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    okay, so soem of you may have noticed i posted a user review on monday night combat not too long ago.

    well i'd like to say that in the review i complained about the lack of good servers, well maybe someone listened, because there are now two australian servers, and i have now been able to play a lag free multi-player match, and it's really great! the multi-player turns it into a mix of tf2 and dota, which i love both!!

    so now i will say, everyone should give this game a shot, it's really fantastic! i know i'll be bugging my friends to get it and play with me!


    Why would it do this to me now?

    My computer has decided to act like an impertinent child, and now that I've started thinking of getting a new one, it's dying.

    I think it's actually my fault. I figured, my graphics card won't overheat, it'll be fine. So I kept playing Starcraft, without limiting the framerate, slowly, over months, my framerate has been getting worse and worse. At first, I simply attributed it to the fact that I am a Malware magnet, and so thought nothing of it, but now?
    Now it's just shit.

    I can no longer play Starcraft 2, even though I've put the graphics way, way, way below their recommended, almost as low as they can go (quality levels don't seem to make a difference with this problem). I am forced to sit and spectate. Wondering about what could be.


    Thank Chris (sic) I'm getting a new computer... Eventually... Probably some time in March...

    So, PS3 owners of Portal 2 will get a Steam version for free? And can do cross platform play? Freaking hell that's so awesome. Time to buy the PS3 version :)

    I, for one, found out this afternoon what happens when you are on hold to Optus for 42 minutes and 13 seconds when their Customer Service line closes - you get a nice recorded message and disconnected.

    Worse, we'd almost resolved the issue I was having.

    Downloading Chimes so I can have a shot at this competition thingie, anyway.

    Anyone on kotaku play EVE? Myself and 2 friends have been playing for ages and are looking to stop being carebears and joining a low sec corp.

    I figure any one on have to be good people, or at the very least evil and a wholesome and entertaining manner, which will do just as well.

    All 3 of us can fly battleships, 2 of us have limited PVP experience and I happen to name all my ships after Pokémon (Probably increases my chances of being podded but "let's face it, you've gotta be a man to wear tights. Will, how are my seams?")

      I really want to get into it!

      I played it at a mates house and loved it!

      It's just a pity it has a monthly fee...

        I'm in the same boat as you (the same spaceship? No, that would be silly), however, if you get good enough at it, you can pay using in game currency.

        Yeh, the monthly fee on all MMO's is a pain. I've got a good bank though so i just try to keep enough money in my account that my intrest pays for my subscription.

        As Blaghman mentioned it is possible to use in game money to buy game time (CCP basicaly legalised selling isk, though istead of getting money you're saving it on subscription fees) but you'd probably have to play for a while before you can consider doing that. Unless your much better at the game then me.

        You can also give the trial a go. I think it stands at 14 days or 21 days if you go via Steam.

      EVE is one of the most interesting games that I cant stand playing.
      It is just so much grind, either constant mining or constant repetitive grind quests and waiting days for your skills to finish. And all that so you can either grind in a shinier ship or engage in some PvP, loose and have all that grind money strewn across the cosmos.

        Grinding in a shiny ship?

        This sounds like my kind of game. Hook me up!

        Yeah, EVE defiantly isn't for everyone. The universe behind the game is what got me hooked as much as the game itself.

        I also have an advantage in that my boss is a gamer and therefor doesn't mind if i mine asteroids when it's not busy.

        However the time based skills takes most of the grind out for people who prefer to play by blowing up the people who do grind.

    Anyone watch Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes?

    ...Can anyone say "awkward"...?

    That was a bit too much vitriol for my tastes...

      Refer to statement on previous page......
      I think that they wanted a controversial host and they got one. He was pretty close to the edge last time he hosted and was criticised for being soft. It's kinda like when Russel Brand hosted his first VMA's. Brits see it as taking the piss, Americans see it as a personal attack. Maybe if he stuck to thinly veiled racsim and blatantly unfunny observational comedy he would have been ok.

      Yeah it was probably a bit poorly said in places, buuut I still like seeing this kind of thing. I just like his frankness I suppose, which he hasn't refrained from doing to himself before. Meh, I dunno, I still love him!

