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    How long into the game till mass effect one becomes amazing?

      Hilariously, about four hours in.

        Yeah, that's pretty much right.
        But it is pretty damn amazing after that! :D

        Trust me, it's well worth the perseverance.

        36 hours of amazing makes up for 4 hours of so-so

          A friend of mine got turned off the game initially because his version was glitched (think it was the DRM, but might have been drivers... I fixed it, whatever it was...), and he could only play the first bit. Over, and over again.

            I shouldn't laugh, but DAMN that's funny - poor bastard...

              sounds like a sick and twisted joke still makes me have a laugh over it anyways so im thinking one more hour of it then i probs will have no life for a while, better save it for the weekend or work might not appreciate my excuse for not turning up..
              bit behind on the whole mass effect journey need to get into gear and get cracking. bayonette was a serious distraction but

            I got mine through Steam and my game has had a dozen crashes during conversations during my first playthrough. Apparently it's some sort of coding errors, and I have to alt-tab out in order to see it and close Mass Effect. On Mass Effect everything just freezes and I get the Windows 7 loading blue wheel appearing.

            Very very annoying.

              ive got the xbox 360 version

                I reckon I started to like it the second I realised I had to manually save the game ALL THE TIME, the Autosaves are spaced too far apart.

                It was also about the same time that the levelling/menu system finally clicked for me.

                As it is I've only done the intro bits, completed Feros and I'm on my second random planet.

                I found Feros really hard but I've since been told if you put some effort in on the random planets to level up your squad the firefights will go a lot smoother.

                Also I'm no fan of the MAKO - it's tough to shoot and drive at the same time with that thing.

                Ultimately I only play the game in short bursts whenever I looking for a change of pace from the usual frag fest (the conversation system is the best part of Mass Effect IMO) and I can't complain about a huge game that only cost me $20!

      I recently gave it a go too... I think I got about one hour in, give or take. Well, I got past the first 'bit'. Then I began talking to aliens about their planets and realised I didn't care. Maybe one day I'll return to them...

      I didn't notice that ME was bad at the start becuase I was having so much trouble trying to relearn how to shoot straight!

    Guys, I'm in a crisis:
    I REALLY want to watch a movie today, but I don't know what to see (neither does the mate I'm going with) :(
    Originally, I wanted to watch "Morning Glory" because Rachel McAdams is AMAZING, but it got rubbish reviews.

    Somebody help me!

      Is Black Swan out yet? Watch that. Blue Valentine's meant to be good.

        'Black Swan' doesn't appear to be out, and 'Blue Valentine' isn't even appearing on the list (Event Cinemas).

        From the list available, I've wrought a few possibilities:
        - The Kings Speech
        - Unstoppable
        - The Dilemma (love Vince Vaughn)
        - Tangled

        So, Kotaku, my movie choice is in your hands! Choose wisely!

          The King's Speech is one I'm really keen to see. I say that.

            I would def go for King's Speech, but I've also heard good things about Unstoppable.

              Yeah, amazingly for a movie about a run away train, its rated really high on RT..

                Really? I quite like that actor but thought the premise of Unstoppable was a little ridiculous. Reminds me of that Money Train movie with Wesley Snipes.

          I've heard that Tangled isn't bad, but this is from randoms, and we all know they have no taste in movies, and I'm one of those people who won't trust a 3d animated film unless it's Pixar...

          The Kings speech is probably worth it just to see Helena Bonham Carter returning to period drama's. Also, according to reviewers it's good...

          Unstoppable sounds Meh, but I can't really comment on it, and I have no idea about The Dilemma.

          So, I vote The King's Speech, but it's probably too pretentious and drama like for your ADHD-like game riddled mind...

          I'd vote for The Dilema.

          Bee and i went to see "Little Fokers" which wasn't too bad.
          Not FANTASTIC, but worth at least one watch through

        Blue Valentine is really amazing. Michelle Williams is on fire with her choice of roles at the moment. Can't wait for Black Swan! Looks to be Aranofsky's love of Satoshi Kon realised through film, which makes me happy.

          Now I'm interested all I knew about the swan was a poster before, thanks for clearing that one up!

            It's cool, I got your back. First time I saw the trailer, I went through a number of feelings, from deja vu, to oh thats right Aronofksy said he likes Kon, to oh my god I want to see this NOW! Hope it doesn't disapoint...



      Go see it. Its amazing.

        I've never even heard of it - whats it about?

          I saw it on the weekend. It's an amazing, moving film littered with comical elements that make the entire film fun to watch end to end.

          It's about King George VI (Colin Firth) (King at the time of WW2) and his inability to overcome his stutter to perform his kingly duties, particularly during a time of technical advancements with Wireless radio. After many attempts by various physicians, he meets an Australian speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) with questionable techniques. Fun times are had by all.

            Strangely, that does sound rather interesting...

              It's the first film that has almost made me cry happy tears (I say almost because I'm waaay too manly to cry).

                lol That's in the Bro Code.. Rule #?: A bro never cries, if there is something sad he may get tears 'in' his eyes but never out of them!

