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    Sorry everyone, not had time to check all the post, flog me if you like!!

    Its been a bit of a mad house lately, I'm doing night shifts on bloody chime, and during the day I've been having visitors, one of whom dropped off his stuffed pc for me to fix.... yayyyyy

    Only problem is I need help. ASAP if thats possible. I don't suppose anyone in the outer south-east melbourne area would have an old spare/cheap AGP graphics card kicking around would they???

    I can buy one at the shops, but for outdated tech, $80-200 is ridiculous. Best option is to plonk down some dough on ebay I know, but he needs his pc back by tonight. So if anyone out in K land has one let me know in the next hour and you will forever become a god, possible showered in golden warmth. (I can supply the golden warmth)


      Woot!! top of page, best exposure!!! *happy squeeee dance performed

        I am in Sydney otherwise id help. I have a pretty good card but my PC now only likes PCIe so would have suggested a trade. Good luck mate, if anyone can help we can...

      I don't know if you'd be able to find an AGP graphics card in retail stores anymore. Are there any PCI or PCI-E slots available? And I guess the motherboard video out is fried then?

        Nah, no other slots I can use. Not even on board graphics out... I have found a shop nearby which had some for $50, but he will cop a speed drop, but he will have to live with that I guess.

        Thanks anyways everyone, but can't leave it any longer so I'm going to grab the shop one. :)

    Hey guys - just spotted this over at ecogamer.

    Tadmod, take not for next weeks article :)

    Also, looks like you don't need a gold subscription to take part in these bargains.

    These items are on sale on the Xbox Live marketplace until January 24th.


    * Dragon Age: Origins:
    * Awakenings Normally: 2400 Sale: 1200 Discount: 50%
    * Warden’s Keep Normally: 560 Sale: 280 Discount: 50%
    * Return to Ostagar Normally: 400 Sale: 200 Discount: 50%
    * The Darkspawn Chronicles Normally: 400 Sale: 200 Discount: 50%
    * The Golems of Amgarrak Normally: 400 Sale: 200 Discount: 50%
    * Witch Hunt Normally: 560 Sale: 280 Discount: 50%
    * Leliana's Song Normally: 560 Sale: 280 Discount: 50%
    * Medal of Honor Hot Zone Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * FIFA 11 Live Season All Leagues Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * Madden 11 Max Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * Tiger 11 Favorites Course Pack Normally: 1600 Sale: 800 Discount: 50%
    * NCAA Football 11 Powerpack Normally: 2400 Sale: 1200 Discount: 50%
    * NHL 11 20th Anniv. Bauer Boost Pack Normally: 560 Sale: 280 Discount: 50%
    * Fight Night Round 4 Champions Pack II Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%


    * Madden NFL Arcade Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * NHL 3 on 3 Arcade Normally: 400 Sale: 200 Discount: 50%
    * RISK: Factions Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * MicroBot Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * Battleship (Hasbro FGN) Price: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * Scrabble (Hasbro FGN) Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * Boggle (Hasbro FGN) Normally: 800 Sale: 400 Discount: 50%
    * DeathSpank Normally: 1200 Sale: 600 Discount: 50%
    * DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Normally: 1200 Sale: 600 Discount: 50%
    * Battlefield 1943 Normally: 1200 Sale: 600 Discount: 50%

      Bugger, just realized it expires on Monday. So that means it would be too late for cheapskate.

      Hopefully you guys will see this, unless mark want's to post it on the main body of site anytime between now and the weekend?

      Thanks mate. Just picked up battlefield 1943. I don't do multiplayer FPS so this is a cheap way to game with some mates of mine.


      Anyone else want a game, just send me a FR.

      BTW.. Pink name

      Tad, it's actually probably worth including these sorts of deals in general in your article. Being the XBLA deals of the week from Major Nelson, and wherever the PSN ones come from. No extra effort either cos it only needs to be a cut-and-paste job!

      I usually check the XBLA ones, but occasionally I will forget, and it's really annoying when I miss out on something good!


    I can't handle it this week. Back at work after essentially 3 weeks off. Just don't have the brain power. Unless I find the time on the weeked.
    Should be fine next week as I have a couple of days off for Aussie Day and parenting reasons...

    Am starting work in about an hour.
    Shall miss TAY because no internet/phone allowed at work. I got a few days off over the weekend though, so will see you guys then :)

      kick some corporate arse for ME!

        i'm just working at a fashion retail outlet, nothing of the corporate size :P

        and thanks to everyone who left me replies! i feel important haha

      Good luck, and god speed! lol

      ...if only we could get paid to read and post in TAY... :(

      awww no internets at work :( *hugs* we'll miss you too!!