      In other news, yay for Natalie Portman's win! Very, very much deserved. Amazing film Black Swan, looking forward to going back and catching it at the cinema again before it ends. Tough to be against Michelle Williams though who was equally amazing in Blue Valentine.

      I really, really don't like Gervais. I didn't watch the awards, but I've never liked him because he's always come across as arrogant, obnoxious, pretentious and a mediocre talent.

      Don't get me wrong, I love British comedy, but Gervais is just an ass.

        I agree with that description of him, apart from the mediocre accusation. Everything I've seen indicates that he's very smart and quick witted, and he definitely knows how to craft some excellent entertainment.

        I think his standup is probably his weakest skill as he relies too much on shock value. Says some very funny things, but other less funny material seems better because you can't believe he's actually saying it. The awards presentation was essentially a standup gig, so he was true to form there!

    YES! YES!

    So I've been looking around for a wired xbox controller or just something I can use for my pc, mainly for games like Super Meat Boy, or or or iono, Brink that is coming out... I think Brink would be played better with a controller imo. Actually I dont know...


    Mark, have you gotten your hands on Brink yet?
    I've been thinking that keyboard and mouse might not be the best thing to play with it as its very much a movement game.

      You sir, appear to be hitting the red cordial too hard. :P

      Also, what happened to Tristosterone? Did Jimu #2 eat him as well?!!

        Strange, I use google browser, and the weird thing it does is that if im logged onto facebook on another tab it wont let me log out and use my alias.
        I have no idea why. So to remedy that problem, I have to use Internet explorer to use kotaku... Which makes me cry at how horrible it is.

          That's odd, I am always logged into FB at home and I never comment as meself...

          I use Opera if that changes anything~

    Day 2 of the Chime Competition.


    Sughly who commented earlier that he was no good at Chimes, has managed to pick up his game in a big way and jump ahead to the lead by 1,698,600 points!

    Current Standings
    Sughly - 3,215,100
    Sarujin - 1,519,500
    Qumulys - 1,303,800
    maelkann - 723,000

    Remember you still have 5 more days to show Sughly who's boss, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    If you think you should be in the standings but haven't appeared there, it's probably because you haven't sent me a friend invite.
    If you're not in my friends list, I can't see you on the leaderboards.

    For all rules and competition details, see my post at:

      Yeah woo! That game is seriously like cocaine. I haven't actually played any other level though, so that song is starting to drive me a little insane...

        I have just scored well enough to place second on the list with a 127% coverage, I wholeheartedly support your 'lots of little ones' concept.

      I'll get involved in this too, probably tonight. Hopefully it runs OK in a virtual machine on OSX!

      What Sughly is even higher than last night. Damn bro, you must be getting 100% with a minute to spare.

        No I also only ever got 99% :(

        I found out the key to it is lots of little ones, everywhere! As many as you can make. Means more multipliers :D

      I will hopefully join eventually, my internets at home is being bollocks at the moment which hampers the browsing and downloading of steam games.

    Procrastinating at work, reading through the news, refusing to refer to myself and describe that it's what I'm doing, as opposed to a generalised statement...

    Anyway, I saw this.

    Firstly, I really want more information about this story, I mean, really? Surely there was a reason the drunk guy drove to the police station, right?

    Secondly, does anyone else find it a little bizarre that they've used the words "Bloody idiot" in a news report, without it being a quote?

    I have no problems with swearing, or insulting people in the media (I don't want Aussie News to become like its American counterpart), I just find it a little weird.

      In Victoria at least, it's part of a well known TAC anti-drink-driving campaign ad ("If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot"). Dunno if that's a national thing. I don't think the ABC insults random people very often :P

      Oh wait, it gives a reason, I just didn't read it before (my standard excuse of "it's morning" applies here).

      Okay, so, replace the first question with "How are people this dumb?"

      I would have thought it to be an obvious play on the "If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot" campaign.

        Wow, you can tell how successful that campaign is, given I completely forgot about it.

        Still, typically they would at least use quotation marks if referencing something. Or maybe I just care too much about correctly expressing yourself through words...

          Sorry if that came across as condescending, that wasn't the intention.

            No, no, not at all, I'm mostly just annoyed at myself for missing something that I should have known. I just tend to over-justify to myself when I make mistakes, because I hate to lose, and so on and so forth, blah blah blah.