                  Remind me to never watch the Notebook or PS I love you EVER EVER again..

                  Damn you Bianca... Damn you and your stupid romantic movies and good looks!

                  I've just purchased the Bro Code from Amazon - should get here soon ^_^
                  Also, I ordered the Playbook. How could I not?

              Yup, I'm definitely interested in it also. But this was after I caught a small preview of it. Does look quite interesting, and at least a little bit different from the usual movies.

              Oh I must say, I watched How to Train your Dragon yesterday with my litt-lun, and it was awesome!!!1

                That movie is so adorable, was the first not-pixar 3d animated film where I felt empathy towards the characters.

                I haven't seen that yet, but on the weekend we watched Dragon Hunters which was the most beautiful animated movie I've ever seen.
                Not bad considering we bought the Blu-ray from CDWow for under $10.

            "an Australian speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) with questionable techniques" I always thought Captain Barbosa had questionable techniques, now he's a speech therapist? Whats he gonna do? If you don't get this exercise correct, he'll drop you off on the nearest deserted island. Pity the rum's gone. I don't know why the rums gone, but it's gone...

    Anyone else hoping that the PS3 Root Key discovery leads to some homebrew PS2 emulation?

      Still would wait for a XBMC of sorts before i modded any current gen console.... I am hopeful.

    GUYS. I finally got Red Dead Redemption! Why did I wait so long?! It's fecking brilliant so far, and I've only played an hour of it!

      I can't wait to get it :)
      Man it looks so awesome,

      Only problem is that with my tight budget, especially now that bee and i are moving to a bigger place very very soon, i just can't justify paying $40 for it when i've got a pile of shame bigger than John Holme's member!

        If you had a PS3 i'd lend you my copy! I've played it out (100% completion) and won't go back to it for some time..

        *Jaw falls off.

        I can not believe you have not played it yet....




          Dude, my piles of shame are so massive they've been declared Hemorrhoids!

          Yeah but loops hasn't played Zelda so, you know...

            Oh, that's right! He's a heathen!

            Seriously, though. Play Ocarina of Time. Right now.

            Also, it's dangerous to go alone. Take this:


            I really hope that ends up looking ok...

            MARK EDIT: Me too! [approves]

              Victory! It seems to stay within the boundary defined by the ad, too :P

              That ROOLZ, I am jeloz lyke nobuddies biznez!

              This belongs in the dictionary next to Awesome

          And now I go to play out my Jerusalem Man fantasies.

        I have a way to solve your PS3 problem..

        Big W have a deal at the moment for $797, which includes a 120GB PS3 and a 32 inch Bravia LCD with three blu-ray movies.. The TV retails for 699.. I reckon you could probably get that or almost that on Ebay easy.. which means PS3 for $100 - $150! Less if you count the movies!

      Dude, not only is the game one of the best I have EVER played. The undead nightmare DLC is the hands down the best DLC ever.


        Your hands seem to spend a lot of time down... have you seen someone about it?

          I definitely do not have a problem.


          HANDS DOWN!

      I agree heaps of fun and I have a borrowed copy from a mate... might have to keep an eye out in the bargain bins to get my own copy!!

    Anyone know if it is now safe to come out and play with Fallout: New Vegas?

    I've been holding out. As a huge fan of Fallout 3, I didn't want my experience tarnished at all with New Vegas

      I got New Vegas on PS3 for christmas, I've played it for about 14 hours.. and its never locked up once.. I'm not enjoying it as much as 3 but thats only because I played 3 on the PC and I can't aim for sh#t on the PS3 when things get crazy!

      My little cousin just finished it and he says is awesome, although he concentrated on the main story and then you can't go back and play the side missions! he had it lock up on him a couple times but he was playing it for hours on end, so it could be his PS3 overheating!

        I personally ran into a game breaking glitch at about 16 hours. It was incredibly frustrating and even though I started again I haven't really played it much since. If you do play it you should check this glitch out first so you can avoid it, even if you do get minor spoilers. It's better than the result. I believe its Vault 11 where the glitch happens, but I can't quite remember.

    Has anyone seen the show peep show? I bought the first season from zavvi on a whim and I want to know if its was worth it for 6 pounds.

      Peep show was interesting although the first series is as good as it gets. I prefered that Mitchell and Webb Look.

        Well thanks for the info I nearly splurged on the second season as well (4 pounds) But thankfully I didn't then. Also order BBC new remake of Sherlock holmes hopefully can live up to the hype, I was a big fan of the movie out early last year hopefully this will be as good.

          Steven Moffat's Sherlock is brilliant and a must see for everyone...

          Modern day Sherlock and Holmes!!! Great!

            Moffat and everything he does is AWESOOOME!!!

          The BBC Sherlock modern-day series was awesome. And it had Martin Freeman in it.

            Martin Freeman is awesome. But not as awesome as Sherlock's trench coat. Damn, I want me one of those. And I hate/love Moffat for the ending of series 1.

        Armstrong and Miller Show is superior to Mitchell and Webb Look.

        I've tried to model myself on the striding man.