    Anyone noticed that, when typing "gt5", those three keys are in a, somewhat crooked, vertical line?
    Granted, it's not a completely straight line, but I just found it interesting.
    And yes, I'm bored... so very bored.

    Before I dissapear for lunch I would just like to say:

    Nohandle, I was bored so I went back through the previous TAY pages (not last weeks or anything) and made the odd comment here and there.

    I commented on you and I noticed that VGprices poppes up its head again. So I commented appropriatley. That mean VG you need to view back and see what nice stuff I said about you~~

      Finally back online, checking back now.... :D

        Maan ,

        Tay is dead thsi arvo. If I didn't get my articled posted I'd have slit my wriets by now!

          Between Chime and work, I don't have time for you people any more! Blame Mr Explody for putting me on that drug in the first place...

            Eff that game...I miss you bruddA!!!

              That warms the heart and brings a tear to the eye. Look, here's proof...


                That looks more like a nose to me than a tear, but thank you.

                Did you read my article? Mark posted my article! It wasn't about Final Fantasy!

    Where's my dang Mass Effect 2 on PSN? It's thursday and my treats aren't there!

      It's out of Friday (Saturday Aus time)


    I've done it!
    I finished my Uni Paper!
    13 pages on "The Social and Ethical Impacts of Interactive Media on Users".

    I'm actually proud of what I've done. I think I'll post it up here after I get it all cleared with the Uni.

    So, Now that all my uni work is done, I can bum around here more often! :D

    So, what did I miss in the last week?

      Would love to read it!

        Congrats Tad! Were links of any use?
        Hey Mark, any chance you could post your pro-wrestling thesis you talked bout last week

          @Mark: I'll send it over once it's confirmed I didn't copy it from the internet.

          @JMUMH: A few were good in order to see outside perspectives that I hadn't considered. Pretty useful :D

      Sounds cool. Is it based on a literature review and theory or did you do research?

        It had to be literature review. Luckily, there was some information on the topics I wanted to discuss! :D

      Here's what you missed, you got to play Princess Leia in a Star Wars parody, and Jabba the Hutt too :P
      Oh, and Strange wants to see you in a gold bikini :P

        No wait, silly me, you didn't miss that...
        *puts glasses back on*
        man i feel stupid :P

      Congrats! Feels good dont it. I too would be very interested to see what youve come up with!

      Congratz, sorry I dint help.
      Hope to see more of your TAY nonsense!

        way to go letting of steam Jimu! you are now offcialley in the proffesoinalls righterrs klub. i was a bit disappointed though > when i heard stripping down and Jimu Hsien in the same sentence i got the wrong idea. an innocent mistake. but not really that innocent. im still pretty confident i can rebuild my life after this monumental disappointment. may i suggest a new regulars section: Nude Gamer of the Week? my photos are on there way to kotaku HQ - along with a family pack of barbecue sausages. [i was worried the envelope wouldnt fit in the mailbox with so many sausages!!].


          You can always visit

          It's not even real *wink wink*

            can this be unseen? what? i dont even care. im looking . . . GREAT SCOTT!

      Why don't I ever get such open-ended essay questions for my uni courses?!

      Just curious, which uni are you at? I'm a UNSWer :)

        I'm at UTS :D

        The topic was allowed to be on ANYTHING we wanted, so long as it was IT related. I know a couple of people who did cloud computing, software engineering, etc...

        Yeah, UTS is awesome.

        dawdle, what course are you doing?

          I'm originally doing a Media in Communication & Journalism, but I'm switching to an Arts degree majoring in Media.

          I would not have guess UTS. I guess you don't fit in the cynical stereotype :P

    Ghost trick winners???????

      Oui oui! I would sooooo love an XL, but my entries were lame :(

      I'll be very much still happy for the game (which I was buying anyhoo), but I don't have my hopes up high enough for that either. Was a tough one for me...

    Oooh, ooh, AIAS nominees are out!

    Because I'm bored, let's list who we think is going to win:

    Family Game - Dance Central
    Strategy - SC2
    Animation - GoW:III/RDR
    Art: RDR
    VIsual Engineering: GoWIII
    Gameplay Engineering: RDR
    Character Performance: Enslaved (Andy Serkis was AWESOME!)
    Story: Heavy Rain (though I haven't played ME2)
    RPG: ? Played none of them
    Innovation: Heavy Rain
    Music: AC:B
    Soundtrack: ?
    Sound design: Brotherhood/Limbo
    Social Networking Game: Oh god, they're recognising this.
    Adventure Game: AC:B
    Sports: Meh.
    Racing: Modnation!
    Fighitng: Meh.
    Online: ?
    Action: RDR
    Portable: GoS
    Casual: Angry Birds
    Game Direction: RDR
    GoTY: RDR.

