Queensland Floods Delay Mass Effect 2

There seemed to be a bit of confusion over the official, final release date of Mass Effect 2 during the last couple of days - we had previously been told the game was releasing this Thursday - but speaking to an EA representative today we've just been told that the game is being delayed by a week, meaning Mass Effect 2 will hit shelves on January 27. The reason for the delay? The Queensland floods.

EA couldn't give us much more information, but unlike most publishers in Australia, who are normally based in Sydney, EA's main Aussie HQ is in Brisbane and it seems like that massive disruptions caused by the floods have delayed the delivery of Mass Effect 2 to retailers across the country.

Hopefully we won't have the same problem with Dead Space 2 next week.


    Do we know whether Mass Effect 2 is being released digitally on the PS3 this week?

      I plan on buying it like this if the price is substantially cheaper than retail. If not I'll wait I think.

        I don't think it would be any cheaper. If you account share however, you could split the cost between 2-5 people.

        It's Sony, who are you kidding? At the end of the day, they'll still demand their huge cut.

    When we can't get food from QLD to the rest of the country, it should come as no surprise that videogames are not only also stranded, but of a rather lower priority!

    And there I was thinking I'd be getting it later because I ordered from the UK :)

    Well this explains the delay, a lot of game industry peeps in QLD would be struggling right now.

    And the ones in Melbourne probs had a mini freak out at our near flooding last week

    Oh well, I didn't need the distraction this week.

    Next week, however...

    No one should be upset about this.

      True. In any case, it's taken a year to arrive on PS3 so another week won't really matter either way.

    Steven there wouldn't have been any hit to the devs here in Melbourne, the floods are all in the north of the state. Melbourne itself has remained untouched.

    My health insurer is taking ages to process a claim I lodged with them. Wehn I rang them today to ask what the hold up was they said 'Um... the Qld floods!'.

    That's fine except I submitted my claim in November!!



      Just hope your mail doesn't go through Brisbane then! I've had some long delays on imports I'm waiting to reach me on the Gold Coast.

    Surely there isnt other places in Australia that games can be distrubuted too kinda as a plan b place. I have got my fingers crossed that Dead Space 2 hasnt been delayed.

      They should have that plan in place... Gosh Brisbane has been struggling with getting bread, milk, fuel, fruit and veg, hell even Mcdonalds only has Cheeseburgers but we should reroute logistics resources to make sure a game is released on time...

      Bigger picture guys... I have just spent 10hours sifting through the mouldy, wet carcass of my office that was 1m underwater and lost everything but even I'm acutely aware that there are more important issues around Brisbane than mine.

      Sorry but infrastructure requirements need logistics plans before retail releases... Mass Effect 2 is awesome and you'll be playing it in a week or two. Once you have it you will forget the wait...Brisbane will still be coping.

    Lies, We all know this is Microsoft paying for a few more days of exclusivity.

      yes, my thoughts exactly. Do you think that this whole flooding thing could of been conjured up by the evil executives at microsoft?

      my gosh they're evil.

        dude, that is in such bad taste.....try and tell that to the families of the people who died because of the floods....

        im not trying to cause any shit here, but there is a line to things like this...

        I guess they found a use for all that sweat that comes out of Steve Ballmer at presentations.

      Now you know why we have floodGATES!

    Imagine if this happened during the release of GT5.lol
    Even nature would be working against the GT5 fans.lol

    Did I miss something? ME2 is already out.
    Do you mean the console versions? Because you completely omitted that detail from your article.

      I assume Mark (quite rightly) thought it would go without saying that the article is referring to the PS3 version, since the 360 and PC versions came out a year ago.

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