of loser to want to do this.

    I would love a hack to create new trophies for games that dont have any, or to put some new ones in. That would be awesome.

    You have been able to do this on the Xbox 360 for ages; it's called a Jtag. Nothing special about it and I don't think Microsoft care about it either cause you rarely get banned for it haha

      Actually they do, quite often. The hackers end up spending more time trying to make themselves look awesome (hacking their gamerscore) then actually playing games.

      I really just don't see the urge. Its like going to a trophy store and buying yourself a Olympic gold medal for example.

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