    Your thoughts guys?

      What is "Portable: GoS" and why isn't it DQIX???

        Well in pretty much every category, I haven't played half the games. I would've put Peace Walker as the Portable GoTY, but they didn't have that. Also, haven't played Dragon Quest, so wouldn't know!

    Portal 2 would've been out in a fortnight had it not been delayed :(

    Ah well, Valve more than made up for it with their PS3/PC news :) You just can't hate them!

      Here's the thing though, I think it might just work out better just to buy the PC version through Steam.
      PS3 game RRPs are what, $100-$110 AUD? Steam will probably put it as no more than $50 USD, and since Valve are free determine their own prices (unlike, say, having Activision 'bringing into line' the prices of the Steam versions of CoD at ~$90 or so), they'll probably keep that price here in Australia.
      As someone who has both a PS3 and a gaming computer, I would be perfectly happy just settling with my Steam-downloaded version, if it's going to save me that much money.

    Man minecraft sucks. It is like my hand is just stuck to the mouse. I want to do other things then it's 1 am again.

    Also. I told my 2 yo he could play trials when I got home. I forgot about the dash update. He threw a tantrum for the entire time the update downloaded. He was crying because of the update.

    I'm just lucky he didn't want to play pkayststion (I'm looking at you PITA updates on PS3.

      Last night, I went online on my PS3 for the first time in about a month.
      No firmware update.
      It was unsettling.

    Day 4 of the Chime Competition done!

    After Qumulys previous attack at Suglys score, I would have thought him to have a break and recoup. But in a stunning display of resolve and determination, Qumulys has finally taken the lead from Sughly and posted a massive score of 4,481,400 leaving only a difference of 313,400 between the two leaders!

    Current Standings
    Qumulys – 4,481,400
    Sughly – 4,168,000
    maelkann (Chris Bobridge) – 2,173,600
    Sarujin – 2,050,200

    You have till Sunday 8:00PM to get some points on the board, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    If you think you should be in the standings but haven’t appeared there, it’s probably because you haven’t sent me a friend invite.
    If you’re not in my friends list, I can’t see you on the leaderboards.

    For all rules and competition details, see my post at:

      Haha, noooo!! I don't know how you did it... hell, I still don't know how I did it. I can only get 3.5 million at best now. I swore off it today though, it took up wayyy too much of the last couple of days x_x

        Cement. Someone has tipped cement in my eyes. I swear Chime is a really a shop front for Crack. I was stuffed last night, poopered, eyes had been stinging all day, so it was about 9:30 I went to bed. Then the dog started woofing at the cat next door, so that got me up. This was my mistake. I thought I'd quickly check my email, of whicch there was none, which meant turning on the pc was a waste.... One quick shot I said.
        I went to bed at 3:30am. I think I might just start eating brains and get it over with, its inevitable.

        I had a look at the global leader boards, and the top ten range from 19M to 29M. The global leader is on 100M, which I suspect is the result of a cheat of some sort.

        So there's plenty more points to be had!

          Your such a tease! I'm going insane trying to get on top! I don't know how the heck those global scores came about, but I too suspect some kind of cheating. If you check my Steam, I've played Chime for..(looks).. 37 hours! Thats all this week! Holy hell.
          My name is Qumulys, and I have a problem.

            lolol! It's ok, I completely understand. This looks to me to be the beginnings of a Chime based AA :(

            So the first step is admitting the problem. I have a problem! And I'll quit...

            At the end of the week.

              Oh and by the way, I think second place onwards is legit, they all seem tight and have around 800%, so it just means theyre getting longer play times from their speedy board completions. The guy at the top with 100 though has I think 37%. Complete BS.

              That being said... 800%?! I'm fighting to get the second one now, but I never really got that close.

      I give up. I was home sick yesterday, and spent an hour trying to raise my score. I only got to just over 2 million.

      I don't think I'll ever get those 4 million scores.

    I'm about to leave for the airport. No-one is allowed to do or say anything interesting or even remotely exciting while I'm gone...OKAY?!!!

    Oh, and for those who don't know, and just because I'm excited, it's my belated honeymoon and this is where I'll be...

      Have fun Strange! I'll miss you *tear

        sounds like the best belated honeymoon ever

      Oh Good, she's gone!

      We can finally do all the interesting and remotely exciting things we've been planning!

      First off (5th post from the top):

      Pool party at mine!