      Some good laughs to be had... I think they're up to season 5 or 6 now, but its pretty ok for a giggle. Not sure about a purchase, but perhaps a wait for tv/internet thing. The latest series of the Mitchell and Webb look got a bit old really. But nothing beats these great old bits... :D

      The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar! (watch them all on youtube, here's the starter)

      And this will give you many lolllies too....
      The Green Clarinet

    Hi Mark, I don't know if this is jumping the gun on a review story you're about to post but.. How did LBP2 go over the weekend?

    I have a JB Hi-Fi gift card that is dying to know if it will be spent on purchasing it this week haha

      Mate, if i had a PS3 and a JB Gift Card, i wouldn't even WAIT for Mark's impressions.

      Seriously, if you've seen all the clips of what LBP2 can do, why the heck would you even be CONSIDERING whether or not to get it... JUST DO IT, MAN - FOR THE GLORY OF ALL THAT IS GOOD!!


        I will probably no matter what Mark says, but I'm still keen to hear what our fearless leader has to say..

        It will be one I can highlight as purchased on my spreadsheet of games to buy this year lol

        It's comments like the above that have made me realise why you have yet to play Zelda.

          I know...

          ..i think i have a problem :(

          Would it please you if i make one of my zelda games the next game i play?


            But what would please me even more is if you gave me games.

            The Zelda thing will have to do I guess.

      X2 on your thought on LBP2 keen to know if its worth spending the $$$ on it right away or wait a little bit

      I have never seen LBP nor any clips about LBP2. I have seriously not even a clue what the game is about. Just thought I would share that.

    Man, what a busy but awesome weekend!

    Good news: The tee i've been working on should be ready tomorrow, given i have the time to finish it up tonight. I'm really pumped o reveal this one to you guys.

    Bad News: STILL haven't gotten time to finish up that RPG for you guys. :s

    Might and Magic - guys i need your help, especially if you're playing undead. I'm really starting to fall behind and i need some tips. I've finally got a lv 10 hero, all my mines are at level 5, but i SEVERELY need a new settlement to get an income of more resources.

    Also, I have a spy but am still yet to send it out because, frankly, i'm not sure of the benefit, especially when my army isn't exactly all conquering.

    I'm building a Tower for ghosts which will be ready tonight, then after that i'm going to be spending the next couple of days building a vampire mansion and whatever it is for the Whighs which costs like a bazillion dollars..

    Man, running a kingdom is frustrating and time consuming...

      Don't worry Loops, I'll make up for your lack of an rpg with some more entries to my CYOAG!!!

      What's that, no-one cares? *cries*

      In my case for M&M I've decided to just econ it up for a while, because my army is just too pathetic to do anything anyway.

        If resources are that much trouble for you, focus on economy and get everything else later.

        I'm doing that now cuz I got a huge force ready... I just can't recruit them all yet :P. My familiars alone are now in triple digits in the dwelling and my demons won't take long to get there either

          Yeah, in Starcraft terms I'm "droning like a futhermucker."

          It works in 2vs so it should work here...

            Bahaha, You're making me want to come back to SC2, the original SC2 gameplay not Star battle :P. Though I know I'd be horrible at it xD

              If you want to feel really insecure, I can link you to the SC2SEA KotH live stream (hosted by Mukade, casted by Benji). It involves some of the best players from the server.

              I played a practice match against one of them yesterday (I was playing off-race too), man, it was horrifying, I knew what he'd do, and I still lost. :/

                Always happy to practice with you though mate

                I never want to watch those commentaries, really shows how horrible I am at strategy :P.

                I was watching some supreme commander FA 4v4s last night and bloody hell, I can barely keep up, one side had their first experimental unit built and finished in only 15 minutes! Thats INSANE!

                  I can show you my Mothership build, it's pretty brutal, believe me. Surprisingly, it works more often than not.

      Spies are only good for preparing to attack an enemy town, it's a great way to show what you're up against and plan your stacks accordingly.

      Don't worry about spying too much, I'll be doing that a lot, if you want info on a guy's city, let me know and I'll get it done in your stead, free up your hero to do something else to help your econ.

    Chulpa Loopa:
    I picked up some books yesterday, and one of them was a 40k one titled 'Enforcer'. Should I expect good things from it?

    Additionally, I picked up 'And Another Thing' for $6, so I'm very happy :D

      I haven't read Enforcer yet, so i can't say. I did, however just look it up and it looks most promising.
      It seems like it has a story which could be VERY interesting.

      The good thing about 40k novels is they are usually written by multi-award winning sci-fi writers, so it's hard to go wrong.

      If you're looking for top-notch 40k lit, though, the Gaunts Ghost series is a MUST.

      Also Hive World (i think that's what it's called) is a great collection of short stories from the hive world of Necromunda (you should have heard of that before, surely).

      There are a couple of books i have just sitting there gathering dust that i've already read - if you would like i can send them your way. As much of a hoarder i am, chances are i'll never read them again anyway.

