Real Life LittleBigPlanet

The beauty of LittleBigPlanet is that it feels like someone just emptied a giant toybox on the floor, then built some of the best 2D platforming levels ever with the garbage scattered across the floor - it has a gorgeous patchwork style that we just adore. Well, in this real life reworking of LittleBigPlanet, someone literally has scattered a bunch of crap on the floor and made a LittleBigPlanet level! And it looks incredible.

Thanks to The Escapist


    Just Epic. *_*

    Potentially my favouritest YouTube video ever. Love the effort they went through to make that, and loved how they sung the theme song (which I love!)

    This captures everything I love about the game :D
    The little singe and the end fireworks are incredible.

    kinda feel sad for the makers, their lives must suck to have to make this...

      awwwww, don't be sad tom! I would think to have that many friends all playing around in your creation would mean they are a friendly creative huggable bunch of larakins.
      Anyways, that was so cool, it made me smile, which is its intended purpose I guess. Everyones happy. :D

      (well, maybe not tom)
      *hugs tom.
      C'mon tom, you know you loved it, don't let that lousy boss of yours spoil your day. :D

      Kicked many kittens today? Stolen any candy off babies? How about walked into cinemas and shouted out the ending of a movie half way through it... You know, the kind of thing a sad f***ing killjoy like you would do. Get a soul...

    Just one thing missing. The sackboys should have been slapping each other at the end

    Must admit I've never played a LBP game before but the care and attention that went into that vid is really incredible. Especially the little bits, like when one of the sackboys touched the flame and there was a little fssst noise :D

    What a great start to the morning - shame I'm @ work....

    That was the single most awesome thing I will see all day

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