    Anyone else notice that there is an 'O' missing in the Gizmodo/Rukus banner ad? (It currently advertises 'Gizmod'...)

      Ignore this. I was deceived by a play on the Gizmodo name with regards to actual car modifications.

        Ahh yes, the feeling of a post where you missed the... "Bloody" obvious, it really makes you feel like an "idiot." I should know...

      Can't be unseen!

        Speaking of can't be unseen, I never tire of this:,r:0,s:0

        Sorry for the long hyperlink, but it shows the image nice and quick.

          OH MY GOD, Pierce. What happened to your FACE?!

            Elly, don't you have WORK to do?
            Stop intruding on our comments!

            PS: That's for not recieving an autographed picture with my Community Kudos!

            I kid!

            Btw, that goldeneye pic is genius! :D

    : (
    Sorry Elly Hart -
    last week i went all Ashton Kutcher by marrying someone much older than me and the next day i Punkd Mark by acting all like i wanted his autograph & then asking for yours. it was a fun - but ultimately shallow & unfulfilling - use of my me-time. i think i must have had too much cough syrup?

    But youre obviously - i will use understatement here for ironic effect - just a little bit popular in the digital subterranean tay wilderness.

    i write for a newspaper and dont even like having my photo and phone number above my stories - sending out signed autographed photos would be just. um? i know: pure stalker & real horror-show.

    if Elly is happy to do the autographs then everything is Kool Moe Dee > but otherwise i feel bad for making a dumb joke that caused a minor sit-u-ation.

    i figure if i cancel my initial request for an autograph then the deal is dead? right?

    Can i kill my seedling idea that grew into a monster? Ed?

    i dont think its a good idea. mainly because some (not many) of the comments regarding the idea of a autographed photo are very Norman Bates. Elly isnt sold on the idea? thats not so difficult to understand.

    im sure there is plenty of promo junk piled up in the office that would make for a great end of week prize. cleaning out the office and a weekly prize winner - thats double rainbow.

      Hey man, it's all good. It was flattering and fun while it lasted.

        : )
        cool. just making sure. i never thought the comment would have such an effect. & obviously & seriously underestimated your popularity!!!

          This is funny and nice. It was all in good fun.

          We've got nothing but love (not the stalker kind) for the team.

    I'm getting so psyched about LBP2 tomorrow and I had an idea... Is there any way we can set up a LBP community and share the levels we make? Maybe begin some sort of large scale project? Is there anyone else out there who wants to take part?

    Tried the Euro 1 stage in Doreeee toes last night. The humidity was thick and I got well pissed off after 3 tries, went for a shower and was still sweating.

    Offf, Batguy will win it anyways...

      We'll see about THAT! (actually he probably will, I was miles behind you guys on the first level)


      I don't want to discourage other people from playing it. It's no fun if we're not competing!!

      Anybody can do what I'm doing, it's nothing special. Just a bit of exploring and lateral thinking to work out the best way through the level, then the persistence to keep going till everything clicks in a single run. Then to keep retrying until I pass everybody above me on the list :)

      I'll admit there's less motivation without prizes but c'mon - glory is its own reward!

        I played the shit outta that first level and I wasn't getting any closer.
        You must have a bit more natural talent than the rest of us.

        I think it's more the humidity though, can't calm down and concentrate . Ended up playing some Lost Odyssey instead.

        I've not even been on the xbox this week. I rebuilt my PC last weekend so been sorting that out (installing things).

        Then i just load minecraft for a minute and then it's 1am again.

        I will rty to have a crack again tonight. I really want to win but i seriously don't know how you do it. Trials HD has replays so it makes it easier to learn the super dooper techniques.

        Oh, heres an idea, lets all play that game instead???

          Mr Shady, I cannae afford it. I spended all my gamin moneez on da Pokemanz Whyte and the Duragon Agu 2

    So, look what I got in the mail! A letter from the Department of Justice. I was like oh crap, I didn't do it! But then I opened it, and here it is:

    A letter from them about the R18+ classification issue, when I sent an email to the VIC Attorney General:

    Sorry for the poor picture quality, I used my iPod's camera. If enough people care, I'll go and scan it. But the gist of it is this:

    Waffle waffle waffle, MA15+ is the max rating, we asked for your opinion and then pretty much ignored it, we discussed it with some peoples and between ourselves, and we are '[considering] draft guidelines for the classification of computer games (that will include a possible R18+ classification)'.

