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    So i bought Birds of Prey in a flurry of Batman fanboyism, anybody seen it....?

      Saw one episode...pisspoor.

      For some reason they have changed Black Canary, the hot large breasted, fishnet stocking, jacketwearing Blonde with a sonic scream into a 9 year old girl with semi-phychic powers.
      That alone was too big of an insult she being my fav bird of prey!

      Congrats on the page breaking BTW.

        Still one behind you though ;)
        BOP arrived today, will have to watch, maybe it got better......
        If not will console myself with Superman TAS and JL which arrived also :)

          What's TAS stand for? And which Justice League?

          When Marvel gets the shit together you should totally check out Ultimate Spider-Man(No Im not making fun).

          It's being written animated by some champions like Brian Bendis writer of the USM comic, Paul Dini writer of Batman animated and the BatMan Arkham Asylum game. And some of the doods from Ben Ten which also work on comics and I cant remember the name of right now and no UI dont like Ben 10 but a freind of mine does and he says its good but I just dont have the time and screw ffull stops I can write a sentance as long as I want I dont care how fatigued you are.

            TAS = The Animated Series
            JL and JLU Animated series boxset!!!
            You had me at Dini, just bringing wiki up in other tab. I need this!!!!! Marvel kinda lost focus with animation for awhile.
            As for Ben 10, i watch with splodies (Thanks FatShady MBA!!!!!) and fruit loops before The Batman on Sunday mornings, it's aiight. I really like the art and animation in latest Ben 10 Ultimate though.

            Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man was a great book but I think his Spider-Woman stuff just... Wow... With Maleev on art... Just wow.

              @ Jamie: I was disappointed by SpiderWoman, Bendis had been banging on about that for years. Then they didn't even finish...was meant to go on for a while, maybe as long as their run on Daredevil, which is amazing.
              Ultimate Spider-Man was the comic that got me back into comics after about 3 years of not reading.

              @Nohandle: Marvel put Jeph Loeb in charge of Marvel TV, I expect VERY good things!

    Is anyone watching the Australian Open?


      Mark said a swear!!!

        Mark is only allowed to swear because I don't think he's ever censored any of my swearing.

        Anyway, as an Aussie through and through, I'm forced to support... Ummm... This Tomic guy.

        Okay, so the only sport I watch is Cricket, but I have to disagree with you on principle Mark.

      I would say you're wrong, but then again I thought Del Potro was going to win in straight sets last night. Loved the Nalbandian vs. Hewitt match though! Was epic! Yay for the Nalbandian comeback! (not so yay for his following loss).

        But yes Murray is looking hot. On the ah, court that is.

      I agree! I think that, ultimately, Bill Murray IS going to be the ultimate winner.

      Where's Tristain?


      Seriously though, I don't watch tennis... cause it's like cycling, or swimming, or bog snorkeling.
      It's not a sport.

      Except womens tennis... that's the second best sport ever.

        I'm more a fan of women's beach volleyball.

        I'll admit the men in their version are damn good players, but it just doesn't do it for me.

    So... motorbike accident yesterday arvo, just got out of the hospital... fun times!

      Spewing, what's the damage to you and bike......?

        Front end of the bike is smashed up pretty good, probably not worth repairing.
        I'm mostly ok, nothing broken. Had a concussion and have some damage to... sensitive areas where I hit the tank before doing a superman over the car.

          Good luck and godspeed on recovery!

      Damn dood! Hope you're feeling better now! No permanent damage I hope?

    So I finally downloaded GameDevStory - the apparent wedding-ruining, relationship-destroying, crack-like addictive game of the millennium.


    Even though my first attempt at a Table Pirate PC game flopped miserably, this game is ridiculously, gloriously, absurdly un-put-downable.

    (in robotic voice)
    Is tired and sleepy after a day of work.
    Wants to sleep.
    Why am I not asleep yet?
    It's just after midnight here.
    Should go sleep.
    (resumes normal voice)
    Oh wait, I better check out youtube and twitter.

    This is so beautiful...


      Watch the behind the scenes as well!

      old school visual effects FTW

      Wow, that's very nice.

    Day 5 of the Chime Competition done!

    Qumulys brief foray as the board leader was short lived as Sughly once again edged his way to the top with a score of 4,551,100, only 69,700 points ahead of second place Qumulys.

    Current Standings
    Sughly – 4,551,100
    Qumulys – 4,481,400
    maelkann (Chris Bobridge) – 2,173,600
    Sarujin – 2,050,200
    sledcommando - 848,400

    You have till Sunday 8:00PM to get some points on the board, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    If you think you should be in the standings but haven’t appeared there, it’s probably because you haven’t sent me a friend invite.
    If you’re not in my friends list, I can’t see you on the leaderboards.

    For all rules and competition details, see my post at:

      I had to push to near anurysm to get that one. I vowed that today I won't play ANY chime! But... there's always tomorrow...

        I'm doing the same vs. Batguy in the Doritos competition, and that's only worth honour!

    Whoever started the Doritoes competition.

    You are a bad, bad person!

    This is the final day of the Chime Competition!

    These guys need to sleep! Qumulys has taken back the lead after he and Sughly battled it out to extend both their scores significantly. Qumulys leads the pack with 5,256,000 points to Sughly's 5,121,700 points. And he did it with only 82% board coverage.

    Current Standings
    Qumulys – 5,256,000
    Sughly – 5,121,700
    maelkann (Chris Bobridge) – 2,173,600
    Sarujin – 2,050,200
    The Gamgee - 1,820,100
    sledcommando – 848,400

    You have till 8:00PM this evening to get some points on the board, and the prize for the winner is their pick from the bundle.

    If you think you should be in the standings but haven’t appeared there, it’s probably because you haven’t sent me a friend invite.
    If you’re not in my friends list, I can’t see you on the leaderboards.

    For all rules and competition details, see my post at:

      Yeah I know I said I wouldn't play... but, but... I thought I had the high score for SURE! Dammit, Qumulys! You are indeed a worthy foe.

    I thought I told you guys not to be interesting! Love fest, waiting until I'm out of the country to organise Brisbane meetups, sports, retail robots....don't have time to read it all!

    P.S. I just ate Jalapeno flavoured chips. Awesome.

    Chime Competition is OVER!

    Congratulations to SUGHLY who finished the competition with the most points on 5,802,700, which places him at #92 on the Global Ranks!

    Final Standings
    #1 Sughly - 5,802,700
    Global rank: #92

    #2 Qumulys - 5,349,000
    Global rank: #111

    #3 maelkann - 2,173,600
    Global rank: #1262

    #4 sarujin - 2,050,200
    Global rank: #1451

    #5 The Gamgee - 1,820,100
    Global rank: #1785

    #6 sledcommando - 848,400
    Global rank: #8088

    Sughly, I'll be in touch soon.

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