Star Wars On Blu-ray Confirmed For Australia

Look - I know that technically it's not video game news, but considering the fact that, firstly, there have been roughly one zillion Star Wars video games made on multiple formats and, secondly, the PlayStation 3 is pretty much the major reason Blu-ray 'won' the HD format wars, I think you guys can indulge me! Star Wars - both trilogies - is being released on Blu-ray, and I'm surprisingly excited about buying them for the 14th time.

The release is sometime during September (no firm date yet) and consumers can pick up either trilogy set for $69.95, or pick up the entire nine disc collection for $139.95.

Now they just need to get to work on the real best trilogy ever made - the Indiana Jones trilogy. Am I right, guys?


Star Wars Blu-Ray Priced For Australia [Gizmodo]


    Bluray news is really welcome (and anime). This reminds me how much I want a new Jedi Knight game.

      +1 for a new Jedi Knight game.

      Maybe they could make it set during the Vong war.

      And I like how Jaden Korr is mentioned in a few of the books (and even stars in one).

    Sorry the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy is still the best trilogy ever conceived!

    This is pretty awesome. If i had a blu-ray player i'd buy the originals for sure.. but i don't.

    I'm also be assuming it's the "updated" versions where they have messed up a whole tonne of stuff?








      I liked the new music at the end of Jedi.
      It's a really good soundtrack number.

      You forgot them CGI-ing in Hayden Christiansen into the end of Return of the Jedi probably the worse crime of all.

      I hated him in the first 3 movies, I don't want to see him in my original epic!

      Palpatine put into the early movies was a little annoying, but he wasn't such a horrible actor so I don't mind.

      The bundle seems pricey but as the only copies of Star Wars I actually own are on VHS it's probably about time I updated.

      "I’m also be assuming it’s the “updated” versions where they have messed up a whole tonne of stuff?"

      Lucas has said that the original originals don't exist anymore, the film was destroyed at some point. The "special edition" is all that's available, aside from the laserdisc and VHS releases of the original.

        People keep bashing the updated versions, but the 90s version of Star Wars is probably the best one, it added a tonne of updated special effects that were tasteful and genuinely added to the experience.

        It was the 2004 version that completely ruined it.

        Yay, Dr. Zoidberg cameo.

          The 1993 release was the THX remaster. They digitally restored the whole film. The only additions they made were cleaning up effects and improving the quality of the shot. The story goes that they destroyed the original masters during the remastering process, and then they destroyed the new digital THX version by deleting bits for the Special Edition (which came out in 1997, not 2004 - I watched all three in the cinemas and still have some Star Wars 20th Anniversary special edition merchandise somewhere). The 2004 release was where George ruined everything even further by changing it *again*.

          If it was the THX release I would happily pay a lot of very good money for it on BD. I only own those on VHS and some pirated DVD conversions of the LD releases. :( Apparently they re-released the unaltered versions on DVD a while back, but I missed them, and apparently it was a pretty rough release too.

            I agree - I love the new effects. Same as what Lucas did with THX-1138 - looks amazing! To many fanboys and me too's sooking and nit-picking about the updates - some people just cant enjoy anything!

      Yes, it is the horribly oversaturated and messed with Special Editions, he is still not releasing the 'Original' Original Trilogy.

      His argument that it would cost too much to restore is a crock. Many of the worst of the updated scenes (unnecessary Rontos, the Han/Greedo scene etc.) were restored to be able to add the CG elements to them.

      Release the SE's by all means, but gorramit George, release the original movies that made you your fortune, they are important cinematic history even if you hate them, and the public deserves to be able to watch them, warts and all.

        Actually, if you look around, the most recent releases of the original trilogy have the original versions in a 2 disc set (per movie)!

    Clearly the best trilogy ever (not just movies) is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's so good it comes in five parts! Six if you could And Another Thing...