    It infuriates me that these guys procrastinate about the issue more than I'm avoiding doing my assignment.

      Man, at least you got a reply. I wrote to Greg Smith, most likely next AG for NSW in... what, 2 months or so, no reply. I wrote what I thought to be a completely neutral stance so as to not sway him, mentioned I'm one of his constituents, and tried to probe for his opinion, but nothing.
      What a slacker.
      I bet his father was a slacker too.

        Gorram it Bish, I was drinking as I reading this, but you made me laugh, so now there is water all over my shirt + face + some of my desk.

    Kotaku Wars is complete!
    Episode IV
    Episode V
    Episode VI

    Jimu-Hsien: R2-D2*
    Tris-Tosterone: C-3PO*
    The Fat Shady: The Millenium Falcon*
    Chul Loopwalka: Luke Skywalker
    Darth Seamus: Darth Vader
    Qum Ulyus: Han Solo
    Princess TadMod: Princess Leia
    O-Bish Wan Braaaains-only: Obi Wan Kenobi*
    Spam Tod 1000: Jabba the Hutt
    Mark Serrels: The Death Star
    AmbroseIV: Tatooine

    *not all of these characters are mentioned in the videos...

    Am I missing any important cast members?

      I find it unfair that TadMod gets to be Princess Leia AND Jabba.
      *sobs* I wanna be Jabba.

      I didn't want to be Leia because I want to see MadTod in the gold bikini....

        I was going to have Strange the Nut, but I wasn't sure how well you'd take that :P

      Haha nice, all we need is someone to animate the movies, or maybe do a comic.

        If I did a comic, It would end up being with stick figures...
        Anyone here good at drawing?

      If I don't win an academy award for this, I'll seriously be pissed.

        If I don't get sued by George Lucas, I'll be pretty upset too...
        just kidding :P

      I'm (possibly) referenced in a parody video and I can't watch youTube at wurk(not even on the sly, totally blocked).


        That was my issue... watching on iphone now... awesome mate. We are all the best!

      OMG I am half of both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guiness.
      I am so happy right now. :')

      What about Lando Calrissian?
      Or the 'Bothan Spies'?
      Or Wicket W. Warrick?
      Or Wedge Antilles?
      Or Grand Moff Tarkin?
      Or Admiral Ozzel?
      Or TK-421?

      We could go on...

        OR BOBA FETT!?!?!

          Uh...let's about NotoriousR Crack?

            Wait change that, Batguy Cracks as Boba Fett and Admiral NotoriousR as Admiral Ackbar
            There, is that better?

              Hells yes. Now I have an excuse to walk around everywhere and yell 'IT'S A TRAP!'

          Needs more Admiral Akbar, too!
          I think he gets the best line in all 6 movies.
          Also because he is a squid-man.

        How about Blaghman sarujin as Lando Calrissian?
        Seriously, do any of you want to be an ewok?
        Mr Explody as Wedge Antilles? sounds similar enough...
        Grand Moff Tarkin...uh...Grand Nick Broughall?

          I think ewoks are great. Dont know what all the hate is about. Loved the Ewok cartoon as a youngling.

          Ewoks kick the tar outta the Jar Jar race.

            I don't hate ewoks, undoubtedly they're better than gungans...but would you seriously prefer to be a man eating teddy bear instead of R2-D2, the pinnacle of astromech technology? :P

              Im not asking to swap. R2 is a champ.

              if you doing opening titels for episode 2 you should call it

              Attack of the JamesMacusedmyHandles
              Which would mean JamesMac has to be Jango Fett

                Should I really risk destroying my reputation by doing the prequel trilogy? :P

                  +1 for prequels ( well, Braycens anyway )

                  Do the prequels. As long as you don't go back to Return of the Jedi and replace Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen as Anakin's Force ghost.

