Remember This?

I don't expect that you guys will have much difficulty guessing this classic game from one single screenshot, but I kinda just want to talk about this game and get nostalgic about it! But regardless, let's do this thing - can you remember this classic game from one single screenshot?


    Haha...Zool! Ninja of the 'nth' dimension.

    Looks like our old Ninja Friend Zool.

    Is that Zool? MegaDrive if I remember correctly.

      Originally Amiga, I think. Although they may have done console conversions later.

        I loved this game on the Amiga when I was a kid, because I wanted a MegaDrive and Sonic so bad. I wonder how it holds up?

          Poorly, would be my guess :P MAME and other emulators have taught me that in 9/10 cases, it's best not to go back :P

          Did you ever play Mr Nutz? It was an very well done Sonic clone.
          Which is a different game then what was on the consoles.

    Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension!

    From the low res I'd say the screenshot is a console port -- it looked a lot nicer on the Amiga500 :D

    YES. Boogie Nights featuring Chupa Chups.

      Damn, I was thinking Ninja Turtles in the candy realm.

        Ninja Turtles in the candy realm has a slightly different colour scheme.

    I loved Zool, I also never had an Amiga, so it was always great to see these games coming out on the PC as well. Anyone else remember Trolls?

    Is that Battletoads?

      Nah man, combat frogs.

    Ahh zool, did you know they almost made an arcade version of this? It got a fair way into development too, I remember seeing a picture of it way back.

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