So, Is This Your Legend Of Zelda Rip-off, Gameloft?

So, Is This Your Legend Of Zelda Rip-off, Gameloft?

On the one hand, the next iPhone and iPad game from the copycats at developer Gameloft has airships. One the other, the “legendary” unnamed game also has talking trees, will o’ wisps and adventure on horseback.

Since Gameloft already has at least one Final Fantasy-like on its long list of iOS clones, surely this must be the developer’s Legend of Zelda game, right? They’ve already done Halo, Uncharted, Call of Duty, StarCraft and Diablo, so this must be the company bravely venturing into Nintendo’s territory.


  • Even the gameloft logo looks disturbingly like the 3dsmax logo, the very tools they forge their evil products with!

  • Oh, boo-fricken-hoo. It’s got a talking tree and a horse. Whatever. It looks so painfully generic that I struggle to understand why it’s just Legend of Zelda that you’re saying it’s aping. I mean, it looks more like Darksiders to me anyway…

    Oh, wait…

  • So ledgend of zelda invented talking trees, will o’ wisps and adventure on horseback?

    It’s not like they were common fantasy tropes that Zelda addapted into a video game or anything…

    • If it wasn’t Gameloft, I’m sure the comparison wouldn’t have been made: there’s nothing that reallycompletely screams Zelda in this video. But it is Gameloft, and every one of their games is either a licensed property or a direct rip-off of a popular franchise. McWhertor is completely justified in speculating as to which franchise this game will be ripping off.

  • oh gameloft, how i love you for iphone versions of all the games i love, even though they are usually terrible and overpriced

  • I still think that Gameloft’s best game is one first couple of Asphalt games. But having said that I also think that Treyarch’s best game so far is Spiderman 2 (and Yahtzee agrees with me)

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