                  I'll start on the prequels this weekend. They should then premiere on next week's TAY :D

        Please don't make me tell you who I chose to be the Emperor...bad things might happen! :O

      I'm not saying this cos I feel left out or anything.. my feelings aren't hurt, but really.. how did I not get cast in the role of a droid? :0 Obvious much? ;)

        geezus i'm slow.. it just took my wife to point out the 21st century welbot :0 i must have looked away to light a smoke when that was on the screen, then i hear joan cacking herself laughing! classic ;)

        roflcopter.. that's gold! Love the secret base on the remote servers of M&M online!!! we're killing ourselves laughing here!!

      I watched sir have blown my balls away.

      Well impressed, even if I didnt get a mention (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

        Perhaps I should have listed more clearly who wasn't in the videos, so we could have avoided heartbreak amongst the youtube deprived cast members...

      ...the most awesome thing I've seen this week - great job, Braycen!

      Being a planet is the proudest moment of my life :')

      Awesome... just awesome!

      I'm making the tee shirt! LOL

        Must...have...t-shirt :D
        Will it look like this?
        With this on the back?

          Mate - if you send me through some high res versions, i can indeed make that happen for you! haha

            Do you have an email address I can send them to? Photobucket doesn't seem to like my hi-res images... :(

    TAY is quite quiet today. Alright kiddies gather round, and Uncle Hinden will tell you a story. a story about..... THE CRACKS.

    It all started with mario party 8. The new guy, his name was irrelevant, chose the unlockable squid character. It's name was blooper but we called that character the kraken.

    Kraken turned out to be terrible at Mario Party. Taking coconuts to the face instead of dodging them. Wasting coins on useless items. Hitting himself on the dartboard micro game. Once he even took a route away from the star which he would have collected easily.

    We would shake our heads. "What a Kraks!" we would say. The new guy was happy. Finally he had his own identity. He became The Cracks.

    "What a Cracks" is said not just in every video game we play, but in real life too. He is always cracksing. (Yes, cracks can be a verb: "To Cracks something" is to fail something simple)

    The pinnacle of Crackshood occured one evening at an international food court. The Cracks had his kebab before I got mine. 30 seconds. 30 seconds he was away from my supervision. I got to our table and his kebab had fallen apart. Filling was everywhere.

    Me: "What did you do?"

    Cracks: "Nothing it just fell apart!"

    Me: "Kebabs don't just fall apart. You didn't unwrap it.... did you?"

    Cracks: "Well yeh of course"

    Me: "What a Cracks. You dont unwrap a whole kebab!".

    A videogaming related Cracks: (in the new underwater zone in wow: cataclysm)

    We were questing together and i started a quest which puts you in a submarine which (uselessly) circles the zone for 10 mins.

    Cracks: "brb get close to me so i can set to follow you"

    Me: "I've already left"

    Cracks: "It's ok I can see you on the map. Wait up so I can follow"

    Me: "I don't think we are in the same submarine"

    Cracks: "I'm right next to you, where are you?"

    5 mins later

    Cracks: "Why are you travelling in circles"

    Me: "I don't know" (I don't know why the submarine is going in circles.)

    Cracks: "Are you on your seahorse?"

    Me: "No I'm on the submarine still"

    Cracks: "What submarine?"

    Me: "Are you not in a submarine"

    Cracks: "No, I'm trying to catch up to you!"

    Me: " You've been swimming!? You've wasted 10 minutes swimming in circles trying to find me!?

    Cracks: " Yes"

    Me: ".................. what a Cracks"

    So next time you fail something simple, you know what you are doing. You are Cracksing it. Please spare a thought to the godfather of cracksing, The Cracks himself.

    Alright kiddies you've had your story. Uncle Hinden needs a beer now (and some protection from The Cracks).

      The sad thing is that all of the above is true.

      And thus is revealed the history of the Cracks.

        Also, I can't remember the dartboard mini-game incident - are you sure you aren't just ascribing all of the crackses from that session to me?

      He .... he... wait what? He unwrapped a kebab? ...... words fail me. How can such a thing even be thought of?

      I like a good kebab, they are mad tasty.

      I get em wit



        I thought Id get a sweet kebab convo out of this comment!

          This one time I brought up the topic of dodgey kebabs, and Mark was all like "DO NOT DISRESPECT THE KEBAB" except with a whole lot more lower case letters.

