PSP’s Father Is Tight-Lipped About NGP

PSP’s Father Is Tight-Lipped About NGP

Sony revealed a new portable yesterday, codenamed the Next Generation Portable. In the audience were pundits, press, developers and the former Sony brass who built their gaming empire.

Ken Kutaragi spearheaded the creation of the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3. He’s also the father of the PSP, the PlayStation Portable.

During the press conference, Sony showed a trailer from 2005, showing how Sony imagined the future, the future we currently live in. But Kutaragi was working on that future years before that, with the first PlayStation getting rolled out in 1994 in Japan.

When asked whether he thought yesterday’s presentation was what he’d been thinking about starting fifteen years ago, Kutaragi, replied, “I’ve already turned over the reigns. Ask Hirai.” Kutaragi then added, “No comment.”

Hirai is Kazuo Hirai, who heads up Sony’s PlayStation Division. There are rumours that Hirai is in line to take over as Sony’s top brass.

“No comment” is the classiest thing Kutaragi can say about where Sony’s portable gaming is headed, because as the Father of the PSP, any bad (or good) thing he says will be given an unfair amount of weight.

After the PlayStation 3 launch fell to pieces, Kutaragi stepped down the april following the PS3’s late 2006 launch. Besides creating the PlayStation, Kutaragi was known for his colorful and wacky quotes.

PlayStation 、獅子は笑顔で目覚めた・・・平林久和「ゲームの未来を語る」第10回 / [ via はちま起稿]

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