RAGE, Brink and Skyrim All Receive Aussie Release Dates

If I was going to make a terrible pun (and I am) I would say that Bethesda is on the 'Brink' of a huge 2011. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the obvious big Kahuna burger - but RAGE, Brink and Hunted aren't to be trifled with either. Thankfully we've just received Aussie release dates for each and every single one of them.

Brink is first out of the gate, on May 20. Brink has flown under the radar, but seems to be doing some genuinely innovative things within the multiplayer space - particularly with regards to player movement, adding an accessible Mirror's Edge style mechanic to proceedings. Brink is doing things a little differently, and we're quite excited about that.

Hunted is next, going onsale June 3, and RAGE, which was genuinely one of our favourites games of E3 2010 will hit Australian shelves September 16. The scale and grandeur of what we've seen from RAGE so far is off the charts. It could easily be one of the best shooters released in 2011 - and in a genre bolstered with multiple top notch titles, that's really saying something.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is easily Bethesda's biggest release, of course, and will be released on November 11.

That's a pretty meaty line-up and it's great to hear Bethesda announce such solid release dates well in advance.


    ...will Skyrim cop flak for being released on Remembrance Day, like COD:Blops did for being released a couple of days before?

      Buy an 'elf cup' this rememberance day, lest we forget that a fantasy RPG has little to do with real warfare or loss of life.

      I hope this doesn't happen

      A fantasy RPG doesn't really have much to do with Remembrance Day. Black Ops somewhat glorifies war, which I can see (other) people taking issue with.

      I think its got more to do with the fact that the date will be 11-1-11. doesnt that look nice??

        Don't you mean 1-11-11. That's the right way to write it.

          11.11.11 :)

    That terrible pun made me RAGE.

      I don't know... I thought it was right on the SkyRIM of genius.

      I guess you could say you Skyrim-

      ah, I got nothing.

      That's it. You are so Hunted.

        This entire post set is full of win.

          I am on the brink of wetting myself

      So I guess you could say Bethesda -

      *puts on sunglasses*

      - is all the RAGE.


    Totally excited for Brink. The colour scheme of light blue and water everywhere is a welcome change from brown and gray military shooters. Hopefully Splash Damage can pull it off.

    Vaguely interested in RAGE.

    Mad hyped for Skyrim. The CE better come with a cloth map or I'm going to stab the internet, prison-yard style.

    Bethesda could kill it in November if they advertise right.

    Previous november smash hits have always been Call of Duty. Bethesda's advertising campaign should be something like "this November, put down the guns and pick up the battle axe" and then awesome visuals of big-ass knights caving heads in.


    Damn. I am going to be sinking so much money into games this year I don't think I'll have much money to do anything else.

    Totally worth it :D

      Totally agree with every single word of this comment.

    November 11th for Skyrim? You know what else is most definitely coming out on Nov 11? It involves millions of screaming 13 year olds.

      Justin Beibers film?

        No... wait, what?... They've made a movie about him? Oh God.

          *deep manly movie guy voice*

          In 3D!
          (for real)

          Onto brighter times... Now we await a release date for Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 if one hasn't already been announced. This year is going to be insane with all the epicness.

          ME3 finale. Uncharted 3 sand. Skyrim, new engine? RAGE, new engine? Duke Nukem Forever - this years GT5? L.A. Noire, lips in synch with speech.
          These are my purchases so far on the top of my head.
          I expect an announcement at E3 by Bungie & Activision.

    Now might be a good time to invest in Zenimax shares.

      Unfortunately they're a private company.

    Brink could be a flop so I am waiting for reviews on that one. Plus I have too many online shooters to play as it is.
    Rage seems to be everything Borderlands wasn't for me so I'm definitely getting that. I've never really been into RPG's but lately I've been gaming with them heavily, so I am looking forward to Skyrim too.

    A pun? oh okay...

    I'm pretty much all the Rage for the new handhelds, especially Sony's new NGP shown off yesterday. I really think they are shooting for the Skyrim with this one, all the features are in the brink of insanity.

    Yeah... well what did you expect? A masterpiece?

      Tragically, I think that may be the best attempt in the comments section...

      Flop? Very subjective.. Splash Damage has made two brilliant games so far - Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory (free to download) and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Both have TRUE objective game play (Not the half baked crap they pass off as objective in BF:BC2 or MOH etc).

      The only reason it might not be a massive hit is because players actually have to think (oh noes!!) unlike what's required in the mindless zombie deathmatch crap that is shovelled down our throats thanks to Activision.

      Brink can also be played singleplayer with bots on both sides so if you don't like online shooters then you're set. And reports have stated that they have had trouble telling the diff between real players and bots since the AI is really refined. My GOTY 2011 for sure.

      Preordered it on Steam months ago. Hooray :D

        I preordered it on steam months ago too.

        When I saw it for preorder I figured it must be coming out in a month or so. How wrong I was.

        Anyway, looks to be an awesome game so I have no regrets yet.

    Sweet skyrim, just in time for my birthday!

    Now who to continuously drop hints to?

    The others can shift a billion units straight into the dump for all I care - Skyrim is the announcement for me. Bring on the countdown trailers!

    Weird, I just checked my computers and I have a street date of the 21/4/11 for Brink. I hope it has not been knocked back a few weeks! Its going to be a great game.

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