Shooting Dogfaces, A Singsong Voice And My Other Favourite Gaming Moments Of 2010

2010 might be over, but my memories of the year’s games still live on and on. Here are some of my favourite gaming moments of 2010.

These are in no particular order and do know that these moments are not a list of my favourite games of 2010. Several of these games would show up on said list, but, like I said, these are my favourite moments of 2010, not games.

There are SPOILERS ahead so don’t read it if you don’t like SPOILERS.

Brian Ashcraft’s Favourite Gaming Moments of 2010

You And Your Singsong Voice: Forget the gameplay and story for a moment, the nuts and bolts of the dialogue in Red Dead Redemption is a stellar, stellar stuff. And this scene delivers one of the game’s most memorable (and badass) lines. Because when a man with a singsong voice tells me to fuck off, it always concerns me.

A Game Within A Game About Games: The Fable franchise is always trying new stuff. Some of it works brilliantly and some of it fails spectacularly. One thing that truly clicked in Fable III was the game quest, which ends up being a sharp and funny commentary on not only playing video games, but making them.

In The Trenches: World War I is not exactly prime fodder for video games, which is what made Toy Soldiers so intriguing. What made it memorable for me was the ability to jump into the fray and mow down charging dogface soldiers with heavy artillery. Maybe it was the whistle blown to lead the charge, or maybe it was a flares shot in the air, or maybe it was a peak at what made the first World War so damn horrific.

It’s Not A Car, It’s A Lancia: There was one car my son wanted in Gran Turismo 5 and that was the Lancia Delta Integrale. The hatchback was originally designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who also designed the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Volkswagen Golf Mk1. The Delta is not a beautiful car by any means, but it was a great, great car. Getting the car and letting my son take his first spin in it was truly a memorable moment. He said he was “a little nervous” before he took off around the track. Priceless.

The Lonely, Deserted Street: Another great scene from Red Dead Redemption, this time, it’s the game’s zombie-infested downloadable add-on Undead Nightmare. This bit is a knowing nod to horror convention, a darkly humorous one.

Those were my favourite video game moments of 2010. Throughout the week, we’ll be publishing the favorite moments of other writers on the Kotaku team. And at week’s end, we’ll want you to sound off.


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