Rumor: 3DS Stolen From Chinese Factory

A worker at a Chinese manufacturing facility claims to have smuggled out a production model of Nintendo's latest handheld. As proof, he offers these lovely photos.

There are no blurry, rushed shots here; instead, the guy has sat down with the console, switched it on, taken his time and given us a good look at the thing. There are even comparison shots showing the 3DS alongside other Nintendo handhelds.

It appears that the 3DS is on the useless side, since he can't even access a system menu let alone play anything, but hey, if it's real, it'll sure look nice on his mantelpiece for the next few months until the handheld's official release!

We've contacted Nintendo for comment/confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

[评测]3ds入手,求围观。。。[TGBus, thanks everyone who sent this in!]


    Part of me feels this is a stunt from nintendo

    That's a big select/start button.

      Suuurely a psp-style analogue stick.

    Also what's the plug for at the bottom? It looks really out of place, like it would jab into your stomach if you plugged something in.

      it's round, most likely for audio jack

    So did he find it in a bar? Come on Plunkett, level with me. This is Gawker right?

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