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    No Jamesmacusedmyhandle comments for me to quicly use to go back to Kotaku home!

      I peepee in your face again, nohandle!

        But i left comments.....:( You just don't pay any attention anymore. To busy creating humorous names, proving your are under the thumb ( i think you'll get permission.....) banging on about FF (Again!!!) and somehow relating it to your own emo/teenage years, stating you preference for hometime, trying to get Absolute Editions (will be happy to oblige!!) and starting new pages!!!!! Who reads who's comments now huh?


          I saw yours, made little sense to me as half of em were links to pages I couldn't check at wurk!

          Thanks for making me feel special.

          You should also save some room for all the comics that I suggested and you're buying...

      Just for you.

      Or you could head to the top of the page and hit the logo :P

      I'd sympathise with you, but I notice you're the first comment on the page so you don't have far to go to get to the top of the page.

        If you think about it...being the first comment meant that the second page didnt exist at the time sooooo...

        Also, of course I know to click the logo..AT THE TOP, I was of course...DOWN THE BOTTOM.

    1)Go to Google Translate and

    2)Type in "Is justin bieber gay" then

    3)English to Vietnamese

    4)Copy paste the Vietnamese words

    5)Vietnamese to English


      Try translating this from Vietnamese to English:
      "Justin Bieber có thể ăn một tinh ranh."

      Every time you mention that persion you are generating publicity for them, i.e. you just became his/her B!tch.

    Guys (and girls),

    When I grow up, I want to be this:

    Yes, it's real.

    I can't imagine how you could ever put that on your resume and be proud of it... xD

      You are such a 19 year old. That is an old ladies dream job!

        I would love that job.

        Not for the floral arranging, but because it would be the ultimate cushy government job. Most people know nothing of flowers, or arranging them (I am included in this group), so you could phone in the majority of what you do.

        Easy money.

      That's more ambitious than my checkout chick fantasy. I refuse to do my groceries through anything other than the self-serve checkouts now :)

        Hmmmmm, checkout chick fantasies, "self service".....
        I think Elly is just messing with us now.....
        Don't take the bait!!

          No handle

          Im bored so Id just like to point out here that you quoted Elly and then changed the quote. That is professional journalism at it's finest right there!

            LOL You are bored....
            Were meant to be implied more as "air" ( UCEE what i did there... )quotes so as to bring focus to the obvious smutty double entendre of "self service". Truly seemed to be asking for trouble round these parts..... :D
            Now i'm just worried Elly thinks i'm Norman Bates...

              I think evryone is super-polite to Elly because they worry she could turn down their wedding proposal...whe they get the courage!

    I just received a mysterious, unmarked (no return address, just my name and address on a post=it), package in the mail. The dude in the other office said it's probably a bomb so I have to open it in my office. I nervously rip off the paper with gay abandon and the first thing I read is: "TNT". "It's a BOOOOOOOOOooommm... oh wait". It's a Red Dead Redemption TNT candle and Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP! Thanks heaps Mark! I'm assuming this was the Community Kudos prize? So although there was no return address the package was "Marked" after all. heh. :)

      Also thanks for giving me an excuse to get a PSP!

        And an excuse to then buy:

        Crisis Core
        FF Tactics War of the Lions
        MGS Portable OPs and Plus
        MGS Peace Walker
        Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
        Prinnie something something

        And some others I cannae think of...

          No need for Portable Ops Plus. Just some normal old Portable Ops is awesome.

          Also, Daxter, Liberty and Vice City Stories, the God of War games, LBP, echochrome etc.

            Echocrome hurts my head so much. I usually kill puzzle games but this one... I can't get past I think the third level. Gah!

            PLUS is the last game I bought before my PSP shit itself...

            Never played it properly.

            The PSP kinda works still..kinda.

            Any one know a cheap way to fix a screen, after buying a new one and then paying someone to install it I may as well buy a new PSP!

          Monster Hunter!!! Believe the hype!
          No Region Coding on PSPs so import console and games!!! UK and Canada have good prices.....

          Apoligies to Gerry Harvey

      God of War - Chains of Olympus
      God of War - Ghost of Sparta

      I've only played the first, but it is a brilliant game. The great thing with the PSP is the older library of games is cheap. $20 bucks or less will net you some great titles.


    When are you going to say yes to my LIVE freind request?

    C'mon brudda!

      Haha, I actually thought about that the other day. I haven't booted up the xbox since I posted my gamertag :D. Hopefully it will be like a mini surprise party with hundreds of people asking me to be their friend. Or it will just be you. Which, you know, would also be cool.


