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EDIT: Normal service resumes tomorrow folks! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.


    It's 2011! How was everyone's holidays?

      Can't complain. I'd really like to get some more hobbies though. I've tried looking at those fuel powered R/C cars as they look fun, but the initial price tag is putting me off a bit. Any suggestions? Birthday tomorrow which means Freddo Frog Ice Cream cake :) Its a family tradition I've started because its freaking delicious.

        I had one of those Nitro RV cars - awesome fun... see if there is a club nearby that races and you might be able to pick up a 2nd hand one or at least go and watch - maybe have a go and see if you want to spend the cash...
        I say go for it especially if you find a club you like!!!

    Have you picked the winners for the MoH War Beard comp yet Mark?

      I am wondering this too.

      He picked the winners, and they were all me.


      Why does no-one ever believe me.

    Wow, this is quite a discussion going on here! XD

    Mark, are you back yet, or did somebody post this under your name?

    How has everyone welcomed in the new year/decade?

      I spent the last minutes of 2010 playing Quake Live Freezetag - honestly one of the more enjoyable New Years I've had :)

      Well, we were in the middle of a nerf war, playing capture the fort. *pew pew pew* Then we basically chilled out for the rest of the night/morning. Also went for a maccas run at about 4am. I was disappointed to see their ice cream machine was not operational.

        Damn Maccas... i swear, their ice cream machines are almost NEVER working - ESPECIALLY when you actually want a damn sunday, or shake!


          You purchase "FOOD" from McDonalds?


    Hey Guys,

    Do any of you guys use headphones while gaming on the 360?
    If so, what are some good ones and should I consider surround sound headphones?

    Thanks in advance!

      Don't use them myself. However all my friends that do are always drooling over the Turtle Beach ones. Surround depends on budget....

        I wish Microsoft had made better headphones for the 360. The ones it comes with are so soft and tinny sounding :(

    Desperately trying to get through my backlog so I can justify getting all the great games coming out this year. Playing through R&C A Crack In Time at the moment.

    I've been playing Team Fortress 2 and Black Ops a bit. Problem is I'm getting hardly any Au servers and if there are some, they are mostly empty. Is anybody else experiencing this? Its mainly rife in TF2. Even more disappointing is my favorite game type Payload only has one seemingly.

    Christmas and NYE (my birthday) were good to me. I have had some great gaming days - still more to come - 2 more weeks off!
    My lovely Wife bought me Halo:Reach for my Birthday and I have borrowed Red Dead Redemption from a mate... good times!
    Hope you all had a good one as well!

    Just saw Tron Legacy. I'd been meaning to see it since it came out and finally got around to it.
    I though it was very good. Enjoyable characters and story. The grahpics were nice. The main girl was hot. The only real disappointment for me was the 3D wasn't that great. It said at the start of the film that some scenes were filmed in 2D and it was intentional but it felt like 90% of the film was 2D. Given what Tron is about I was really expecting a lot of 3D and for the 3D to be awesome.

    Also I have no idea why but the whole thing reminded me of Mass Effect. I could easily picture Shepard wearing the black and blue lined suit the main guy was wearing. The techno music also game me a Mass Effect vibe.

    Oh and some guy behind me kept kicking my chair during the whole movie.

      Hmmm... on the contrary, i could NEVER picture Shephard in a black and blue neon gimp suit...It would just be... wrong...

      Garus on the other hand...

      I went to see Tron as well. It was ok-ish, but some r sole in front of me was complaining about the 3d, so I had to kick his seat all movie to shut him up.


      I thought the 3D was great, saw it at Castle Towers VMAX in Castle Hill Sydney. It was how I like 3D, added to the immersion and the story without distracting you from it.

      I had the opposite reaction at the end of the film, I wondered which bits were 2D as it all looked 3D to me.

      I absolutely enjoyed the film, soundtrack and production design were stunning and it made me feel like a kid again.
      Sure it had its flaws, but I enjoyed it enough to want to see it again, and it had no 'unobtainium' style cringe moments either.

      Only thing that bugged me was the overly inyrface ducati ad, but other than that, it was a real hoot.

    Where are the post tags? I missed those!

    @taddy: Will there be Cheap$kate Gamer tomorrow?

    I went to a walk-in interview for a high fashion retail casual job today. Hope I get the job and can earn some Hong Kong dollars to spend before I come back to Oz. :D

      haha I don't want to see another cheapskate gamer for at least 2 months! The steam sales have well and truly cleaned me out!!

        hahaha - yeah i know the feeling.