      Thirdly: Free PS3s!!!

      Have a good time, Strange! :)

      HOLY F***!!!!

      i've never even HEARD of that - but my god it looks EPIC!!!
      and what a F***ing line up!!!
      I don't usually swear but F*** i'm jealous!!!

      I'd say have fun, but you're going to be on a boat with some of the biggest metal acts in history, so it's kind of a given..

      Dude... woah...

      The wife and I will be practicing GH and RB the whole time you're gone! We haven't played in months, so by the time you get back, you better be ready to have your ass handed to you on a platter :0 I will miss you in the meantime though!!!

      Thats a classic cruise.

      Have fun

      Take me!!! I'll be quiet!

        At a METAL gig??!

          I was planning on going in her suitcase, hence the quiet! Although, it would be funny going through the airport security in a suit-case, and you could say tick-tick-tick-cough-tick-tick.

            If they open it and discover you, you can start headbanging and air guitaring!


      *mouth agape*

      I am so jealous.

      But have fun, and since nobody seems to listen to my requests to be exceedingly boring, I can't really promise the same for you.

      Enjoy your honeymoon, don't worry about us :D

    Hey guys...
    I'm still feeling kinda guilty for my win yesterday, especially since i have an old dslite, while people like fat shady and tad don't have one at all.

    So i got home yesterday and i said to bee i wanted to give it away to one of you guys, which she hit the roof about because apparently "we need the money and i can sell it on ebay".

    She wasn't being a witch with a 'b', because in a way she's right..

    But still i want one of you guys to have my old system, but i know if i give it away i'll be in the bad books for weeks..

    So, i have a Black DSlite in good condition - i'd preffer it to go to Fatshady or Tadmod, but i know they probably can't/don't want to actively buy one anytime soon.

    So this leaves me with a dilema... the only thing i can think of to keep me out of trouble is over the next few weeks churning out a bunch of cool tee designs and running a "fundraiser" where by i could pay for the DS in the commissions for either one of the guys, meaning one of them gets a free DS, contributors get a neat shirt and I don't have to see that horrible look that women get when they think you've done something stupid.

    The problem here is deciding who gets it?

    I don't know, any suggestions guys? I feel really awful to honest, and i just want to do the right thing...

      Give it to FatShady, his was funnier! :)

      dw. I'll win the 3ds comp!

        Dude, I feel bad that you have two DS games and no DS.

        I have a DS Lite in the house that I literally, honestly forgot about and found when I was cleaning up the other day. As thanks for tirelessly doing CheapSkate gamer and doing a great job, I'll send you over my spare one. You'll probably have to get a charger though, cause I can't find it!

          That's pretty epic, mate.

          Mark Serrels - The people's Champion.

          So this means mine can go to shady when i find a way that will be beneficial to him, and prevent my untimely death! lol

            Your generous spirit inspired this old fool.

            God bless us, every one!

              This comment thread just went on and on with niceness! I feel compelled to ruin the moment somehow... nooo I can't! The positive vibes are just... too... STRONG!!

            Hi gents, didn't expect this... but seriously loops, don't worry about it. I am thnik i can borrow a DS of someone. I have already asked a few people so i might be able to track one down.

            Don't let winning something make you feel bad. We all know that Mark's decision is final and may the best man win.. thats it! It is over and you have 2 DS's and good luck to you. If you can sell your old one then more money in your pocket.

            I've won stuff before that i didn't need (Alan Wake for example). I traded that for a SECOND copy of RDR (one for each console)... (Greedy bastard). I didn't feel bad about that and nor should you.

            You think you are guilty for winning a comp fair and square. How do you think id feel getting a free DS?

            Im really trying to talk you out of it (which is hard because a DS would be sweet and ive actually never played one) but it is not your responsibility.

            I will not pay money for one as i don't have the cash for it but you shouldn't have to sort it out.

            I will leave the decision in your hands but really, no hard feelings and no need to go out of your way.

            It's not you, it's me. I think we should start seeing other people. I just need some time to find myself... Sorry, with all the love and apologising, I thought i was breaking up with you for a second!

              haha don't be such a stick-in-the-mud, old chap!

              You're an ace guy and a top contributor to Kotaku.
              I'm not just trying to do it because i feel guilty, i'm trying to do it because i want you to have it.

              Really, i would much rather it be in your hands than the hands of a random dude on ebay.

              All i need to do is hold a benefit concert in your honor and all will be good! lol

              Fatshady MBA is impressive

              Fatshady MBA DS Lite is even more impressive and slightly contradictory!

            Ahem, excuse me a moment Choops.


