Sony New Gadget Looks Like A Virtual Boy

I'm stuck in the office eating Sour Squirms while Nick from Gizmodo and Seamus are lording it up in Vegas for CES. As far as I can tell, only one good thing has come from this situation - this new Sony gadget that looks like a Virtual Boy. I want it.

Sadly it doesn't play games, but it does play 3D movies using two awesome OLED screens. Nick Broughall from Gizmodo got the chance to check it out, and had this to say...

Watching content on through the device is fantastic. It literally looks like you’re at the back of a seatless movie theatre with a big screen in front of you. That perceived depth between you and the screen means that there’s plenty of room for virtual 3D images to pop out at you from the screen.

There are only two pieces of bad news - firstl off, the gadget is called 'Headman' and, secondly, the chances of it receiving a release here is slim.

Chances are we’ll never actually see this as a proper consumer product. Which makes sense, because chances are most people wouldn’t want to wear a bulky face visor, regardless of the cool Tron aesthetics. And it being a Sony product, it probably wouldn’t be cheap enough for most people to buy one.

Anyway - head over to Giz and check out the full report.

Hands On With Sony’s Headman [Gizmodo]


    In the photo, I want to see it stay on their face without them holding it up.
    What sort of head head straps will it need.

    Close Sony, but not yet.

    Holy crap i could look like Cyclops!!

    You know, that X-man no one likes...

    Also, mmmmm sour worms...

    I would wear a bulky face visor BECAUSE of the cool Tron element.
    Had to lol at the next line too. Since when has the fact that no-one can afford their high end products stopped Sony in the past.

    I don't see that sort of thing taking off until it can be the size and weight of a pair of sunglasses.

    Money would be no object if it came with a TRON styled full body suit. Alternatively, some blue and yellow spandex so I can look like Cyclops might do the trick...

    Could *really* go for some sour squirms..

    I came to this article because of the Squirms reference.

    If you had the cinema screen ON YOUR FACE why the hell would you be sitting vertically upright?

    You would be lying down on a bed, couch, beanbag, in the bath...

    The unit weight wouldn't bother me unless it was upwards of 8kg, which I doubt as the pictures they don't appear to be having to hold up a lot of weight, just having to hold it to their face.

    I think price would be the prohibitive factor, unless they can make it well under 500$ people will probably just buy a big screen, cheaper and more people can view it at once.

    The cable on it I would assume plugs into a unit playing the media, so that would need to change also, just build in some storage, enough for at least a DVD (though being Sony Blu-Ray would make more business sense)and I think it would work.

    Put a few in the living room and you'll never have to listen to or look at your family again!

    Do want. It has amazing ironic 90s awesomeness. It's like a relic from the time when Virtual Reality (VR!) was the Next Big Thing... we could pretend that we were in a parallel universe where it actually caught on.

    Or you could just say it looks like the VR goggles from The Sims.

    For movie viewing, meh.

    But for FPS gaming, particularly coupled with a Move controller, it would be most astounding.

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