        I introduced my sister to Steam on X-mas day - she went MAD buying up games left right and centre!

      Yeah, sorry about that, I thought normal KotakAu wasn't going to start for at least another 2 weeks... so I'll get on it next week! :)

    For any of you out there that are interested, there's a browser based Heroes of Might and Magic MMO and it opened up to Aus players last week.
    I've been playing since it opened and it's pretty groovy! Anyway, I've started an alliance called Kotaku AU, and a few kotaku peeps have signed up, so just thought I'd spread the word. If you want to play and join in the alliance, hit this link.
    You play through a little tutorial type scenario, and then sign up if you like it. If you like it and sign up, then shoot me a message in game (name welbot) and I'll send an invite to the alliance. Currently even though we only have 4 members, we're ranked 13th overall! w00t! Anywho.. give it a whirl!

      Yes join us in the struggle for the domination of the HOMM world online! :D

      I'm really enjoying it at the moment - i'm actually a little addicted.
      I really screwed up with my starting choice, however. I'm really regretting picking the undead-oriented armies.
      They are really difficult to use, especially for a beginner. Oh well...

      Join, guys and gals! It helps give you some extra stuff to do in a moment of boredom or a lunch break! :D

        Lol don't worry I screwed up badly with my mines, trying to catch up now cuz I'm low on resources but I'm getting there.

        Necromancer I loved for one thing, reinforcements after every victory! I hope they do that here too :)

      Whooooops! Sorry, sorry sorry! I was meaning to join in with you lads but things and stuff keeps getting in the way. What is it with things and stuff??? I will try and hit it up tonight if I can remove daughter a and daughter b from my computer. I will use a spatula.

      Hey it says welbot is an invalid name :(
      Could you double check it? I want to add my infernal army to your cause.

        There can be only one great infernal and that's me! But otherwise welcome aboard! :P
        Try welbot_1, he had a little trouble, same with Chuloopa_1 xD

          Ha our logos are even almost the same.
          Great and evil minds think alike I suppose.

            Lol well @ work atm so I can't see for myself, I will once i get home though :)

              Heh I'm at work and it has not stopped me yet :)

      oops.. just to clear things up, if you're trying to join the alliance, i think you need to message me as welbot_1

      I forgot that for some reason it tagged me with the _1.. not sure why, but yer.. give that a whirl :)

      I shall join up once I return from the deep south, unless you've all given up by then.

    I've just come back from being out at a cattle station. 13 hours from Perth to the middle of nowhere. fixing windmills while it got to 48 degrees, no phones, no internet and no games.

    It kind of keeps things in perspective but man i’m going to play the shit of my ps3 over the next few days.

    PS. skimpys at Kal :)

      Dude you must have gotten back feeling like the manliest man ever.

        LOL awesome comment... Here we are 'mostly' gamer geeks (not in the bad way) and one of us goes to a Cattle Station in the middle of WA...
        I bet Tom hasn't got untanned white skin...

    Firstly: Kinect sux. Alright?

    And furthermore, um. The truth is . . . i have a dirty secret.
    Late at night . . . i . . . i visit a certain website and make grand on my secret alone time.
    I can tell you, right? I mean . . . you're not prejudiced are you?
    Late at night . . . i steal away deep into the deeply pretentious depths of The New Yorker.

    The New Yorker is kind of like the way you wish the world was. It's like a Howard Hughes hermetically sealed paradise away from the real world.

    But that's not the point.

    The point is: Kinect sux. Okay?

    Fitted snuggly into a pair of designer label y-fronts (the perfect xmas gift from the lady of the house), post midnight, I . . . discovered something important. Something even more important than the pure cotton splendor of my new underpants:

    Microsoft & Sony are spending my money to satisfy beautiful, successful & happy people in fancy New York apartments.

    Kinect: The ghastly Xbox peripheral that takes away the greatest component of gaming - sexy analog sticks and nubile, bouncy buttons - and replaces it with . . . you.

    Listen, you’re sexy, damn sexy, I know it. But i can’t lie down on my old, green leather sofa, hold you tight in my hands and use you to chainsaw f**k locusts via Marcus Fenix.

    Sexy you are, Sir/Madam, but - contrary to what Microsoft has told you - you are not the controller.

    Kinect: disappointing pre-christmas cash grab further compromised by a slew of unfinished, ugly and lazy launch titles.

    Kinect: a rough-cut tech demo thrown out to a naive, hood-winked and unsuspecting public.

