Remember This?

Can you guess this game from one single screenshot? History tells us the answer is yet - since I've only managed to stump you guys once. If you manage to get this one quickly, feel free to wax lyrical about this classic game in the comments below.


    Castlevania on Game Boy. I forget what it was subtitled.

    Geez, one of these I've actually played!

      The Adventure, I believe.

      Ooh Ooh. Dammit. Someone got it the second before I clicked post.Or belmonts revenge. I enjoyed that game.

      OMG, answers just after midnight!

      Mr.T is right.
      I have The Adventure, but not Belmont’s Revenge.

        Whoops, my bad... Midnight! LOL! Perhaps I should look at the AM/PM...

    Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge!

      I beateds you to it.

    Mario 64

      You got a laugh... but its late. Consider yourself lucky :P

    Which game didn't we guess? Link, please.

      It was a cricket game, but part of the reason for the non-guessage was the fact it had a warped screenshot. So you guys would probably have gotten it anyway!

    History tells us the answer is yet



    Even though I played The Adventure I never played it much. By the time I got it the GB was way too old. CV Legends was my first GB CV, but I never got past the 4th level. Those games didn't age gracefully... However, I have finished all but one of the GBA and DS titles; HoD.

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