        Chicken and LOTS of Chilli sauce. It has to be dripping and oozing. Bleading the spicy blood of yum.

          Oh yeah!

          For sauce I get
          Ho Chilli and houmous

            I brought noodles for lunch... Now I have to go buy a kebab! And Little Big Planet 2. That last one isn't your fault. It's me having no patience. But the kebab, yeah, I'll be cursing you as I nom on it's delciously bready outer casing to reveal it's juicy, meaty centre... Damn you!

    Should I try one of these while in America?

      Oh god yesssssssss *drools*
      Also, I highly encourage eating from places featured in any of the episodes of Man vs Food.
      Not because I've ever done it, but because whenever I watch that show I'm always like "That looks delicious!" ignoring the fact that he probably throws up at the end of every episode and has a heart purely made out of fat.

      On the subject of ridiculous food...

      Browse this website...


    Brudda Sughly
    Can I call you Sughar?

    Have you played Lost Odyssey yet?
    If you haven't you're missing ooooooout.

      Sorry, I was off playing Donkey Kong :D

      I ah... suppose Sughar is... cool?

      Nope, haven't played Lost Odyssey. So I guess that means I'm missing out...? Man, I just started FF8 AND Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. I can only take so much RPG :(

      I'll keep this in mind however... it's one of those games I pick up at JB, and then put it back down after not really actually looking at it. But now you have me intrigued!

        Yeah dood

        You will love it. We seem to have fairly simalar tastes.
        Blue Dragon is also a winner!

        Remember it's written and directed by the creator of FF Hironobu Sakaguchi!

        Stop teasing me with your Donkey Shlong, you know I need to experience that! And you may remember I had to make the hard choice not to purchase!

      Lost Odyssey was such an awesome game, one of the few RPG's I've played with decent story and characters. The memories were more often than not very well written and conveyed the emotion of the situations perfectly. It was a tad depressing at times, then stunned me because an RPG actually managed to drag out some form of emotion. :P

      Some of the mechanics annoyed me, like the slowness of combat at times (long ass battle introductions and magic casting scenes). Once upon a time I hated the music too because I curb stomped the bosses before I could enjoy it. Then I grew a brain realised I could just get the OST for instrumental goodness. XD

      I agree, he IS missing out. I'd imagine getting a copy now would be fairly cheap due to how old it is. :) *poke poke*

        I grabbed the LO and Blue Dragon soundtracks at the same time. I thought BD was better cos it's more catchy, but after a while I realised that LO was more mature(like the game) and just took a while to click. That song for the world map,starts off acoustic and ends all rock/metal is sweet! Something you'd miss in the game cos you never have to spend that much time on the world can if you do all the sidequesting but its missable.

        Those memories stand out because Sakaguchi didn't write them himself, he got a Japanese novelist to do it for him. The writing is VERY depressing but I find it's often a lesson to remind you of how precious life is and that we shouldn't waste the time we have...beautiful!
        I imagine a lot of people just skip those parts because they want to game and not read but they are one of the best parts of the game!

        I loved the old school turnbased fighting, at least you can control the whole party and you have to use your brain to win a fight unlike some other high profile JRPG!

        I think the game was a good mix of old school JRPG with enough new ideas thrown in to make it amazing!

        Main point is an RPG western or wherever its from, it should have an engaging story. Whether they're doing saturday morning cartoon style (Blue Dragon) or a mature Anime style (Lost Odyssey) it should be interestin, I should care about the characters and the game should be fun to play.

          I love my classic intrumentals in LO just as much as the catchier tunes in BD. LO is definitely more mature, but gave me the same sorta vibe as BD. The music added so much to both games, like in BD where the boss theme on the world map meant you were about to be horribly killed. :)

          That'd explain a lot. The memories felt different from the rest of the game in that none of them really had anything resembling a happy ending. It was more like a painful and permanent life lesson. The were all tragic, but the one I remember most vivdly is where the old man is imprisoned with Kaim. As they gain freedom he charges out into the sunlight and blinds himself after being in the dark for so long. Each of them give you an appreciation for a diffferent aspect of life. Same, but it's their loss. If they want to miss out on the story it's up to them. XP

          It's not the turn based stuff, I just want the animations shortened. XD I'm doing the extra dungeon at the moment. *shudder* You can't just stroll in there unless you want to be torn a new one esepcially if the monsters have better tactics than you.