      Shoot me an email if your keen :)

        I would LOVE to read 40k books! I can never find them where I live around, so I'm keen! :D

          Well i might have to get one to you then as well. lol

          troy.cleary at hotmail dot com

            Okay you'll see one inbound from me after I get home, thanks :)

          Same here I have read a lot of other game series books and loved them - especially the Battle Tech ones, Shadow Run (both added so much more to the game)
          I'll have to keep an eye out for the ones Chuloopa mentions.
          Cheers BC

            Also, so you guys all know, you can get some in ebook form directly from Black Libray at some fair prices. All in brittish pounds, however. Good to get while the dollar is strong.


            Also, ebay has VERY reasonable prices on a wide variety of the books

              Thank Chuloopa I'll check it out!

    So I finally made headway into creating the editor for my game. Got the game running inside a Windows form. Now have to build in the rest of the editor and I'll have a way to pump out levels on a timely basis.

    Look for the next update in 6 months to 2 years :(

      You're doing better than me, in the case of everything that isn't a text based rpg like thing, all my games exist as theoretical ideas in my mind, or, in one case, the beginnings of a script. :/

        I'm doing mine in XNA from scratch, so the going is slow. But I hear Game Maker 8 is a good way to pump out games quickly, I haven't used it. It's all the rage in the Indie Scene, that and Flash. Maybe install Game Maker and see what you can do.

          I've done a fair bit of coding, so I'm looking at the Unreal Engine atm, trying to make a mobile game in it. Currently though the idea is essentially Canabalt, but without the lovely pixel art aesthetic...

      Good to hear, mate :)
      Keep us informed!
      ... or else...

      Wow, thankyou so much for this post! It reminded me of the Kotaku Community game I'd completely forgotten!

      I'd best jump onto that sometime this week...

        There's a Kotaku Community Game?! More info stat!

          Join up here and send me a message with the roles you want to play.

          I'll probably start throwing some information around later this week :D

            Request Sent. Not sure how best to help out, I can code in C#, and can pick up the basics of other languages pretty quickly. Like others I can lend voice acting and play testing. I suppose it depends on the project.

    Ehhhhh. Can't be bothered getting up from bed. Can anyone give me a reason to?

    In other news, due to my friends very insistent demands, I played CoD4 on my 360. I was surprised to find I actually really liked it. I've played WAW. Blops and some of MW2 campaign, and never enjoyed any of them, but CoD4 was quite good. I hopped on LIVE to try it out, and it was fun! I wasn't blasted with various profanities like I thought I would be.

    So then I popped in Reach. First match was some kind of 3v3 match, which was fun. Only my friend had a headset, so there was no slurs. But the second match...oh god. We were in the lobby, and the other 3 guys were talking about something. Something led to them bagging an Indian shopkeeper, which led to them insulting Indians in general. My friend and I are both Indians, yet only my friend had a headset, so he told them to shut the hell up. Obviously, this is where they started ripping into Indians, saying they're dirty, useless, etc. It pissed me off, and I was going to mute them/leave, but it turned out they sucked, big time, at this game. So we owned them, hard, and their racist comments turned into GARGAGHRGAH STOP KILLING ME! until they rage quit. Anyway, played a couple more matches, and muted everything, which was ok. Still, I was disappointed that this happened. Ah well.

    Now, to get out of bed, or continue being lazy?

      The only reason I'm out of bed is so that I can get payed, as such, I shall live vicariously through you, as you spend ALL DAY in bed. Which is what I do, but only because my computer sits on my bed.

      Dude, forget about racists online, they're the worst in real life, so Karma's gonna get them ;)

      And dude, I was seriously surprised to find out you're indian. For some reason I thought you were caucasian, lol.

      As to games, COD4 was amazing, but then it got milked for the next 3 games :(
      I still haven't played Reach properly (and I went to the Reach launch with Buzz Aldrin, lol).

      And, as to getting out of bed; don't. :)

      2 words

      Bed sores

      GET - OUT - NOW!



          Out of bed now, then?

            Curse you! Yes, I am. Partly because of that, partly because my dogs wouldn't shut up about the birds trying to steal their food.

        Anyone else feeling hungry after seeing those3 pictures? No? Just me, then. :P

        Guys... really... if i say "bed sores", then include a link, you only have yourselves to blame for clicking through.

        lol :D

        ON THE BUM! They're always on the BUM!!!!

          Well, they don't like to show you the ones on the crotch, they sting like a bitch (don't try to think this through logically, it doesn't make sense).

      In my experience COD4 is the worst game for this sort objectionable behaviour.

      Which is a pity because as a run and gun effort it's one of the best on the box (and I've played Black Ops and MW2 MP and found them both wanting somehow - of course this is after a solid two months of BFBC2 so maybe that's the reason)

      I have been COD4 matches where I have heard a kid whose voice had not broken go into an ugly and foul-mouthed tirade against another player in the match.

      I was in one match where an Australian player decided he was going to smacktalk an American player and it got so heater eventually he went so far as to change his clan tag to [911]

      I also had one weird Friday night on COD4 where some other Aussie guy asked me whether he should sleep with some chick he was into, but she was a meth-addict!

      This is all in the last year.