        Go on , JUMP on tonight and approve me! I promise I won't spy on the last game you played like I do everyone else...

        Someone was watching a movie the other day, dissapointing. I wondered if when I have my iPod plugged in it says I'm listening to music.

        We are LIVE freeends! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          Weee! How the heck did you get that Doritos time!?

            run, slide, jump slide jumpslide jump...luck

              I was trying to catch Batguy.. I knew there had to be some trick...and slide jump is the key. Still can't beat his goddam score though!

                I felt so good after I worked out how to slide jump, began ripping up my previous scores, destroying my competition.

                Then I logged onto Xbox Live.

    Christmas is over, but we can still listen to carols, right?!
    (NSFW if you don't plug in headphones!)

    This guy is amazing.

      HOLY DUCK F**K THIS GUY IS GOOD! Check out some of his acapella songs!

      Cee Loo Green- Fuck you

      Beyonce- If I were a boy

      Last but not least...

      The Ghostbusters multitrack!!!

        I like your nickname.

      It would have been better if we actually saw some penis.

        You are messing with us! :D
        Brave, brave woman posting this on here...... :D

    Suffering from a severe case of bacterial conjunctivitis, so I should be resting, but I want to continue playing Gundam Musou 3 (Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3)

      I had that when I wurked as a cleaner...nasty stuff. I cried..seriously, I woke up and my eyes were oozing brown puss..I wigged out. Got a roomate to drive me to a local Dr. He is still my Dr.

        It sucks big time, I'm considering grabbing an eyepatch to cover the eye while it's undergoing the eyedrop treatment. On the plus side, the guys at OPSM straightened my glasses frame while I was there

          @ Andy Te

          You only got it in one eye!
          How'd you manage that, mine spread to the other before I got to the doctor!

            To be honest, I really don't know, then again my right eye seems to have a track record, last year it was episcleritis and this year it's bacterial conjunctivitis

        this story made me cry dawg - like i was rocking con-junkie-itis-ness too. im turning that story into a romantic comedy. im getting sandra bullock to play you >

        The Doctor? - well?? im hot for Clooney so Clooney it is. him or Pitt. Whoever can grow the best moustache i guess. I think Clooney has a better moustache??? are you even helping with this movie? why do i have to do all the work?

        The room-mate? um? matt damon? river phoenix? i dont know? please help.

        Im too drunk to say for sure - but i think this movie is our ticket to Hollywood. when we get to Hollywood im going to get high > im talking Lindsay Lohan high & then im going to drive along Mulholland Drive as fast as i can.

        do you like fish-sticks?

          If you can get him... River Pheonix would be awesome.

          A film like this could totaly resurect his career.

            definitely. once Jimu Hsien is onboard [as creative director - no way im letting him play himself > ive already signed Sandra Bullock] - i know river phoenix will follow.

              Do I look like Sandra Bullock to you?

              I want Ed Norton playing me and I want the Dr/love interest to be Monica Belluci.

              Or Vice versa, whatever floats your boat.

                dude? everyone looks like sandra bullock - thats kind of her thing. okay. Let me call her. i just have to work out a nice way of telling her the bad news. but i didnt even think of Monica Bellucci - she has bigger boobs which makes for a better movie. Ed Norton? I can put him on the extras list. its just hes not really a moustache-guy??

    I am sitting here after dinner watching back to the future blu ray. I actually dud couch dancing to the power if love. Awesomness

      I did the blu-ray trilogy few days back. Some of the best few hours of my life.

    So just finished watched Twilight Eclipse with the mrs.

    I personally think it is by far the worst of the trilogy.

    What are your guys opinions?


      What is this I don't even...

      Oh I've got an opinion.

      Also, who is this Tristan bloke?

      haha when we get accounts, I think in the terms and conditions is should specifically state that watching twilight will get you suspended until you have completed some sort of penance..

      You are correct becaus ethey are all the worst in the series...not that I can talk. Thankfully my Mrs watches half decent fliks and the odd Sandra Bullock romp.

        There is way too much mentioning of Sandra Bullock for one TAY! No more Sandra!

      I actually really like twilight - they somehow managed to wrap up everything that i hate about the world into one neat package. so incredible.
      Oh - before i forget - OMG > i am so team jacobz.
      However - & more importantly: still waiting on an explanation from last weeks controversially confounding Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody theme song?

