Scribblenauts Has Changed

Scribblenauts is out in Japan, and to make up for the delay, some extra characters have been added to the game. Like who? Well, the fact it's been published by Konami might give you an idea or two...

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has shown off the inclusion of his beloved Snake (from Metal Gear Solid) in the game, while it's been confirmed two other Konami characters have been added to the title: Manaka from hit dating series LovePlus, and the mighty Vic Viper ship from classic shooter Gradius.

Scribblenauts was released on the DS in the West in 2009. Since then, there's been time for a sequel to come out, all before Japan got the first game. Ah well! You can see what the game looks like in Japanese here.

[via GameSetWatch]


    Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE!

    I just want to see what snake does in this, dammit someone post a video

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