    I moved house over the weekend and, doing the right bit, decided not to use free stolen power and lodged a connection application on Thursday arvo with origin.

    No power for me until Wednesday :(

    No gaming :(

      Man - that sucks, mate.

      We just applied for a new place, still in geelong, just today. If we get it (fingers crossed) we're going to have to go through all this crap too..

      It kinda shits me how power companies can just let people go without power..

        Because we're viewed as dollar signs with hands and feet, not people. :P

        If you speak to your power retailer prior to moving in, you can have it switched on for the day you move in. At least that's what I do. Once all the smart meter's are rolled out, they'll be able to do this remotely, meaning you won't have to wait for someone to come out.

          Also, it is literally a switch, at least on some places.
          A mate called up in a similar situation and the operator said "go to the meter, take off the tape and flick it to the on position."
          Done, no call out fee needed.

    Woke up at 10am to the sound of rain... yay. :|
    What am I supposed to do on a rainy day, apart from gaming and watching movies?

      Why settle for anything else other than what you say? Good enough for me hehe :P


        An exploding barrel roll! Or an explosive high five! With sharks! Hell yeah.

          Like This?


        Also, seeing as you are already crazy, what does all work and no play do to you?

        Do you go crazier?

        What level of crazy are you?
        Crazy John crazy or George Lucas crazy?

        Answering these questions should give you somehting to do for moment other than gaming and watching TV.

        You're welcome.

          All work and no play sends me on a rampage, I'm at mid-level insanity but I could be crazier, and I 'm half of each. :)

    Am I the only gamer on the planet that hates Blacks Ops?

      I don't hate it, but I don't include it in my tope 10 of 2010. The single player was fun, but meh. Not nearly as good as Modern Warfare.

      I didn't get into the Multiplayer at all until my brother unlocked Hardcore mode for me. It's so much better than the normal mode. So now I play it every so often.

      Far from has a general hate scene for the fact its just a cash cow... MOOOO

        Hahaha, moo indeed. I'm over being called to duty all the time.

      I currently hate it as well, with a passion I might add, cuz of how shit it is on PC, from optimising PC resources to multiplayer. So far it's pretty much worse than MW2, there I said it. WORSE! At least with MW2 I could connect to the games where my friends were playing in (If the game wasn't full, but that's understandable so no grudge), it was always smooth on gameplay. In BLOPS, I can't even join my friend's party for a game, we had to use the auto-join and get lucky that we were in the same game/team. Same kind of crap goes for PC resource optimisation. I upgraded my computer using several hundred in my wallet, went through updating my BIOS to accept the new CPU, getting my new graphics card installed, all for pretty much nothing! Still chops like a little bitch for no reason (I'm not even doing anything to challenge the card, it even chopped while I was standing still and nothing was happening on screen) and my CPU borders on 90-100% constantly. And this is with all graphics settings on low, pretty much no change on how choppy it got. I think the sound quality is just crap also, sounds like they're playing the same ambient sound on a loop of 1ms apart. Sorry COD, but I'm never buying you again. You blew it, for good this time.


      You know I feel a lot better getting that off my chest lol

      No hate, but never played it nor seen it played... Does that help you any?

      I've never played a game from that franchise so I really couldn't say if I hated it or not.

    Alright my fellow manly gamers (of manliness), I have a question for you.

    Do you like musical theatre?

    Because I do. I saw Hairspray when I went down to Tassie, because it was cheaper to drive to Melbourne, stay overnight, see a show, then fly to Hobart than it was to fly straight from Canberra. And I really enjoyed it. Admittedly, I've been brought up with a healthy love of musicals. One of the earliest I saw was Beauty and the Beast, with Hugh Jackman as Gaston (I was like, three at the time). The earliest I remember seeing is Little Shop of Horrors, and whenever my family goes to Sydney or Melbourne we try to see a show.

    But, I do occasionally cop flack for it, as a straight guy who enjoys seeing (often scantily clad) women bounce around on stage while singing.

    So, yeah, where was I?

    Oh yeah, musicals. Yay, nay, no opinion, or "lol fag lol" (that's a terrible sentence)?

      nay, the worlds musical theatre makes me tired.

      I just hate musicals in general. I think the only musical I like is the Lion King. I blame my hate on musicals on the excessively annoying bollywood films my parents like. Yes, I'm potentially the most uncurry-curry there is.

        I've seen a few bollywood movies and they are HYSTERICAL!

        Not on purpose, either. Just how all of a sudden everyone bursts out into colorful dance routines spontaneously an without warning.

        Also, i'm not sure if they just use the same songs over and over again, or if it just sounds very same-y to me..

          Yeah, it is pretty samey. Which is why I don't like it.

      I must admit, i rather enjoy a visit to the theatre. I was one of those people STAUNCHLY against it, because i HATE musical movies/tv shows with a passion. I'd watch a marx brothers movies and just fast forward all the singing parts.

      That all changed when the Holy Grail hit theatres.. Bee got me a ticket as a present and my god it was the best experience of my life. IT WAS AWESOME!