    Is this inclusive of the unedited originals?
    Or is it all Haden Cristinpoop on Endor and NZer stormtroopers?

    Also I thought Blu Ray won because of the porno industry?
    Or am I just quoting Ben Stiller flic now?

    I would have thought for sure Back to da Future would be your pick for the classic trilogy or am I just being naive?

    Just thought Id end on not a question mark.

      both were a big contributing factor.

      Re: HD-DVD v Blu Ray format war:

      Any yeah, Hayden Christensen replacing Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's Force ghost was abominable.

        His name was Sebastian Shaw?

        Anyone else read Xmen????

          Also first question?

            George doesn't like dwelling on the past...just his new image of the future...and diddling his masterpieces with said new image of the future !

            Sebastian Shaw !!...Kevin Bacon plays him in the new X-Men: First Class.

            He's perfect !

    Back to the future is the best trilogy ever!

      I don't think there is a singular best series ever. But Back to the Future is one of the best for sure. One of the reasons is because it blends so many genres together and is a fantastically enjoyable set of films.

        Lord of the Rings Special Extended Edition for me - and the most complete and excellently designed DVD boxset ever (I truly hope they do the same with the BluRay releases - no plastic cases!)

    seeing as indiana was meant to be released on BD at the "end" of 2009, im not very hopeful at seeing the release anytime soon, same with an international release of Kill Bill Vol. 1 Uncut BD release

    Wait, nine-disc collection?

    Does this suggest they're including the proper THX remastered version of the original film, from back before George started on his multi-year project to utterly ruin everything about the franchise?

    The 'special' edition can rot in hell. Han shot first. >:(

    If it's actually the original Star Wars trilogy polished up to a beautiful, 7.1, high definition shine then I'll be there day 1. If it's those bastardized "special editions" that were actually not very special at all, then I'll pass, just like I did on DVD and stick to my old VHS tapes of the THX remastered originals until they wear out.

      I trust George Lucas's restraint in ruining the originals as much as much as I trust his love of money.

      If he sees there's a buck in re-releasing the originals ON TOP of his bastardised, horribly edited versions, he'll do it. Which is... I'm not sure how to feel about that!

    Seems someone didn't like aliens in their Indiana Jones soup?

      I have no idea what you're talking about. There were never aliens in Indiana Jones, that movie doesn't exist.

        i cant believe you didnt like crystal skulls, as far as franchise reboots its excellent for this day and age. I found it surprisingly enjoyable

          I've got a weird, debilitating attachment to the Indiana Jones trilogy.

          Crystal Skull was a godawful abomination that should never have seen the light of day.

          Seriously, it jumped the shark so hard it nuked the fridge.


        Shia the Beef as a Brando clone, replacing Indy - were they out of their freakin minds?

        They're beings from another dimension. Not aliens. and It goes with the 50's.
        Ok Ok it's not very good but it's Lucas' fault not spielberg he said the monkey swings Shia scene was shit too.

    What's the 9 disk collectors edition have to offer for that price? All I want is episode 4, 5 and 6. 1,2 and 3 should never of been made.

      Correction - they should have been made PROPERLY..

      And without Hayden whats-his-face

        When I first watched the new 3 movies I thought that they didn't really match up all that well with the original trilogy (mostly because of poor writing) and that it would be nice if they brought them more in line with each other.

        Given its age my first thought was that they could remake the original trilogy, then realised that those were the only good movies and if they were to do it right they should just remake the new 3, preferably immediately after the last one ended.

      Hmmm... 3 discs for original trilogy, 3 for prequels... Maybe the remaining 3 will be for the ORIGINAL (non tampered with) original trilogy?! Oh well, I can dream for a little while until they come out and tell us the remaining 3 discs contain feature length tributes to the work of Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christiansen and Jar Jar Binks.

    Sorry Mark, whilst I agree that Indiana Jones is a better trilogy than Star Wars, the Godfather trilogy still trumps.