      ... no sane man would watch Twilight without being forced by their female peers. Never.

        No sane female should want to watch or read Twilight, and yet millions do.

        They are crap novels, the writing is bad, the story is average at its best moments, and the ending is a huge letdown. About the only reason I can see for Twilight's success is if every girl believed she's the "weaker" form, and that having a guy who stalks you, becomes possessive of you, and is a total dick was the only way to get happiness.

          And... he's a pedophile.

            Honestly, Edward as a pedophile doesn't bug me, it's the wolves and their imprinting which is bad.

            "No, no, it's not creepy that this twenty year old kid is in love with this three year old. He'll be like the best big brother ever!"

            Yeah, I've read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and thus I know all about what brothers can be like.

    That is all.

      I love this. What an awesome line. Lets see if we can use this at school or work today. Post the results.

      That's gold. Can I use that in a paper arguing against videogames turning people into killers?

      Sorry, but Cosgrove said no such thing.

        My life is over. The illusion has been shattered. I am sad now.

    Any one watched
    "It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia"?


      IASIP, one of the shows I have to watch without the partner. Otherwise she'll get angry at the characters, then angry at me for watching it.

    hot damn! this is cool!!

    Day 1 of the Chimes Competition is over and so far we only have 2 contenders on the leaderboards:

    1. Sarujin - 1,519,500
    2. Qumulys - 1,244,100

    If you think you belong on the leaderboards and aren't, then it's probably because you haven't sent me a friend invite. (

    Remember there's 6 days to go, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    Get into it!

      Squirtle! I choose you!

        Damn, I knew I shouldn't have chosen Charmander.

        That's it. I'm restarting and choosing Bulbasaur.

          I'm really hurt that when he becomes Blastoise he doesn't get a second type!

            Water/Howziter type mayber?

            In related news Blastoise is the name i chose for my Abaddon in EVE because it's the third and biggest of the Amarr battleships and it an armour tank.


      99% coverage still, need to get 100%. But yeah I'm just happy I bought the game for the competition. I almost picked it up in the steam sale, but most of the other rhythm games in the indie pack didn't interest me. It is well worth the $5.

        You..... bastard.... *mad tear at hair

        I was playing until 4 freakin 30 am this morning.
        Stupid board won't cover
        I'm seeing boxes everywhere
        I have taken to freezing my entire wardrode so as to stack it better. I cant bear to not complete it! Ken Bruce has gone COMPLETELY MADDDDDdddd!!dD

          It certainly is addictive. My wrist was sore after playing a few games. But tonight is another night, I'll get that 100% coverage.

      Yay I joined! I've only played twice, granted, but I can only get like 300,000 :'(

      What an amazing game though! Thanks for putting me onto it :D

    Hey Mark, did you get my email (CheapSkate)? I got an email that bounced back saying you hadn't got it, and yet it appeared in my "Sent" list...

      Haven't got it - been checking both my inbox and my junk mail... can you try again?

    For the comic nurds out thar...

      I like it!

      But I was still confused. Guess I need to read more X-men but there is just so many!

        Don't be silly, I've been into Xmen since I was 7 years old, there is no way.

        Xmen has to be the most convoluted ongoing in comics history.
        Uncanny Xmen is the only Marvel title that hasn't been reset to issue one at some point.

    My internet at work is down :(
    My M&M newbie protection runs out in two hours :(
    I'm posting from my phone and i feel alone and scared :(

      Don't worry, my Hounds of War shall defend you!

      *Turns around, starts stroking a Labrador*
      "Who's a widdle Puppy? You're a good widdle puppy. Yes you are, YES YOU ARE!

      To add to Blaghman's puppy force, I still have a bunch of Peasants that need to be killed off because they're weak and taking up sp- I MEAN they are a force always powerful in numbers despite taking heavy losses, and they will be at your disposal if need be!

        I'm holding on to my Familiars (ranged upgrade to the base unit (imp), because of how my main hero is specced, they are ridiculously powerful in large numbers.

      Don't worry, mines down too now and as they say: the best defense is a good offense.
      Want to attack the Paladins of Power with me?

      You remind me of myself when I was playing facebook farming games and worried about withering crops and hungry animals...

        This is much more important than a bunch of withered crops though! The reputation of Kotaku AU as a mighty hero bashing force is at stake!

    Free comics for the next few weeks (or years), the comics industry seems to be harder to get into than the T-shirt industry...
    Anyway, here's the link,

      I think these need a little work mate.