      Then, after some heavy convincing, i got her tickets to Wicked.. went in with low expectations and was BLOWN AWAY. It was absolutely awesome.

      Then her family took us to Mama Mia which was pretty damn good too. Great little production.

      I wanted to take her to see Mary Poppins, but we just can't afford it at the moment..

      But yea, musical theatre is great :)

        I love Wicked, I've seen it twice now (once in London(Geez I'm a pretentious twat sometimes)), and it's probably my favourite musical. My main problem is the cost. My parents saw Mary Poppins, and I'd recommend it if you have the chance, but christ the professional shows are expensive (good thing I never pay for the :D).

        Of course, I say I like musical theatre, but I can't really deal with anything from before the 80s (so, I like Phantom, Sweeney Todd (which was 1979, but shut up), that kind of thing).

          My wife made me watch My Fair Lady once, and it was by far the worst two hours of my life, and I've seen The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

            Mr Fair Lady would have been better if she was surfing a jeep while sword fighting.

            Just saying...

              Or maybe if she was involved in the BLOOD DRIVE!!! (This blood drive involves two people fighting, with chainsaws, on the backs of dragon, who are flying around a volcano, underwater, and in a storm. Also, there are Lumberjacks.)

                Lumberjacks? Under water? Don't be bloody ridiculous!

            Rofled. I went to see the Queen musical a few years ago, and it was not too bad. But I'm not a fan of the musical/theatre thing. However, it there's a live orchestra playing I'd enjoy myself.

              Yeah live orchestras are good, I've seen the Sydney Symphony Orchestra a couple of times.. FYI tho they don't like it when you shout out 'Play the Star Wars Theme' every time they pause.. but they totally should play it haha

                You should be seeing Eminence then.

                Haven't seen them myself, but a friend did, and said they were quite good.

      Oh man, musicals are awesome (I do NOT consider High School Musical a musical. It's closer to a tragedy).

      I like a lot of Gilbert and Sullivan, especially pirates of penzance, because, you see, I am the very model of a modern major general:

      But seriously, I love musicals, and wish they would make a major comeback in film and theatre! :D

        Pirates was pretty damn awesome. Especially the one helmed by John English
        Also, the Mikado.
        I saw both of those on VHS back in the day.

        You mention Gilbert and Sullivan, I think of this:

        I've seen two G&S ones live, and one on video... Dunno which one is which. But they're more operettas than musicals (they're considered the turning point, so can be classified as either, thus I discount them from my dislike of older musicals, by claiming they're something else).

        Their songs also work as great vocal warm ups. :D

      OHOHOHOH just remembered, there IS one Musical which I did in fact LOVE. And have seen it many a times.

      It was the BUFFY musical episode!!1 Bestest Buffy episode ever!!!

        Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart...

        I DOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo...

          Hey.... He lied to us through song.
          I HATE when people do that!

      Im a massive Marx Bros fan. If they were alive and live I would so be thre.

      Also there's always The Mighty Boosh!

        Got all the Boosh for Christmas. Loving it!!

          There you are, haven't seen you all morning. Thought you were off sick!

        I'm very angry that I received no Marx Bros love here...and dissapointed.

          +1 Marx Bros Love

          Happy now!

            But is it real love or just a sympathy f**k?

              It's real love with sympathetic heavy petting :D

                I'd just like to say that the above comment was my first censored word on TAY...sweet!

      I was bought up with my Dad listening to Phantom of the Opera about once a week, I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it live and I still enjoy it.. Actually I saw pretty much every Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.. I did like the Lion King too..

      Haven't seen many of the modern ones, Although I am taking my grandmother to see Dr Zhivago this year.. so we'll see!

        Do you know what's the best thing ever: Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds.

          Love the songs from that.

          Woodze, if you love Phantom, Wicked would be more your style, and I can't remember any of the other good dramatic musicals...

      Yes there are bad Musical Theatre show however there are also GREAT ones - being involve with a few of both myself I think I can say that they are OK...

      Here is a great one from Monty Python

      Queen and Ben Elton

      Here endth the lesson!

        I love "the song that goes like this" I also liked the bit in the finale where there's the lines
        "What's that?"
        "Musical Theatre!"
        because I used it in an oral, where I did an introductory thing, then said "which leads me to what I'm talking about today" then played the clip.

        Man, I miss High School/College. In college you know who you are. You sit in the quad, and think "Oh my god, I am totally gonna go far!"


      Musicals, theatre, opera, etc. - my secret shame.

      And on a semi-related note, everyone should watch the 80's movie Amadeus - it's not quite a mop and it's not quite a puppet, but man... to answer your question, I don't know. But you should still watch it.

    This will make you laugh:
    (warning: NSFW)

      Not so much funny as it is depressingly true.

    Some leftovers from Last weeks TAY that never seemed to be approved:

    Sughly and Strange:
    Did you peeps see Haibane Renmei? It was made by the same crew that did Lain but in a totally differnt dirction/feeling.

    "Cocaine's a hell of a drug"
    Hope my boy has the same reaction!

    King of Nohandle:
    I forget but idf I remember I will post it later...

      Ah yes, bat country indeed!

