Sony’s NGP In Australia By Christmas?

Sony’s NGP In Australia By Christmas?

Sony’s NGP In Australia By Christmas?It’s looking doubtful. SCEA President Jack Tretton, in a revealing interview with Engadget, stated that the NGP would launch in at “at least one territory” by Christmas 2011 – most likely that region will be Japan or the US, but probably not Australia.

We’re remaining hopeful – it could be that Sony are simply being conservative with their estimates. The PS3 launch suffered from delays and setbacks – and part of the initial Sony backlash was the broken promise of a simultaneous worldwide launch. It could be that Sony are being very careful to not bullishly make the same mistake twice. If production can’t keep up with demand Sony may have to resort to the staggered PS3-style launch dates, with Europe and Australia hitting early 2012 compared to a US and Japan Christmas release.

It’s purely speculation at this point. We’re unlikely to have any concrete details on an Australian launch until much later, possibly around E3 this June. Sony’s Australian Managing Director Michael Ephraim is currently in Tokyo, but we’re currently chasing more info and will hopefully get the chance to quiz him on any prospective price and release date soon.

Engadget interview: SCEA’s Jack Tretton talks Sony NGP, announces (and then un-announces) PlayStation Suite for PS3 [Engadget]


  • Nobody has ever managed a simultaneous worldwide launch, and this won’t be the first to manage it.

    And no doubt Australia will get it after everybody else, as usual.

    • But look on the bright side, we’ll also pay more for it!

      Err because paying more means that ours is better


    • I’d argue that Microsoft came pretty close to it with the Kinect launch. Most of the major territories got it around about the same week-or-so window.

    • Nintendo hardware has been good with this recently. The Wii launched in all major regions (Australia included) within a couple of weeks.

  • I would hope it be available in Australia by December. I think sony learned a few good lessons from the PS3. But Australia is a small market so we most likely will get it last or at least the same time as the US and UK. Japan can have it first. It will help flush out the bugs.

  • We will get it last and at a premium price compared to everywhere else. I’m glad Sony just pissed all the hackers off lol, hopefully it will be cracked by the time we get it.

    • If the PSP2 is cracked within the first month of it’s release, that won’t do any good for anyone, even the dipshits who can’t be fucked paying for their games.

      All dev support will drop off and we’ll get bugger all games on it.

  • Yay! Another Sony handheld i’ll be ignoring.

    I can only imagine what the 3G version will retail for here.

    My guess, wifi $599, 3G $699.

  • Mark hit the nail on the head… “If production can’t keep up with demand Sony may have to resort to the staggered PS3-style launch dates”

    I think they have a very strong product and if there is a decent selection of titles at launch then it’s going to do pretty damn well and we could see it coming here the following September like the original PSP.

    The time to make a single PS3’s were supposedly quite long, so if these things can be put together really quickly then the time between territories will be minor. The specs are locked it, so I can’t imagine what we have seen will be changing much, if at all.

    Pick a mass production date and start spitting them out!

  • I know a guy who works at a games store in the USA, the placeholder price for preorders (meaning it can stay the same or go down, but not up) is US$299.

    Make of that what you will.

    • Gamestop have listed it at $999… there isn’t any indication of the price at the moment, everyone is guessing…

      I don’t believe any talk of a placeholder of $299 at stores, if that was the case I’d be paying one off in full and then demanding it at that price when the unit it potentially more…

  • it’s all good as long as it isn’t region-locked, then we’ll have the option of importing (to save on costs, and to have a better software library).

  • Ugh. I was excited for getting it this year. I suppose at least it will have a decent launch lineup when it does then. Also it gives me time to save after getting a 3DS.

  • yeah thats true well most likely get it after everyone else thats annoying amd that was the same with the 3ds. B)

  • also its pretty annoying that you have to download the games it would be better if it was like the other psp but itwould be more expensive and you would have to release the games again so you can use the touch sreen and touch pad.

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