Remember This?

Can you guess this game from one single screenshot? I'm guessing you can! If you manage to guess this game super quickly, feel free to reminisce over this classic in the comments below.


    It depends where you live

    Illusion of Time

      That was bloody quick. But correct!

        The second best SNES RPG after Secret of Evermore. I got it years ago in mint condition from a garage sale for 50c

          Don't forget Secret of Mana. That was great too.

            Secret of Mana. Best RPG of that era, hands down.

              I thought this one (IoT) had a much better balance of epic and personal story than Mana. But both were stacks better than most of the RPG slushfare out there even today.

            The three golden games from that series need a DS re-release. If you think about it, Mana, Evermore and Seiken Densetsu 3 all have that ring system that is perfectly suited to the stylus/touch without much modification.

              I know that Secret of Mana is on the iPhone. But I don’t have one of those, so it doesn’t count.

              Off Topic but Double Dragon would be a great game to port to DS.

          Wait, Secret of Evermore as a great RPG? Ummm...

          Chrono Trigger
          Final Fantasy IV
          Final Fantasy VI
          Secret of Mana

          Should I keep going on?

            All of the Square RPG’s from that era are classics. Those were the days they actually wanted to make good games rather than bad movies. I’ve played all the ones you mentioned. SOE is the best.

            Trigger on DS is awesome. But the extra content they added has the new age Square stink to it. They are super easy, hand hold-y, boring and go on for way too long

      haha wow you must have been the first to see the post

    I thought I knew, but I was way off.

    I remember it being called Illusion of Gaia in Aus.

    Wasn't it also called Illusion of Gaia in some regions?

    As Andrew already mentioned, one of the best Snes RPGs after Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore IMO.

    Why have I never played this????

      Why indeed! I actually made a squeal of excitement when I saw the screenshot. That game was a pinnacle part of my gaming upbringing, one that I replay at least once a year. I listen to the soundtrack just to remember that time of my childhood. Ahhhh sigh, such a good game.

      That being said, I love how easily he accepts the whole going through doors to random places in space and time thing. Ah yeah, door on the roof of the school I've never seen before... oh yeah, Gaia, that's cool...


        Illusion of Gaiea, I remember the title. I was obsessed with platformers back then. I didn't RPG so much until PSX happened. I did play a lot of SoM and SoE though.

        Being poor I went with what I knew and only owned a few games so it was all Mario and Donkey Kong moslty in my collection.

        Link's Awakening started my journey into RPG.

    Why is there no lunchtime waster on Fridays? Not everybody goes home early on Fridays....

    I loved playing through Quintet's loosely related trilogy and seeing the evolution as they refined their gameplay and narrative design over the course of Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia/Time and culminating in the epic Terranigma. It's interesting to experience them as much as an academic exercise as to appreciate their qualities as individual titles.

    It's a shame their Actraiser series didn't fare nearly so well.

    Man finally one of these that i can get. This game was amazing back in the day. The sequel, TerraFirma was great also.

    Oh man, the hours I spent on this game are insane. I spent weeks collecting every red gem so I could access that secret level at the end.

    What a game. What memories. :)

      It's Terranigma, and it was one of my favourite games of that generation. I'll never forget the ending, I had to hold back tears.

      Manly tears...

        Weird, I'm sure I replied to the post above yours, the "TerraFirma" one...

    For those of your into 'Secret of Mana' (the series) - it's the cover story on this month's Retro Gamer (UK) magazine.

    It's just arrived in Aus for subscribers, so the newsagent copies will be here 2 months time.

    By the way... I noticed the other day that the current newsagent issue here is the Mario 25th anniversary one, so all you fans of Mediterranean fluid transfer experts can go nuts, with many, many pages of Mario stuff.

    All the "remember this" titles are console games, why is this?
    Why no PC classics?

      Because Goose did them all already!

        BAH! I can think of a few that he never posted! might even have a few that could stump a few peeps i reckon! I totally missed this one cos I was off working! Loved Illusion of Time though! Spent many hours playing this one! Loved it almost as much as secret of mana!

    NTSC = "Illusion of Gaia"
    PAL = "Illusion of Time"

    Haven't played it yet, but I'm going to later this year! :-)

    Sigh, why can't they make games like this any more? I dream of a day where a company decides to spend the budget they'd otherwise spend on a massive graphic team on an awesome script and just do the whole "sprite" thing again.

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