    Godfather > Indiana Jones > Star Wars

      Indiana Jones > Back to the Future > The Godfather (III is not a good movie) > Star Wars

        Origional Star Wars > Back to the Future > Indiana Jones > Lord of The Rings > Lethal Weapon > Godfather >.................................... Spiderman >..............................The Magnificent Seven >....................... American Pie >................... The Three Colours >.................................................................................................................................... Harry Potter.

          Sorry dood, I am obsessed with Spider-Man.

          There is no WAY that that trilogy is good. I quite like the second film and parts of the third are amazing. But no way NO WAY!

    Never actually owned a copy of the original trilogy. Think the only copies I had were recorded on a VHS. Ahh, those were the days.

    You are completely correct Mark. Best *trilogy* ever made.

    I really didn't dislike Crystal Skull enough to hate on it, but the first three were best.

    Already own original trilogy on VHS and DVD.

    I'm not giving any more money George.

      they will hit the torrent sites as soon as there out @ 1080p...

    Classic trilogy can not be compared to the new trilogy. It would be unfair to both. Personally I liked EP 1 & 2 of the new trilogy, Ep 3 was....a let down.

    Both Indiana Jones and Back To The Future are both great trilogys.

    Its been a couple of years since I've watched the original trilogy. I can't wait to watch them on Blu-ray soon. I will just be getting the originals. Also is there any news on whether they are they original versions or the re cuts with that HORRIBLE Haden Christiansen ghost?

    lol I've still got the indianna jones series on VHS, I think Hungry Jacks were selling them at the time!!!! Oh the memories!

    Can't wait for this, I've been holding off buying the original series in hopes for this :D

    I thought the Batman reboot was a shot until they cast Anne freakin' Hathaway as Catwoman... At least there is always Arkham 2 to look forward to. Oh, and

    Arrested Development Season 1 -3 :)> Lord of the Rings> The Godfather> Original Star Wars (Return nearly kills it for me)>..........................................................................................................Killer Tomatoes> Star Wars Prequels

      Catwoman is supposed to be this meek girl who transforms into someone sexy. Hathaway can do cute, she can do pretty, I just don't see how she can do sexy.

        See, people freaked out about Heath as the Joker, but at least he took risks with his roles and had proven himself as an actor capable of diversity. Hathaway has two modes: Generic (see Devil Wears Prada, Get Smart etc.) and Generic with top off (Everything not in category 1). Topless =/ automatic sexy. She will fail.

      God... I haven't thought about Killer Tomatoes in years.

    Probably false hope, but I hope they will give you the ability to view the old Starwars movies in ORIGINAL form and not the shitty 3d updated form.
    But just so there is a choice between both.

    The sheer amount of prequel hate in here makes me sad :(

    Does this mean I have to buy the same bloody movie Ive already bought over and over again for the last 30 years or so?? Super 8 , vhs. vhs widesscreen. Laserdisc. Dvd Then dont get started on the special editions...grrr. I think i will wait for the next technology.. you do know he is working on the 3d versions at the moment too.

      No-one 'forced' you to buy the DVDs or the VHS, it's up to fans to decide if the newest transfer is worth their money.

      And the 3D version will be utter garbage. The Blu-Ray version will be the gold standard for many years to come.

    Keep in mind that the 3D version of the series is coming to the theatres AFTER this BR release- which means they're going to do ANOTHER BR release down the line...

    They already made the ulitmate trilogy pack. Back to the future trilogy. Am I right?

    Just wait in a few years...Star Ward remastered in 3D....its bound to happen

      They're already doing it bro!

    To everyone wondering, the original movies (the Non Special Edition versions) are not updated to BluRay glory for this release. Once again Mr Lucas has decided not to release the original historic films, only his re-jigged versions of them.

    I have Star Wars on Super8, 16mm film, VHD, VHS, Laserdisc and DVD, but I will not be buying this release. At least release both George and give people a choice.

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