Stamina Is Much More Hard In Fight Night Champion

Stamina Is Much More Hard In Fight Night Champion

“Women weaken legs,” said the famous trainer Mickey Goldmill. So does a sledgehammer to the kisser. Fight Night Champion’s going to bring a more sophisticated stamina system that you’ll need to know to keep from being a two-punch chump.

Now, that thing Goldsmith also said about eating lightning and crapping thunder, that’s not part of the game. It’s a background calculation, I think.

Fight Night Champion releases March 1 for Xbox 360 and PS3.


  • Berry cool. Hope they get rid of the visual meter altogether. Hated it when playing with friends one would throw a blitz then strafe away for bar to refill just to rinse and repeat. Felt like an arcade game than an actual boxing game.

  • Yeah that sounds cool in one sense and just a pain in another if it’s not done right. I hope the counterpunching part is fixed, ruined the last game. I wonder if we still have to use the camera for the create a player, I had to buy the damn xbox camera just for that game last year.

  • I thought you didn’t need the xbox camera. I used my digital camera and uploaded the image to the EA website. Then downloaded that image onto the xbox through xbox live.

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