PSP2 Has 3G Support? Touch Screen?

Sony are still expected to introduce the world to the new PSP this Thursday, but rumoured details are beginning to leak - the latest? The PSP2 will 3G support and feature an OLED touchscreen.

According to Andriasang, reporting via Nikkei, the PSP2 will not be able to make phonecalls, but will work across wireless and deliver online via 3G on the Docomo network in Japan.

This is a step in the right direction for Sony and the PSP brand, but we wonder if it's going far enough - we're still confused as to why Sony would develop a PSP2 and a PlayStation Phone seperately. Why divide the market? In order for the PSP2 to compete the iPhone, the iPad and the 3DS as a mobile device, it needs to have its own point of difference, or be an incredible catch-all device.

Hopefully, we'll get more details by the end of this week.

PSP2 to Have 3G Support, Arrives This Year [Andriasang]


    PSP2 with 3G would be fantastic. It would be cool if it was a phone as well so it's and all in one device. If its not, I'd still be excited at the prospect of being able to jump into an olnine game anytime on my PSP. Lets just hope we get the telcos on board in Australia. A 3G enabled PSP2 on the Telstra NextG network would be very cool.

      What I'd really love to see (but would never happen due to some hacker being cheap) is free 3G on the PSP2 for sony services, just like the Kindle does i.e. so you can download games from the PSN and play online with the PSN for free, but web browsing isn't available/incurs a charge. Again, it would never happen, but still, I'd love to see it.

        Free 3G however Sony could work it could do away with physical media altogether. Make it happen people!

          Do away with physical media altogether? You mean like the PSPGo? What a resounding success THAT was :P

          The Kindle's Whispernet is only free because it's EXTREMELY low bandwidth and is only for basic functions like downloading small ebooks or browsing. Hence Amazon cuts a deal with the carriers to allow it to run in the background.

          It's incapable of handling online gaming, let alone downloading the large 1GB+ game files.

          There's no way 3G for the PSP will be free. It'll likely be a subscription, or a data plan like the iPad. And even then, will only be used for browsing on the go, or (maybe) online play. Even current smartphone users use WiFi to download (relatively small) apps otherwise it'll nuke their cap.

    Seems to me that the Playstation phone would be more for the casual market with a more expensive PSP2 for the hardcore gamer.

      The difference between a book and a game in the mb department is rather substantial lol take a while 2

      However I don't want to carry 2 devices around. hardcore or not, why can't I get an all-in-one? The iPhone retails for $900, I haven't seen a smart phone under $700. by all accounts the PS phone could be more expensive than PSP2.
      3g with no phone sounds like iPad territory, but without the screen size?

        Like it or no, the product cycle of a games console is completely different from the smartphone one.

        A smartphone product cycle is usually around 1 year. Since most plans are 24 months, consumers can usually stretch it to twice that without the phone feeling sluggish. Anything over 3 years is pushing it. Think about the huge differences between an iPhone 4 and a 3G, let alone a 1st or 2nd gen model.

        A handheld life expectancy is closer to 5-6 years. It doesn't line up, either you stick with your PSP Phone well past its date and risk missing out on newer innovations in the smartphone ecosystem (and considering how notoriously lazy Sony-Ericsson is at releasing updates.. your phone WILL feel its age), or you'll replace your PSP phone too regularly for it to really be considered a true handheld.

    Rightly or wrongly as the case may be - 3DS is going to go all David Blaine and make the PSP2 disappear like invisible.

    Nintendo need to do all they can to keep pace with the Apple goliath. Will 3D be enough? I use my iPod a lot more than my DS. And heck - I'd probably use an iPad more than a 3DS. 3D is a bit like champagne for me - it just makes my stomach hurt & gives me a headache.

    PSP need to leave mobile phones and handheld gaming to the people who do it well.

    "we’re still confused as to why Sony would develop a PSP2 and a PlayStation Phone seperately."

    Because they are run by two different departments... besides from the looks of it via rumours, the phone is more along the lines of a phone with PlayStation "features" (has access to the PlayStation Store).

    I really believe they are trying to simply get all their products running on the same Network, and the Network already exists and has a name, PlayStation Network.

    PlayStation meant Gaming Consoles, now they changing PlayStation to mean "Service Platform" for all their products.

    Personally, I'd prefer to keep a phone and gaming device separate.

    I'm honestly a lot more interested to see what sort of media it'll support (and relatedly, whether they'll ditch backwards compatibility). It's safe to assume that the UMD format is dead - flash memory is cheaper, faster, lower power and higher capacity, but ditching it would effectively cut off any non-PSN backwards compatibility. On the other hand, with Sony's private keys having been leaked, moving Backwards Compatiblity to PSN-only might allow them to implement a whitelist system for older titles. I could actually see them trying the PSP Go style setup again, though I think if they do it'll be a fairly dangerous gamble. All-digital works for Apple, Google, Microsoft etc because the games for their phones & tablets aren't particularly large or expensive. A typical PSP game is both, and it's fair to assume that PSP2 games will be the same sort of price points and also much larger.

    The other issues with PSN-only is that it effectively implements regional lockouts. One of the best things about the PSP was being able to import games that never got released in PAL - Jeanne D'Arc for example - and also being able to shop around for a better price. All-digital also effectively cuts the second-hand market off at the knees.

      Good to see another fan of Jeanne d'Arc. With digital only games we'd never see gems like that here.

    Why bother with 3G when the much faster 4G is around the corner. However this is one of the features that really should have been on the PSP GO. The tethering on it is lame and only works with old old phones so I can only really download games at home.

      There are several problems with this.

      1) 4G absolutely destroys battery life. Even on smartphones which usually don't have to run intensive apps like full 3D games, 4G wrecks it.

      2) Telstra Next G is essentially 4G in all but name, it's equal to (or even superior) to the American '4G' networks: WiMax and LTE.

      3) No other carriers have immediate plans in their infrastructure roadmap for this type of network speed. And there's no way a PSP2 will be locked to a single carrier due to its 4G requirement.

    so thursday we get the full reveal? as long as there is a large and great library coming, and is cheaper then the 3DS, and isnt region locked i'll know what i want to get

      It won't be cheaper than the 3DS. This much is all but guaranteed.

    I'll gladly buy one if it's region free, retains physical media, has some form of backwards compat. and doesn't burn your hands from the heat it could possibly emit.

    Hell, I just want a portable system that can play PS2 games (and dual stick). I mainly use my psp for playing psx games (finished metal gear solid for the first time the other week! FF7 next, mabye) and the occasional psp game. Hopefully the PSP2 won't be insanely expensive.

    Sounds promising. As long as NIS releases Prinny 3 on it, I'll be a happy man.

    i hope its reasonably cheap ($300 in Australia please), get rid of UMD(use flash memory?), nice size screen (4.3" - 5.0"), decent battery life and has backwards compatibility with downloaded PSP games and PS1 games)

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