See Final Fantasy XIII-2's Trailer... In English!

We've already shown you upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2's debut trailer, but that was in Japanese. Here it is in English, which should be much more useful to most of you.



    Yay can't wait to play this.

    All those feathers! I swear they're just trying to see how far they can get cosplayers to go.

    Awesome! i cant wait to be disappointed by this...

    Next Winter eh? So that means it's gonna come around Christmas time?

    I'm actually really excited about not the game itself but the music. No offense to Sakimoto (he's done great work elsewhere) but I really didn't like the music in FFXII. Was happy to see the music go back to being awesome in FFXIII. With the snipet at the end of the trailer there, I can't wait to hear what else is in store.

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