PS3 Missing Homefront DLC Because Sony’s Focused On Killzone 3, Says Studio

PS3 Missing Homefront DLC Because Sony’s Focused On Killzone 3, Says Studio

All downloadable content for the America-under-siege title Homefront will come to the Xbox 360 first, similar to extensions for other major titles in the past. Homefront’s developer said the PS3 missed out because, well, Sony’s not interested.

“Sony really didn’t come to us and say, ‘We want to support you and get behind you.'” Kaos’ Rex Dickson told Eurogamer. “I think their focus right now is on Killzone. So that’s really how it all happened.”

Killzone’s multiplayer beta begins Feb. 2 and ends Feb. 14, and it won’t be coming to the Xbox 360, so there. Of course, the whole game isn’t, either.

In the remainder of the interview Dickson said Kaos was gunning for a “subtle approach to the oppression,” of the occupied United States, then goes on to say we might be watching parents get killed in front of their kids.

“When we first introduced that idea, a lot of the developers weren’t comfortable with it – they have families when they go home, they have kids – and were just like, ‘Why are we putting this in the game? I don’t like this,'” Dickson said. “But we’re going for something where we’re trying to make the player feel an emotion here.”

Dickson said the execution scene doesn’t feature gore or graphic violence. It’s done off camera. “It’s all audio and animation.”

MS Support Led to Homefront Deal [Eurogamer]


  • Sony is focused on Killzone 3, their own published 1st party game? Om my god what is the world coming too!

    Did they expect Sony to drop everything and jump at the opportunity to ‘support’ (give money) for DLC?! It’s f***ing DLC!!! What kind of handouts were they expecting?

    This generation really annoys me sometimes…

    • 100% agreed. I’m still looking forward to Homefront and will probably buy it for PS3, but I’m not gonna buy the DLC just because of these comments.

      Remember when games didn’t have DLC, and when they did, it was free? Those were the days.

  • Some how I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be true.

    All I can say this is going to be a fantastic game and I am still not surprised the media hasn’t begun to rip it apart ages ago. Maybe when it gets a bit closer to release date we’ll see some Media bashing of this game =P

  • Also, Sony is a little more international than Xbox, and as such, realise that “Homefront” with its “Patriotism” and “Flag-waving” and “Rockets’ Red Glare” does not quite have the same universal appeal as a similar game with extraterrestrial foes. Those Helghast Bastards is not as immediately racist as Those Korean Bastards.

  • “Sony really didn’t come to us and say, ‘We want to support you and get behind you.’”

    This comment… Why would Sony need to approach them and say that.

    Between the lines, it sounds like Sony didn’t pay them money to have DLC launch same time as 360…

  • Killzone is a Sony Flagship title (that will help push PS3 sales to new level), America Under Seige is not. Fullstop.

  • What? They’re developing a new game, not a friggin “major title”. These developers need to grow the fuck up because they’re ruining the gaming industry with their childishness.

    They’re also losing out on potential sales there too. It’s like BO. As a PS3 user, half the players have left already, the others couldn’t care less for the DLC. If it was released at the same time then there’s more sales in it for them and more money.

    Whatever, I couldn’t even care for DLC. But when it comes to games being released later on different consoles then that will be the killer for the console…

    If Microsoft think being ass lickers is going to get us to buy a 360, well, they have another thing coming…

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