Super Mario Mushrooms Served 120 Ways

Super Mario Bros has mushrooms that change your size, grant you extra lives and even poison you. That's not enough fungus for deviant artist MyBurningEyes, so he came up with 120 new types of Mario mushrooms.

You may have seen some of these creative Mario mushrooms before. Hell, you may have seen all of them before, but the first time I saw them was earlier today when Logan25Wolves shared it on Kotaku.

The image below is actually four of MyBurningEyes' works pasted together into one large and colourful fungal infection waiting to happen.

My personal favourite is the strawberry mushroom, though I've not had breakfast yet and it looks delicious. What's yours?


    i think my favorite is either Chomp, Bowser or DBZ

    its got to be all of them i cant decide

    mario 3d land

    they r AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

    My favorites were Google and Coconut :) But they are all great @ralf

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