            Ahem, normal programming may resume...

          Mark, you are an absolute legend. But honestly, if you want to hang onto it for whatever reason, I'm absolutely fine with that. I'm going to save like a bank in order to get the 3DS.

          Will DS games work on the 3ds, btw?

            Yeah, the 3DS is backwards compatible - that's where you money's going!

      Sorry buddy, I missed the announcement, so my belated congrats and top entries everyone! But sir, your heart is made of pure gold and I'd bed you in a second. You stunning catch of a man!

      Also, nice one Mark! Loops brings out the best in everyone doesn't he? :D Just thought I'd ask, but I don't suppose you have an old xbox laying around kotaku hq that wouldn't be missed? I gotta get onto this doritos game, and give Trials HD a go!

        I have 3 or 4 of them lying around (RROD). I have repaired one (20gb 2006 model) that has been hammered for 3 years since the RROD repair i did and it is still going strong. I have repaired 3-4 more and they only last 2 weeks.

        I tell you what, if i ever get one of the broken ones working for over 2 weeks i'd give it to you. Don't like your chances though as they are a pain to fix and unreliable once done.

        There are heaps under $200 floating around but when you only want to play $30 wiorth of games (Doritos is free and THD with ALL DLC is only $30, it is hard to justify.

          APPARENTLY Toys R Us have been clearing out their old Pro Units for $150

          Saw this on ecogamer, but no idea if it's true or not - worth a look, though

            Hmmm, that could be a go-er. But I have to wait until after school holidays to try and save some money again. Hopefully they last 4 more weeks! I'll let you know FS if I pick one up!

          You are so very awesome! Look don't stress about it though. I'm in no hurry what-so-ever, not only that but a man with a MBA has no time for RRODRing! Also, wouldn't you want to give it to your youngin' so he can play trials with stickying up your controller?

          If you still want to though, well, I don't know what to say... Except a very sincere thankyou :)

            Lol. My controller was pissed on last night. We were toilet training. He had an accident then went back to trials. Lol. Btw he has his own xbox anyway. Well see.

    Friend in Seattle showed me this ad yesterday when I was chatting to him about my new about best ad ever!! One of our beloved Kotaku members even kinda gets a mention at the end!! ;)

      mm my bad.. not really a mention.. i must has been dreamin last night.. so plastered you'd think i was drinkin gyprock :0

        Maybe it's one of those once-you-see-can-not-unsee(unhear?) deals.
        Anything remotely close to the name "Chuloopa" IS Chuloopa.

      I watch TV Ads for a living and I might have you beat by:

      The Australian League Of Heroes.

      Yes, this is/was real.


        It's amazing that there were 5 of them and that bumbling dude at the end was the best choice they had.

          :O *gasp

          How dare you insult my me! I might not be a super talker-man me, but I am a really real super hero just with super. Super may or may not be included. But I me will be there, perhaps wearing a kitty litter tray to save the day, just in the nick of time, so long as my mobile has been charged and I've not lost my sim-card again. My me and my band of fellow leaguesman and I are it as a hero we are!!!!

            :O double gasp
            My me mum has let our website expire!
            This is ok, as most people in the need of us me my help are not usually at a personal computer. They are out in the grimey streets and back alleys. This is helpful as not many people see us there and laugh.

              Our plan to lure you out has succeded. Ninja Jeff is currently tracking you down using hi-tech Ninja Software(tm) and soon we shall discover your League HQ! Your end is nigh, heroes! I spit on you! Pah! Pah! That's me spitting. Damn... It's on my screen. Argh! When I wipe it it makes my screen all blurry. I can't see anything! Damn you heroes! You may have won this time but I will have my REVENGE!

                Aha! My me double rouse has brought you undone-did. Also, how did spit go on the screen? Would it not be stuck on your ninja-ry head wrappings? And, since mum is out at work, My nanna is keeping an eye on us we me today. You know where, just don't trod on her tomatoes again, she was real cranky last time ago, then.

                  I guess this qualifies as league of Australian heroes fan fiction.

    woo! just scored my 10th job for this week! I'm on a roll! If only I can keep this up every week I'll be laughing all the way to the bank! BOOYEAH!

      That's awesome!
      Seriously stoked for you. Congrats man :)

      Especially if the jobs in question are Bank Jobs.

        hahah I've done bank jobs before.. they're not fun at all.. though very good experience.. though prolly not the kind of bank job you're referring to, I did the last rollout for every National Australia Bank branch in queensland. Talk about a massive job. Bit of a head fuck at times, but once you get in to the swing of things, you just settle in to a rhythm and power on through. Met lots of nice babes doing that one too ;)

      Nice one mate. Glad to hear it is working well for you. Make the most of it and make sure you get them to tell their friends. You may have just stumbled onto demand that was not being met. If so, go nuts boy!