          Also agreed.

          On another note, I recently started playing FFX International again and almost had a heart attack. I had no idea there was so much to do the first time around. A match made in heaven for obsessive completionists. ^^ On a worse point I've put over 100 hours in and I'm still no closer to taking down the end super boss. :(

            Ive never palyed an international FF, I really wanted to Play X-2 international they added so many cool extras!

              Got to the end of that dungeon and couldn't beat the boss at the bottom. I gave up cos neither of us would die(it was going to be me eventually).

              I looked it up and it seems there is only one move that will actually do enough damge to counter his constant curing.

              Havent tried again...that was a year or so ago...

                Im talking about the downloadable dungeon, not any of the other optionals...

                  Any of the extra/optional dungeons can be evil if you're not a high enough level. I need to get more of the DLC too...

                  The International version of X is the PAL version released here and in Europe. You could probably find it for $20 or so second hand (rip-off) at EB or one of those places.

                  I wanted to get a copy of X-2 International, but saw somewhere it was only released with Japanese text in Japan. If you got your hands on a physical copy you could always play on an emulator (PCSX2 is pretty good) but you'd still have to fumble around the menus. You'd probably learn the language by the time you were done learning where everything was. :P

    Just bought my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S :D

    Anyone have recommendations for good Android apps? The market is gigantic and I'm sure there are gems in there somewhere.

    Looking for minecraft advice. I spent 3 hours solid last night mining up a storm. I had heaps of iron/steel gold over 100 redstones some blue stuff along with heaps of wood and weapons. I built a base and a small farming set up the went out to get stuff. My mining took me far from home so while I was smelting and crafting down in the mines I had all resources on me. I had a few chests on surface but had not been back for ages.

    I dug into lava died and lost it all. Got back there but it was gone.

    So what do you do. Should I have chests down below or set up carts to surface regularly? What advice would you give me

      Your items generally stay at your body from what I remember. Not sure if there's a time limit on them though.

      They've likely floated down stream from where you died.

      If you can find the source of the lava, the one lava block at the beginning of the stream, then you can remove the lava with a bucket.

      No if you die in lava its all gone.

      I have chests down in my mine and regularly fill that up and do a big load back to my base when the are looking full.

        Yeah i think that is the way to go. I have already set up chests and furnaces down there so no idea why i didnt do that.... CRAP! LAVA burns!

        Oh well.

        Problem is that the space i was digging in is almost all cleaned out (the visible stuff anyway) so to find more is going to suck. My first compass was in there also!.. I have spent the last 3 nights getting back into it so all that work is gond... Oh well, at least i still have my wheat!

          Maybe someone should set up a Kotaku Mincraft server and we can all go on and build a gigantic Msrk Serrels.

    Did anyone else notice that TAY went missing for a while this morning? :o
    Does this happen every morning?

      WOW we are addicts.

      Yes this happens every morning between 8 and 8.30am. I am working on the assumption that this is because there is a scheduled task to bump this topic from the prior day, so it is taken off line, altered and then put back up right on 8.30am.

      We REALLY need lives huh?

      happens every morning before mark reposts it i believe annoys me cus i wanna catch up on the evenings chatter

        i always kind of think M. Serrels might be a bit too Tony Soprano to handle the tay dirty laundry. i think hes still at the Bada Bing until about 9.30am. Getting tay back on the front page for a new day is probably a job for a more responsible team member. oopsies & woopsies!!! - i think i just lost my New Jersey privileges.

        i always kind of think M. Serrels might be a bit too Tony Soprano to handle the tay dirty laundry. i think hes still at the Bada Bing until about 9.30am. Getting tay back on the front page for a new day is probably a job for a more responsible team member. oopsies and woopsies -!!! i think i just lost my New Jersey privileges.

          double post? i am so sorry. i feel its very important for me to apologise - on behalf of Elly Hart - for this catastrophic error.




      I was all
      "hell yeah, Ill get that for Tyler's bedroom" and then I saw the $50 price tag!
      I can get so many better things for that price!

    Day 3 of the Chimes Competition has been completed!