    But Susan Orlean at The New Yorker reveals the true power of Kinect.

    “I knew nothing of Playstations and X-boxes [sic - never hyphenate Xbox, Susan] and Wiis [sic - the singular is like - you know - the collective noun and stuff]; I avoided them. When I heard about the Microsoft Kinect, though, I felt an urgency rising in me [the same things happens when i look into your eyes, Susan . . . call me]. A game you played without touching any machinery? A chance to wave your hands around, Minority-Report style, and move things around on a screen? This sounded like almost too much fun, with gadget-y pizzazz that sounded astonishing. Fear for my future aside, it was something I really wanted to try.”

    Read more:

    Susan equates Kinect technology to the massively advanced Orwellian surveillance systems in the futuristic dystopia of Minority Report? Yeah, it's like exactly the same, Susan, exactly the same.

    Or maybe - like me - she just enjoys fantasising about Tom Cruise as a gritty cop on the run. That's so hot.

    Then, amazingly, she is not even disappointed when she sees the limitations imposed by truly uninspired software.

    Kinect: further proof of an industry unsure what to do with motion sensor technology beyond insipid party games.

    Truth: i love the author of this article - Susan Orlean is a far better person than me; everybody knows that.

    But the more Microsoft - Sony are guilty of this too - market gimmicky tech for happy, beautiful, successful, urban professionals; the more they alienate desperate, socially dysfunctional, born-losers like me.

    Susan Orlean was at Harvard University, writing for Rolling Stone, contributing to Vogue and enjoying a rich and varied social life when I was throwing money at Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo to feed my insatiable, destructive habit.

    Sweet Susan Orlean. How many millions have Microsoft spent to attract her and her good time pals?

    Microsoft? Do you know what I had to do to get that money? Do you know where i’ve been? Do you know the things i’ve seen?

    I never wanted Kinect! Why don’t you return my calls anymore? huh?

    Where was Susan Orlean - like - 10 years ago? Huh?

    Please . . . spend my money - all of it - on making the wheels in my console turn faster, harder and stronger & smarter.

    Spend my money on bigger, more beautiful controllers with wonderful lights and buttons and analog sticks and display screens that do marvelous things beyond my wildest dreams.

    The controller is everything! i want more buttons! I want more controller!

    Susan Orlean is gorgeous and lovely and clever, but don’t kill the controller just because she likes it like that! Don’t kill the controller because she wants you to!

    I love Susan Orlean too; and I would literally do anything she said. Like, totally powerless against her charms.

    But not you Microsoft. You’re better than that.

    Remember the social outcasts and public pariahs - all those years ago - who gave up everything so your video games meant something.
    They weren’t at Harvard, they didn’t write for Rolling Stone; they were too busy plugged into your home console when it was still a risky proposition and a tentative first step into the market.

    They are people who live for beautiful gaming moments behind beautiful controllers: left thumb leaning tentatively against a perfectly balanced analog stick, right thumb gently pressing against the subtle resistance of a ever so slightly yielding button.

    Don’t make me put down the controller, Microsoft; i don’t know how to.

      I read all of that. God help me, I read all of that. :P

      It was interesting but it made me want write my own absurdly long post so I could hide an obscenely...obscene sentence right in the middle and see if Sir Serrels read enough of my stupidly long rant about nothing to notice it and edit it out.
      Alas, I am too lazy to bother.

      Hi River,

      I'm stoked to hear you're a fan... and I'm thrilled to hear you'd do anything I asked of you.

      I'm flattered that you liked my work in Rolling Stone and Vogue... I truly am.

      As you'd do anything I asked of you... could you please like Kinect?

      *wipes tear from eye*

      That was... beautiful...

      Bravo, sir.

      Bravo, I say!

      Grab a Origami Paper Cranes For Beginners book and therefore develop the ancient art and skills required to fold that sexy Susan into your new 'X-Box' controller. Everyone's happy.

      When we got the Kinect, my wife read the box and said, what does this mean 'You're the controller', I told he that her body was the actual controller when we wanted to play a game.
      A naughtily fun bit of unrepeatable banter ensued and we subsequently played no xbox that afternoon.

      Thanks Microsoft!!!!

    Anyone want to help me get an iPad?

      Really, mate? lol

      Quite the enterprising idea, however :P

    Compliments of the season, all!

    Bayonetta for $20 pre-owned? Worth it? Advise please.

