Sony Telling People The PSP2 Is As Powerful As A PS3

Sony Telling People The PSP2 Is As Powerful As A PS3

A report on trade site MCV reckons Sony has been telling “licensees” – i.e. the people making games for it – that the PSP2 “‘is as powerful as the PlayStation 3”.

It’s part of a clear strategy Sony has for the upcoming (and still not yet officially unveiled) handheld, which is that it’s “specifically requesting richer, more in-depth content to differentiate its device from app-centric Apple and Android devices”.

Like its own PlayStation Phone, for example.

The same report claims that while downloads will play a big part in the system’s game library, the PSP2 will also use physical media so that its games can be sold in retail stores. It also states the handheld will be out in Q4 2011, possibly as early as October.

There’s even word it may include some kind of phone (remember, the current PSP can be used as a Skype device), though “not as a primary function”.

Before you spit internet coffee all over yourself, remember the PSP2 probably won’t actually be as powerful as a PS3. But on a smaller screen, it should manage – just like the PSP did with the PS2 – to appear as though it’s pretty close.

Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update should the company comments.

PSP2 as powerful as PS3, set for Q4 launch [MCV]


  • “Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update should the company comments.”

    I believe ‘should the company comment’ is what you meant to say.

    • you realise in terms of technology the current generation of consoles are pretty damned out of date these days

      the issue really boils down to, sure its as powerful as a PS3, whats the battery life like because of that, how big are the games gonna be because of that, hows it gonna handle the heat generation

      The screen also plays a controlling factor in determining its graphical prowess

  • Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s close to current gen of consoles. My question is how will they deal with the heat?

    If it really does have (region free) physical media, it’s a sale already.

  • Once again complete shit. Sony has barely been able to sell the PS3’s for a profit. How would they then condense that hardware into a handheld device and not lose money, or even more to the point achieve that kind of build qaulity.

    Batteries in most smartphones barely last half a day with heavy use, how would this stay on longer then 5 mins…

  • I guess it could use flash memory of some sort instead of optical disks. USB stick drives are cheap for 4gb & under, & probably still quicker then the spinning UMD in PSP1?

  • If PSP2 can remain Region Unlock, Affortable Price and Backward compatible with PSP games, then I’m all for it

  • -As powerful as a PS3? Yeah right. How the hell are they going to have a Cell-comparable processor running on portable batteries. Even our current smartphones barely last a day (even mostly standby), and these 1GHz processors are roughly same clockspeed as desktops a decade ago. 10 years… and we still haven’t fixed the battery issue. Let alone a relatively modern (4 year old) processor.

    -Physical media? Are they daft? At least put the games on flash-based memory or SOMETHING to future-proof the damn thing. More moving parts, etc > fragility + more power hungry. Exactly how long are they expecting this to last on a charge?

    -An online distribution system is probably best. But of course it means that Sony actually has to do a decent job (unlike current PSN) and price it reasonably (PSPgo lol)

    This thing’s dead already.

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