    Qumulys decided he'd have a crack for the title and brought his score up above Sughlys devastating score. But then Sughly was all like "Oh No you di'int" and extended his lead, registering a score of 4,168,000 with an incredible 187% coverage of the board! maelkann also made significant improvements to his score, enough to put a bit of pressure on board leaders.
    (incidentally maelkann, can you please let me know what your Kotaku handle is)

    Current Standings
    Sughly – 4,168,000
    Qumulys - 3,605,100
    maelkann - 2,173,600
    Sarujin – 1,519,500

    You still have 4 more days to get some points on the board, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    If you think you should be in the standings but haven’t appeared there, it’s probably because you haven’t sent me a friend invite.
    If you’re not in my friends list, I can’t see you on the leaderboards.

    For all rules and competition details, see my post at:

      Ah, Qumulys! You sir are stepping things up and putting on the pressure! Man I'm loving this game waaay too much. But seriously, if I have to hear that song one more time...

      And yeah looks like I was wrong about the 100% thing, it gets you lots and lots of points! Since the board refreshes and you have the chance to add heaps of extra time from new board coverage.

        For silence, for you
        For silence, for you
        Pull (the river) you out, the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever
        Pull (the river) you out, the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever
        For silence, for you
        For silence, for you
        Pull (the river) you out the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever
        Pull (the river) you out the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever
        For silence, for you
        For silence, for you
        Pull (the river) you out the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever
        Pull (the river) you out the river
        Pour (forever) my heart, forever

        and repeat...

        You sir, are nuts! Blahhhhh. My eye's are bleeding red. Feels like I've been welding goggless for a month! Haven't even got time to comment in Kotaku!

        BUT! I shall save your sanity. Go into options, and turn the music volume down. Unfortunately, you can still just barely hear it, but I have just been having my own pc tunes running which drowns it out good. :D

        Not only that, I don't want the damn prizes! Thats right! But I have a nephew who would love all this stuff to bits, so I'm doing it for him.

          Haha, I don't really want any of the prizes myself either, I was considering the people I like and what they might like...

          That music thing sounds good though! I'll have to try that.

            If anyone who doesn't want a prize does win, I can present multiple options, for instance:

            1. Let the next in line get a prize
            2. Nominate a person within the Kotaku community you'd like a prize sent to
            3. Donate the prize to the Red Cross

      I am Spartac... I mean, maelkann.

    seems so quiet on TAY today what is everyone up to anyone else excited about Australia day?

      I think last week was the perfect storm of a bunch of people who were just getting back to work combined with them not wanting to be there. I find that this week I have been really busy at work and as a result, i am not around as much. I assume others may be the same.

      Maybe everyone is sleeping in after the Nintendo thingy. I tried to read Marks twitter feed this morning to see what the news was, all he talked about was George Clooney?

      Well, I'm having some fun times working on an assignment with MS Project.......


    Without looking this up anywhere (or out your window if your in Sydney)...

    Do you think that the upper arch of the Sydney harbour bridge is connected to the stone pillars at each end.

    It is obviously connected somehow, but is the upper arch actually touching those pillars?

      It shouldn't be. It should be supported, and attached, down the bottom.

      Well. That's what year 10 engineering taught me at least... xD

        I think your Year 10 work is therefore worth more than an MBA. I have lived in Sydney for my whole life and only today noticed this....

        So those Pillars are there just for show.

          *looks out window* damn in pitt street cant actually see the bridge

            Funny, Im in Pitt Street also and I can't see it....

              It is a long street old pitt street, im at Westfield but haha

                I'm in North Sydney but my office window points the other way. :(

          yep. right on. the stone pylons just make it look more pretty. but beneath the bridge - where the pylons touch the ground - that would obviously be holding up its fair share of arch. but the arch doesnt quite reach the pylons. according to my disreputable & very broken Sydney memory.

        is there ever a time when someone in the community doesnt have knowledge on any given subject?

        i think not

      I went on an Opera House tour with school a few years ago and for some reason we were talking about the bridge - they were just added to make it look better, because people were scared it would fall down otherwise (well, that's what we were told)

      At least one of the pillars is a museum now, so I assume the other 3 also serve some other secondary purpose...

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