      I think you may like it. It's weird in a wonderful way only the Japanese could manage. $20 for it is a bargain, in my opinion.

      I need to get me a copy too!!

        Well, Zavvi have it for £12. Plus £2.50 postage, that equates roughly to about $AUD22.

        My EB had a copy in the "Pre-owned game sale" bin. Down from $26 or thereabouts.

        On everyone's recommendation, I bought it. Thanks! Will know tonight whether to ever trust any of you ever again :P

          PS @Loopy

          If I think it sucks, I'll send it to you, mkay?

    Happy New Year Kotaku!

    This Christmas holiday I finished Assassin's Creed played most of Assassin's Creed II. Colour me impressed.

    I also got in some anime watching and discovered a joke in El Cazador De La Bruja where the main character mispronounces Kogals and Otaku as Ogals and Kotaku. Oh, the fun...

      Happy New Year mang!

      How's you doing? Hope you have a good year. You guys should meet up or something.

      Or "meat" up. Eh? Yeah, you guys think about that.


    SCORE !!!

    Jade Empire Ltd Ed on Xbox for just $9 from EB at highpoint *chuffed*

    Also, picked up Little Big Planet on PSP for $20 from dick smith, and my god is it ever adorable as heck!! :D I can see why everyone loves it so much. I'm glad there's a PSP version for those of us devoide of a PS3 lol

    Hope everyone had a pretty awesome holidays! :D

      I've looked at Jade Empire so many times and wondered if it'd be any good.. I have a feeling it'll be all kinds of kickass! Let me know what you think!

        haha i'll be sure to let you know once i actually get around to playing it.

        I was only hunting it down so much because of all the recommendations people on here gave it lol

          It's good, design wise it's a halfway point between Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, as you can see some mechanics and gameplay bits which feel very similar. (Overhearing conversations about your actions is one example)

          Just, you know, replace all of the space and sci-fi stuff with asian inspired mythos and setting, and that's what it is.

      Good loot! I loved Jade Empire, I just wished they'd never showed me a huge world map if they were only ever going to let me go to 2 or 3 places. That's just cruel.

        Sounds like showing a kid the Kmart/Big W/Target Toy clearance catalogs and then moving to rural WA...


      Here's a deal loops*, you buy a PS3 and I'll give you my copy of LBP free. Its really cute and was heaps of fun cause my kids wanted to play along with me.

      *I'm serious!

      Very good game! :)

      Bioware went out on a limb with an obscure setting (magical ancient China) but it works really well.

    Happy Ho Hum!
    Well ho hum for me anyway.. back to the daily grind of chasing my now ex boss for money and .... ..... perhaps... centrelink ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SAVE ME JEEBUS!! I really dun wanna have to tread that path again, but I fear I have no choice. Hoping some flyers I got done up will get sent out this week and drum up some odd jobs.. otherwise.. you know.. eep!
    And I just have to throw this out there.. DAMN YOU CHULOOPA!! I know I told you already, but more people need to know you're an evil EVIL man!!!

      Sawwy :(

      Here i was thinking my gift would bring joy to your condition.
      Instead it looks like im just making it worse.

      ...But what a way to make it worse!!! :D haha

      At least i can be happy that you're still enjoying it :D

        Sorry if this is my secound post bout this but my internet keeps dropping out.

        Chuloopa was looking for Bayonetta. Big W have it for $30 :D

        lol it's all good.. i'm more angry at myself for having to self control to put it down ;) hahah it's just been so long since I played SS, and doing so in 1920x1200 res is just HAWT! Can't thank you enough for the gift!! Has been a blast! :)

          Our alliance has climbed to 11th now in M&M - just an FYI :D
          I'm also sitting JUST above you in our alliance rankings, 2nd overall. :D

          I've only got Serious Sam on my PS2 - i didn't get it on steam because i figued my pc would crap it self under a HD strain lol

            hehe our alliance is now ranked 8th! i think you might have jumped above me last night cos I tried to fight a sector with an archangel and got my ass whooped, but i'm back above you again! I just got a crap load of mages so I'm going to exact my revenge upon them post haste!

              woah - i've dropped to 5th???

              Well.. .that was fun while it lasted.. lol

                I can't go much further atm cuz I lost too many troops and I'm trying to get dwelling buildings, which needs money and resources, part of which I'm currently lacking but I'm getting there :P

    Strange, not sure if you got my message in here pre-christmas, but if you do wanna have a gaming meet or even just a meet, shoot me a mail. dondalinger at hotmail.