      Way to go man! I'm really happy for you! Time for a money splurge, go and gold plate your thumbs!

        lol i wish.. will be a while before I splurge on anything I think. Ihave tons of bills to catch up on since I wasn't really paid for almost the entire last quarter of last year :\
        But at least I'm finally gonna be able to play catch up. Still.. considering the position I've been in, I'm amazed that my credit card only has $900 on it. So looking forward to the day when that is paid off again, cos I'm usually one to buy something with my card, and then transfer the money back to the card straight away. I've had that card for almost 2 years now, and I've never paid interest on anything.
        So looking forward to the day when my boss pays what he owes me though. If my work keeps up like this, I'll be making enough to support us and save at the same time, so the money he owes will just be like a massive lottery win bonus!! ;) That's when I can splurge!!

    I’ve got a question about the new “let off some steam” section. Are we allowed to send in a Photoshop picture rather than an article? I remember David published my Australians in video games thing a while ago, and I’ve had some more ideas since then.

    Hey Ndroste

    Is your name a Dragon Age reference?

      *awkward silence*

        Maybe his name is Neil Droste or Nancy Droste and I just insulted him/her...Sorry dood!


          Nah, as muched as I dug Dragon Age (I got a reader review published for it!) my surname is Droste. so yeah, not very imaginative on my part.

            But it does kind of sound like Andraste... I'm a dude by the way

              So if the A is removed the male equivilent is born? Sweet!

              Maybe you can shag Leliana...

                I did that on my first playthrough

                *trophy unlocked*

                  Somehow I managed to shag noone!

                  On my second evil play I shagged Morrigan and Elf.

                  On my third stictly good play I shagged Leliana and Blokeface...I reset after shagging blokeface!

                  5 Acheivements unlocked!

    Calling all Axe Cop fans...Live action Axe Cop is made only...

    To quote Desmond from the end of ACII (no spoilers)

    What. The. Fu(dge)?


      Everytime someone posts a youtube while Im at work I die a little...

    Does anybody here have a good reason for Police Academy 7 . . ?

      What number was Mission to Moscow?
      That was the last one I knew about but didn't watch.

      I got nuthn'.


    I'm all for not just posting for the sake of posting and getting to read some better thought out comments, but maaaaaaaaaaaan.

    TAY has been Slooooooo-ow these last two days.

    Nohandle seems to have completly dissapeared so theres noone to laugh at my distinct style of not-funny humour.

    Sughly's addicted to cra- I mean some new puzzle game.

    Tadmod hates my guts for reasons I've yet to explain.

    And everyone else has dissapeared down M&M land...

    I can't handle it!
    Half my office have dissapeared for flood clean up and Im sat here twiddling my thumbs...

    Im going to wikipedia to read entries about long forgotten vid games that obody rememberes(except those obscure wiki entry guys).


      I know what you mean.

      Sure, 1300 posts is a little excessive, but this is kind of depressing.

      What we need is a polarising topic, something that everyone can get in a massive argument about.

      I've got nothing, all I can think of is Hitler, and that one's not really polarising.

        Why isn't hitler the star of more games? Ive killed him plenty why isn't he....nahhhh.

          I remember this one time we got Hitler drunk and shaved off the sides of his 'Magnum PI' moustache. He didn't notice for AGES! We drew moustaches on all his mirrors to confuse him. He went everywhere looking like ol' JJJ.

            DID YOU KNOW?

            Old JJJ is old JJJJ now? They introduced his father making old JJJ a junior!

            JJJJ, he's true!

              AND MARRIED AUNT MAY! I KNOW!!!

              What does this make his son John? Wasn't he JJJJ? Is he JJJJJ now? Or JJJ the third...

                Thats a good question, did John Jameson have a middle name?

                  I think it was just John Jameson Junior. But he can't be "Junior" if his dad is, so JJ the Third I guess...

                  This all takes away from the fact that Aunt May got remarried. And probably had sex.

                  Yet another reason Pete shouldn't make deals with Mephisto....

        Here's a polarising topic:

        The Nintendo DS competition results yesterday would be pretty polarising & contentious. But nobody would want to talk about that i guess. The following love-in earlier this morning was 100% nausea. And now i know what morning sickness feels like.

        Competition winners need to be decided through a more democratic process. Then all things are transparent and beyond reproach. People who take the time to participate need to see a fair and equitable outcome.

