Report: Your Uncharted Movie Nightmares Are Coming True

Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond got everyone's hopes up last week when he said that, contrary to rumours, Mark Wahlberg had not been cast in the role of Nathan Drake. Don't tell Mark Wahlberg that.

It appears that Richmond's "wait and see" pleading may have been little more than an attempt at calming down the game's irate fanbase over the direction the film is taking, as an interview conducted with Wahlberg on Friday not only apparently confirms that the actor is playing Nathan Drake, but that Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are also involved in the project.

In addition to that, the star of Boogie Nights and Max Payne says they're "hopefully going to shoot it in the (northern) summer time".

I appreciate that, as a senior member of Uncharted game developers Naughty Dog, Richmond has some knowledge of the film project. But I'd wager the lead actor probably has more.

Exclusive : Wahlberg on upcoming projects [Moviehole]


    I don't get why they keep doing this with video games.
    If you're adapting a game into a movie then your primary audience will be fans of the game. If you go and piss them off, then where do they expect to make money from?
    This happens over and over again and the developers still wonder why their adaptations are flopping and being received poorly.

      No, you're primary audience is the mainstream public. When you adapt something you don't just pander to the fans of the work, they have the original work to gush about, the adaptation wouldn't mean anything to them.

      The point of an adaptation is to take the interesting ideas of the original story and cater it to a wider audience (see nolan's batman, the first iron man movie, lotr, fight club and all other good adaptations)

      I don't know about this movie (we don't have much details other than, it won't be completely faithful to the original storyline to avoid being an Indy ripoff) but seriously, pandering to the fanbase is the last thing you do when you make an adaptation. Look at the godawful spiderman 3 and the not very good Iron man 2.

        Did we watch the same Spider-Man film? Spider-Man 3 pissed off so many fans that it's not funny. It was really more of an exercise in appealing to Sam Raimi's ego, rather than anything else.

          Venom was shoehorned into the movie by the executives purely because he was popular with the fans, yes it ultimately pissed off comic book fans (like everyone else) but that's exactly why you don't pander to them...that yahtzee quote fits here pretty clearly.

          It was that drama between Raimi and the executives (they tried to force him to use other characters over the villains he wanted because they thought the villains they chose would be more popular with the fans and he refused) that led to the spidey reboot.

      The primary audience for any game movie is the mainstream public.

      The studios know that gaming fans will pay for a ticket, regardless of how crap they feel/know the movie will be, just so they can complain in an informed manner about how their favourite IPs were just r*ped.

    I hope Naughty Dog are heavily involved in this movie, because if they arent then its going to turn into a complete shitter of a movie :(

      I have a feeling Naughty Dog are actively trying to avoid it.

      Naughty Dog can make amazing games, but I wouldn't count on them producing a decent film.

    I felt that many of the cinematics in the game were done very well to begin with. Why turn this into a live action movie? Anyone remember the live action version of Speed Racer? Of course not, because it was terrible!



      'nuff said.

    It's just going to be just another crap game-to-movie adaptation.. Along with many game-to-movie adaptations, I don't think I'll be watching this one too, unfortunately..

    And to think they had an honest shot at a decent game to movie. Back to the drawing board.

    No offence to Mark, I thought he was great in Three Kings, but you just ain't the kind of character Drake is.

    When will Hollywood producers learn? The success of movie adaptions are only successful if they aim toward replicating the source material; via comics, books, and games. Examples would be to comics Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. The closest book adaption would be Dances With Wolves. Most all of Micheal Crichton, and David Grisham novels have been almost rewritten when there's a screenplay adaption. Crap examples would be all the movie adaptions to both of these authors books. Crap game adaptions are the Lara Croft movies and Doom. Can't think of one Game adaption that worked.
    I'm a movie ticket buyer and an avid gamer. The casting of this movie alone makes me not want to see this. I would think this has a trickle down effect for future game sales when the Hollywood destroys the characters and story. Just my opinion. The Firefly guy would've been perfect for this movie. Now it will definitely suck

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