      No, for some strange reason I only saw the first ep of HR, but that being said I loved what I saw. I think I was in a stage of watching too many series at once and put it on hold. Probably about time I picked it back up again...

        I was overly obsessed.
        After my Lain binge I went crazy for Renmei.

        I just never have the time to invest into full series anymore, it's a shame.

          Yes, time is indeed something we need more of. Or maybe just the same amount, but slower. Maybe we just need that Delorean...

          But you have said enough! HR shall be sought out ASAP!

      I have heard good things about HR. Are you recommending it? I need more anime.
      Hmm, wonder if it's cheap to pick up some in the US?

    I'm just putting it out there.... ATI... Wow, what a mistake to go to you guys..... I'm getting increasingly frustrated at games glitching, artifacting, and having the lovely FFFUUU that is the BSOD.
    With the money I spent on the thing (4870x2) and the lack of any new PC games which are code for a bloody PC, I'm wishing to win Powerball, purely for the enjoyment of running over my PC with a ride on Mower.

    /end sook

      Look on the bright side, when Skyrim is released you'll be able to play it in its best format (if you don't care about Skyrim, then I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do to console you).

        I love the word 'console' in this sentence. :)

        Haha, you said rim

          That title has had me worried this whole time. I'm glad someone else said it first!

            Haha, that trailer really didn't have a big impact on me. It was almost like a joke trailer. After I stopped laughing I realised it wasn't a joke.

              I still haven't watched it(Damn wurk puteners!). Was it bad?

                No it's bad, it's just lots of slow shots of stone carvings depicting some people and fights and such with an ominous narrator. That says rim.

      Couldn't agree more Q-bo. I got one ATI in my life, and it will only be one ATI. I hated it to bits, my 4750 was only good on... oh wait it was never good on anything! Hiyooooo!

      I always had to run games with very specific medium or low graphics without it crashing or chopping like crazy for no reason. my new gtx460 has a lot to prove, the only disappointment this card brings is Neverwinter Nights, for some reason it's horrible on that, constantly chopping and I don't know why. Ah well

        Maybe we just got duds??? But the drivers really are horrid. Each month they fix one game and break 5 others! Its baffling. So I'm going back to green just as soon as I can get my hands on those naked loops chest pics and sell them to TV Week for big $$

      Wow, I bought the 5870 last year and I can't fault it.. It handles everything I throw at it fine..

        I'm spanking you right now so you learn a lesson. ;)

    So I got back into Super Meat Boy this week. I finally finished the light world (and the epilogue) and now I'm half way through dark world 5. Bandages and warps for worlds 1-4 are all out of the way. As ridiculous as it sounds, I'm determined to 100% this baby.

    Has anybody here managed this crazy feat? It would be good to know that I'm not attempting the impossible... I'm finishing levels at the moment that only 1400 xbox people world-wide have completed, so I figure the odds of finding other completionists must be quite low!

    As a side note, this exercise really highlights the pointlessness of gamerscore. 100% completion of SMB is worth as much as completing the first level of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!!

      I'm determined to get "The Kid" before I go any further. As such, I've been stuck in the same place for weeks now. These levels are actually harder than IWBTGTG, which is insane.

    Second T down...Glorious!

      Well, you asked for it. It's even beyond what you asked for!

        I can't afford it. I will be preordering White when I get the chance.
        Still would like a plain ball though...

          Any particular reason you went for white? I haven't really looked into the differences. Are you just racist?

            If it was a racial thing I would have chose yellow(I hate Pikachu). Not that I'm Asian.

            In white you catch the Black pokemon and vise versa. Also each has a different level. Black City and White Forest(these correspond to the title and not to make the pokemunz visible on the cover)
            Also White has a little girl as the last boss and black an ol man.
            Could change my brain before ordering. So far little girls, Black pokemunz and white forests are floating my boat.
            I had a quick peruse of available pokemunz and liked the list of whites slightly better.

    The hut are having a MASSIVE games sale guys - all sales titles under 10 pounds.

    There are some AWESOME games to choose from, too.

    Most work out to be around the $15.50 mark before freight. After freight you'll be around the $20 mark, which is still damn good for a lot of these games

    enjoy :)

      Gerry Harvey says: "NOOoooOOoOOOooOOOOoOOOoOO!!"

        I know - i just single handedly killed the australian retail sector

      My Credit Card says “NOOoooOOoOOOooOOOOoOOOoOO!!”

      Its still recovering from the Steam sale disaster of 2010..

        We should start a "wallet relief" benefit.. maybe host it on channel 9...

          Can we book Hugh Jackman and Delta to duet Blaghman's christmas song?

          Maybe feature Qumulys running over his PC with a ride on?

          I'd watch that!

        sorry to be like uneducated but do all these games work on my AUS xbox and it says free shipping.. is that too aus and if not do we just type our AUS address into the site or do we need to do it another way sorry for any troubles help appriciated

          UK and Eu = fine.
          US = no

          Don't think the DLC works across oceans though,

            Absolutely no problems with UK games and AU DLC. Have done this many times. Have also bought retail games locally that have been AU on the outside but UK disc on the inside!