        An elected victor from democratic vote keeps the editor away from any cynical allegations of bias - that is: awarding prizes to a name rather than the content of an entry. i dont enter the competitions. never will. but the DS competition was just all red light & suspect. The front page t-shirt guy & CheapSkate Gamer get top 2? Purely compromised through proximity.
        And imo: the tampon erotica was worse than the kardashian toilet.

          Missed the tampon erotica.
          I gave up after Fatshady's entry because I thought it just couldn't be topped. Not only was it funny but it was on topic, very clever.
          I will use this opprtunity to apologise for my Kanye West inspired behaviour, luckily there was no stage to get up on and millions of viewers weren't tuned in!

          I didn't see it so much as human favouritism and more as personal taste favouritism. Both ChooChoo and the Serrels thought that Indy 4 was a big dollop of shit that was smeared all over their nostalgia loving faces. I didn't see what was so wrong with it. I loved Indy 3 as a kid and I thought it was much the same, it was ME that had changed, not the franchise.

          It's the same deal with the Star Wars prequels, people go on and on about how bad they are. The reasons they give...seem to be the same reasons why a non Star Wars fan dislikes the entire franchise. Again, they are holding on to a memory and can't see past the rose-tinted nostalgia glassses they refuse to remove.
          These are the same people who seem to be banging on about how games need to evolve and change when all I want is a another Symphony of the Night...exactly the same, just with a new(not too new) castle and some new spells and equipment. New bosses but the same enemies would also be nice!

          I don't hold it against you nostalgia guys, you'll know what I'm talking about when the Wachoskis come back for the Matrix prequel Trilogy. God forbid they make a 4th Back to the Future!

          Also Bill & Ted 3...anyone else excited????

            I don't like the Star Wars prequels, and it's not just because of nostalgia, I'm way too young to feel nostalgic about those films. In fact, it could well be reverse nostalgia, I watch them as a kid, thought they were cool, grew up, and realised "Holy frellburgers, Annie is a little dren." There's also the fact that I swear they don't go anywhere. And the "first" movie seems to really lack a main character.

            But they have Ewan McGregor, which can pretty much make up for all their other failings.

              ALLLL the fight scenes are better. The special efect are mostly better. A vast majority of the acting is better(there is still plenty of shite).

              The world designs are better, Tatooine bores the bejsus out of me. I grew up in Perth...I hate deserts!

              I take them as one longer epic rather than 2 or 6 individual peices. It had been promised to me since I was 7 years old that the first 3 chapters were coming so it was just something that had to happen.

              I prefer the idea of the rebels fighting the empire but I just don't get the hate...

                Somebody tell why the original trilogy is better, I want to know!


                  Nobody sword fights while surfing a jeep. Nobody survive a nuclear explosion in a fridge. Nobody swings with ze Monkeyz. Nobody uses a snake as a rope.

                  The chick from the first one didn't age very well...

          I disagree.
          First off a democratic process would be much more time consuming and i think would be more likely lead to biassed results rather than Mark making the call. At the end of the day, if the prizes keep going to winners that the majority of commenters disagree with, then it is really on Mark to stand up and answer those questions. I don't see that this was the case. Most if not all of the winners including me are regulars around here. We stick around because we have a good sense of humor and we also enter EVERYTHING. We are bound to win stuff and just because people contribute a lot to the community, each time they win there should not immediately be doubt cast on the judging process.
          As for MaddTodd getting 'second place', there was actually 5 runners up so we all got the same. I didn't see him as second.

          Saying that, it does frustrate me somewhat that you imply a bias in the judging process but did not enter yourself. It is kind of like complaining that the chicken is cold when you got the beef.

          I welcome your opinion and perhaps it will make Mark think differently next time (don't think he needs to).
          I will thank you however. The call went out to start a topic that would polarise the community to generate discussion and you have done just that... so well done :)

          PS. Enter the comps... they are fun and a great distraction from work/uni/school.


            I have been entering comps longer than I have been posting here and I aint won jack!

            I got an honourable mention once for my PoP Haiku.

            I don't think it is biased proper, you just gotta make the editor laugh and if you've been hangin around and know what they think is funny you have raised your chances.

          I think you're being totally unfair. When I selected the winners, I thought to myself, people are going to get pissed that I chose Chuloopa and Tadmod, but then I thought, 'if I don't choose the ones I found funniest then that would be even less fair'. I'd have been taking the prize away from the deserving winner just because I was worried about what the community thought.

          If you look at any other competition I've done, there have been different winners, and I think most people would say that they've always been deserving (on the whole). There is no favouritism here I can guarantee you that.