      Oops, sorry no I didn't see that. I've been hibernating over the Christmas break.
      I shall send you an email soonish. (Note: for me, 'soonish' usually means 'sometime...uh...eventually'. :P )

      Only two and a half weeks until our trip to the US so any kind of meet would probably need to take place after we get back.

    In the spirit of Back to the Future, me and my Brother in-law tried this:

    It did not end well.

      I can't see it...

      This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

        Alright - let's try this again!


          HIS SHOE!!!

          What a great video!

          lol that's a classic stack! left a nice hole in his shirt!


          I laughed so much I cried...

          ...but I assume you wouldn't be showing us if he wasn't okay >_>

            Yeah he's good! Took a pretty bad knock to the head, and tore shreds off his elbow, but besides that he's fine!

              Did someone else get a GoPro for Christmas?

                Hahaha! Yeah, my brother in-law is always busting out the GoPro!

                  Haha, awesome. I've already run mine over twice.

    I had the best 2 weeks off work.


    I played through Mass Effect twice, and Mass Effect 2 twice. Had a male Shepard, Soldier, total renegade, and by that, I mean no friends, no love interest, just him being a total badass / asshole. Second character was a Female Adept, who was full paragon.

    Then during the last 2 days, I got engrossed in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. now I'm engrossed in trying to get Windows 7 to play nice with my work's imaging software, ugh.

      Holy crap, dude.

      As i said before i've just started my second play-through of mass effect to level up my Shep.
      I can't wait to get into more tonight... maybe finish off my mass-effect inspired tee to unveil to you guys and gals! :D

        My original Shepard was more of a "Neutral Renegade", he was nice to people, but ruthless to his enemies. Playing through again as two different characters was really fun.

        Hardest part was trying to not punch out that reporter bitch going through as a paragon. GGgggggghhhh! I'm sick of her disingenuous assertions!

    Any news on who won the Dead Space 2 comp Mark? I've been playing the demo over and over and over again.... It's fricken' AWESOMENESS! And, like you, I started the original again over the weekend after FINALLY tracking a copy down. Still an awesome game!

      On that note:
      Marvel vs Capcom. lol?

      Did I miss the winner announcement or did they really not announce one?

    HEY JIMU,*** Waves arms frantically***
    There's a new TAY overhere, stop posting on last weeks!!!!
    Just read your FF posts. LOL
    I'm now hunting for "Blue Dragon" and "Lost Odyssey"

      When I first posted those there was no new TAY, somewhere while checking for your reply one may have popped up(I admit nothing!).

      I left the page saved on my browser(Opera) for quick checking, because the moment my wife realises I have the interwebz turned on she takes over and goes intarwebz crazy!

    Also wanted to check with Mark if he got my email....?

      I don't think so... which email was it?

        Oh dear.. did you get mine then? lol
        Sent it yesterday :)

          I got yours and replied. I'll have a look for JamesMacTheSecond's email.

            For the one i sent yesterday? Odd, i don't have a reply..

            Dun dun dunnnnnn


        I sent it to the tip your editors. Attention Mark Serrels. Just some noms for community kudos. I know you have posted an email before, but i couldn't find it

        Mr. Serrels? Think you could get back to me on that email you were going to send me for community kudos a few weeks back?

        Thank you sir :)

    Ok so i'm siging up for this Might and Magic game. James Mac was available as a user name, but i have taken the highroad and called myself JamesMac2.
    Didn't want the original James Mac think that i took it :D

      Good man!
      Don't forget to join the Alliance! :D

    You can't cancel actions in M&M can you?

      I don't think so - why?
      Did you send a bunch of soldiers to their doom?
      Or is soemthing just taking too god-damn-long?

        Eh recruited a third hero and immediately decided it was a bad choice.
        Ah well he should be good for defense when he arrives sometime in the next century.

          Yeah I have 3 heroes, 1 anti-neutrals leader, 1 anti-hero fighter and 1 standby builder, which he will have a role in increasing profits and building dwelling improvements. So if you have a spare, make him a builder class, he'll be good to have down the road if you have lots of gold to spare.

      No you can't. It makes your decisions much harder to decide on. I already made mistakes from that too. You gotta really plan on M&M, hence why I like it so :). It challenges how well you do your planning for your kingdom. They may add it in a later update but for now, you gotta really think about what to do first, then what next, the next after that, etc.

      I ate too many M&Ms once, NO REGRETS!

      I once heard too much Eminem, many, many regrets...

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