StarCraft II's Latest Upgrade Is Huge

Blizzard has released a big update for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, adding new chat channels, customisable hotkeys, a Master League tier and an "extreme" graphics option. More on balance changes and bug fixes at


    Excellent. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I look forward to seeing the Master League replays and shoutcasts :D

    It's actually a pretty small update, only like, 80 mb.

    What, you didn't mean huge in that way?

      That's what he tells the ladies :p

      But really, most people I know run SC2 on the lowest settings possible during multiplayer - performance over quality.

        I agree, performance over quality when the game requires such fast reactions to everything at the highest level, but I was quite astonished to find that top-tier players like HuK play with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING set on low. There are no unit death animations (it's really disconcerting when units just disappear in a brief puff of smoke), the outline of cloaked units are barely visible and certain animations like the protoss warp-in are all uniform - you can't tell what units are warping before they appear, which would could potentially cut your reaction time.

          No. Lowest is just for practice houses. Sactioned competitions require every setting on HIGH. No questions asked.

          "Performance over quality" doesn't mean anything if your computer is capable of handling the highest game settings. In fact, to get the most of it, highest settings is ideal.

          This is the reason why many competitive WoW guilds require at least certain game effects to be switched on for raid awareness.

          Huk isn't particularly good, but the Lowest settings is more of a Korean cultural thing, who often buy computers in bulk to outfit practice houses and often can't afford the bleeding edge hardware. It's completely irrelevant for us.

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