          There were over 200 entries to that comp. It took me fricking ages to go through them all, and it was a tough call - I can only reassure you that I tried to do it as honestly and fairly as possible. There will be more comps in the future, and more chances to enter in the future.

            Don't take it to heart Mark, I think he was just trying to "Polarise".

      When did I start hating your guts? I don't remember this...


      btw Jimu, I love your guts. It's the rest of you I hate! xD

      lolz, seriously man, I love you :)

      This week I decided to increase my 'Kotaku Footprint'and offer up pearly nuggets of brain meat to delight and/or confundicate many.

      This week TAY dies the cold, awkward death of an unwanted christmas puppy.

      Coincidence? Did I kill TAY?

      We might never know the answer.

        That sounds like me in real life, the moment I open my mouth, all conversation just dies.

        Then again, I do things like comment on how amusing it would be for someone with a pacemaker to be cremated, and ask questions such as "What's Blue and doesn't fit?"

          The sky

            No, the correct response is...

            A dead epileptic.

            Please be kind enough to allow that through moderation, it is a valid point.

            Question number 2:
            What's the difference between Peanut Butter and Jam?

              I refuse to google the answer. Put me out of my misery.

                I have to warn you, this is probably the worst joke I know, and not only am I the son of doctors, I make dead baby jokes in front of people with babies.


                What's the difference between Peanut Butter and Jam?

                You can't Peanut Butter your dick up a girls arse.


      *sniff* wha?

        Me and the other BrisVegas kotakuese are arranging a party we would like very much for you to attend. You are the guest of honour and it isn't an intervention or anything.
        Definetly not an intervention!

          I is suspicious.

          Who else is in Brisbayne by the way? I think I know of you me and... Strange, I believe?

      Remember guys, TAY isn't like the stock market. You don't have to post bigger numbers each week just to feel like we're living in a stable environment!

      If you're going to go to Wikipedia, you could at least start building pages for Kotaku Australia, Mark Serrels, Elly Hart, Seamus Byrne... you know, important stuff that don't have pages yet!

        We're still waiting on that video. We still have Mark hostage...

        ...he's starting to smell, so we really want you to take him back...

        Seamus? You must understand: they're disassociated video game junkies. 1300 is the high score. The high score is all that matters. This number is their motivation/their destiny and it consumes them. Surpassing & defeating the destination is all that matters, and just like that - the journey is lost.

          I can see your point but I would like to say I'm all about the story. I want more and more, I can't stop reading...prolly why I love Bioware so much!

        Seamus, you need to understand, the number of posts is directly proportional (that directly is superfluous) to the size of our (as a collective?) junk. Or, in the case of the females, something else... Ummm, breasts? I dunno, it's not really the same, is it?

        @ Seamus

        I just re-read your post and realised what you meant. I don't know anything about you lot except for what I read in TAy.

        You are on TV appaz and like to do your hair.

        Elly likes signing photiez, fantasizes about being a checkout chick and wants to see more penis.

        And Mark looks like the dood from spaced.

        This would make for some pisspoor readin on the ol Wiki P

          "Elly likes signing photiez, fantasizes about being a checkout chick and wants to see more penis."

          Elly should totally put that on her resume.

            I would happily hire someone with that on their resume.

            I'm not sure why I'd be hiring someone, but still.

          But on here it makes for awesome reading :D LOL

          Hey Mark, asked about reading your pro-wrestling thesis any chance of posting....

            I honestly don't know where it is. It might be on my old crappy laptop. I'll see if I can find it, because someone else was asking me if they could read it the other day! :)

      Sorry buddy, been having internet troubles most of the week. :(
      Recharged my dodo stick, for what should have been the last time before my post paid service and pedo pad arrive, took my money, shows recharge, but won't let me connect!!!!
      And do i really need to prove i've been reading all your posts again Mr. Creativeuserofhandles!!
      TAY on my phone has been whats kept me from just playing spider solitaire all week.

        I see, I thought you were due back. I am not dealing well with the loneliness, guess I just have to go speak to someone facetoface *shudder*

          Don't do it Jimu, that's a dark road.

          I've seen where it leads, and, well, I'd rather not say.

    This one is for Jimu because he loves youtube links at work.

    -TAY-siders in space!

    There is a high chance that Mark is the only other person here who gets this but enjoy

    Final Fantasy fans!

    Nobuo Uematsu has started his own record label here is the bi=lingual blog!!!

      Awesome. Final Fantasy hasn't been the same since he left. I'm looking forward to The Last Story OST.

        Check it out, theres quite the list of other projects with his name!

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