      Especially if you are trying to make some money off of them.
      Have a look at developing an art style. etc maybe

        Thanks, I probably do need to work on my art. I'm not much good at art actually, that's why I went with stick figures, but I probably can develop it a bit, make it look a little less static and stiff, and cheap. I probably need to work on my comedy more as well, but I have a few more funnier ideas that will be turned into comics soon. Or I could just get a job...

        the multi-award winning Tristo Sterone stars in: THE DREAM KILLER. coming soon to a cinema near you.

        HEY HEY!
        I'm sticking to my guns. I wasn't an ass about it, I just thought a little bit of CONSTRUCTIVE critism never hurt anybody.

        Actually i take that back I'm sure its hurt someone but... but... its constructive.

        If Chuloopa came out the other week and said "Hey you guys! looks at my super awesomest tshirts!"
        And they were okay, weren't super awesomest yet, and we were all like "THEY ARE SUPER AWESOMEST TSHIRTS!"
        well, that would be pretty shitty of us wouldn't it.

        *sigh* sorry Braycen, just trying to help.

          Don't worry Tristan, I don't think you were overly harsh, and I saw the constructive aspects.

          Of course, endorsement from me in this matter is not exactly a high mark, given how often I slam people for poor English (particular aspects, not poor use of the language as a whole, which I am exceedingly guilty of).

          Don't worry, I wasn't hurt, I appreciate constructive criticism, I should help me level up in life :P

    I tried to post this last night but the gremlins got it ;___;

    OzGameShop have Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the 360 on preorder for $57.49 ( and a PS3 version with no price yet.

    Really looking forward to this, if only for the ELBOW SWORDS. If it's anything as good as the first one it should be awesome.

    Might be useful to MadTod (and who is still awesome).

    Explanation from last weeks controversially confounding Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody theme song:
    (as requested by Johnny Carradine)
    You see, there is thing that lives in the deep reaches of the internetz called a troll.
    It is not a troll such as this
    But more like this
    You see the definition of a troll is a common misconception. People see it spelt as "troll" so they automatically think of ugly, slow and dim witted person trying to take people for a ride. But no. They are infact trying to catch many fish in a net and eat them for their delicious source of protein and vitamins.

    In my case with the Fresh Prince of Belair song...

    I failed in catching a delicious supper for me and my family.

      God dammit my link for troll didnt work

    Does anyone else enjoy game commentaries on YouTube? I've been watching Husky for Starcraft 2, a bit of Tobuscus (plays like a noob but is funny), TotalBiscuit for some WOW, penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL for anything he commentates (NSFW-kind of funny).

      I only watch Starcraft ones, and mostly just Husky, although I do watch the Psy ones on occasion, though they're mostly guide things.

      I shall have a look at those you have posted when I get home, so thank you for that.

    Is there anybody out there?

    This time last week we were well and truely onto page 3.


    I think everyone is catching their breath.

      I hear ya, man.

        I've run out of things to say, I pretty much used up my word quota for the year last week, I've had to make up for it by not talking to my family. Which I did anyway, but still.

      Eh less quantity, more quality is probably a good thing.

        wholeheartedly agree with you on that one! I'd rather a few pages of great stuff than 10 pages of crap ;)

          Looks like we'll have to banish Tadmod then...



        +1. Plus 1300 comments is way too many to read :(

    Home and back online!
    My city isn't rubble!!!
    Killed my phone trying to keep up today, fellow M&Mers thanx for encouraging words, got me through the day.
    @ Jimu missed you to buddy! Will work something out RE Ultimate editions. I have a folder pinned to my taskbar called Jimu with all the comics, manga etc you have recommended. LOL
    @ Dawdle, gee i didn't think my day could get any worse but ... :D (also posting at reasonable times, you back....)

    Oh and Ricky Gervais is THE F*****G MAN!!!!

      Oh and @ my Black Shadow, you didn't help make my day any better either :D
      I couldn't check the children!!!!!

    Ok so maybe i feel a bit guilty about something still...... So here it goes

    Everyone should check this site out

    Guilt somewhat appeased.
    Also want to see if he/she/they are still reading..... we both apologized :)

      Come back Veejee!

        He/She/It is still here!

        I was trying to think of a witty/cool comment to come back on, but really, the only thing to say is thank you.

          I think it's veejeez, i would like to believe that the olive branch of friendship and forgiveness that was extended has been accepted and now we can all just get along....

            Haha nice link. It's really me, I can call Tad Todd again if you like.

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