            US/Asian games will play fine if they're not region-locked. Sites like Play-Asia will usually have this information. There can reportedly be issues with local DLC for US games, but I've never had problems before (it may just be that I've been lucky so far).

          From their help pages:
          "There is a charge of £2.35 per item on deliveries to any countries outside of the EU.

          Delivery charges will be detailed before you confirm your order and also shown on your email order confirmation."

      Sweet! Time to pick up Borderlands :D

        If you go PS3 i will give som co-op a go. I traded my xbox version but still have a PS3 one. I played it through twice and hit the level cap before i got rid of the 360 one!.

        I love that game.

          Sorry man, getting the 360 version. Reason is, I've already started a save at my friends house, when we used to play split screen, and now that I have a 360, I need to go an get my gamer profile and saves from him.

    Any Dr Who Fans?

      OMG awesome news... I love this and that and all there is to say about it...
      Just not sure the Sun is the most accurate newspaper to trust... but is it is real... ohhhhh

        Man, for a second there, I thought your name was Bruce Campbell. But it isn't.
        I am disappoint.

          Would it make you feel better that I used the Campbell from Bruce to make up my alter ego...
          The Bernard is from Bernard Butler (ex-Suede guitarist - Brit Pop band from the 90's)
          There you have it folks I am not REAL....


          My real name is Dr Dalim Ironfist Dwarf of the first order of Hammerfist... (I'm a Doctor of Hammer-ology, with my major field of study being Hammer/Head relationships)

    not so much anymore. but my brother and i were obsessive fans of Tom Baker Doctor Who.
    The Jon Pertwee Doctor was also really good.
    we could make a Doctor Who VHS mountain . . . and we did.
    Doctor Who always reminds me of Astro Boy - they were our 2 favourite shows at the time.
    i had a crush on Livian (girlfriend of atlas) and Loved when Astro Boy fought Atlas.
    also had a big crush on Tina Turner when i was 5 but thats a different story.

      oops. this was reply to: any doctor who fans? really missed the target on that one. i guess im the Monday derp.

      I grew up with the doctor and I love the new stuff. Extra, extra love the head writer being Stephen Moffat now.

      Don't know why people don't like the new stuff, it's just as corny.

      My fav period of the olds was when Douglas Adams was head writer which is during the reign Tom Baker coincidentally...

        You know, I do really love new Dr Who over the old stuff, but the beef I have with new Who is that it's too Earth-centric. Humans are booooooooooooring.
        Where are all the camp monsters? Where's the hilariously terrible makeup and costumes? I'm not saying there should be more drama and srs business, but sometimes light, intergalactic romps is just what the Doctor ordered.

          Bish I am so with you there!

          I love when he used to take a random earth woman to some strange far off galaxy and make them help save some wierd alien race and then zipp off to another place as ridiculously strange and start all over again.

          He's a Lord of Time not a lord of Earth.

          But, I can see they do this to tie in with the whole last of his species thing. He lost the Time Lords so now he's hanging on to the humans and marrying Marilyn Monroe.

          I would get my hopes up occasionally when they'd visit a cool place and then be sorely dissapointed when they revealed it was future humans...

        yeah. true. the new stuff is pretty good too. still very fun. i guess i just had more fun with the series in my 1980s halcyon days. i do agree with perhaps a bit too much cgi in the modern version. preferred the alien puppets plus the cardboard and string special effects. doctor who was on tv every afternoon wasnt he? featured on The Afternoon Show? hosted by Michael Tunn maybe?
        you might remember better than me. something like that. for a time it was also on really early in the morning on abc with Astro Boy i think?

          I was really impressed by the CG in the latest Xmas special.
          But yes , some rubber masks would be nice.

      I also love Astro

        Couldn't be bothered scrolling back up.
        Shop closed today so thought i would jump on to check M&M and TAY.
        Loving the Moffat appreciation!!!

          Loving the loving the Moffat Appreciation.


          I just went back to the old TAY and whoever was praising us for pummeling and awarding us Vaseline also wins Vaseline.
          Me likey!


          VGPRICES, how about an update on those Pokemunz White prices. I have found several already and you have none!

            thanks for the Vaseline Jimu. the fighters use it a lot to prevent/reduce cuts & bleeding. But you can use it for just about anything. truth is: Last time i saw a right-hand lead like that was Ali vs. Foreman in Zaire. deadly dangerous. and The Mac was all hand speed and bad intent - brutal. You both earnt your Vaseline fair and square.

            VGprices make me laugh. I swear, some of those comments must be intentional. 'You know, you guys should really do an article, just like that one that was re-featured during xmas'.

              I will add the prices tonight, I am at work currently.

              If anyone finds a game not listed, they are free to contact me (as it says on the site) and I will add it asap.

              I apologise to anyone that I annoyed, I really didn't mean to piss people off here. I honestly thought I could help out the community abit with the site, and I will continue to try.

              And to Sughly, to be fair, I did not say "do an article" if you re-read what I wrote.

              Anyway I won't post here anymore, but I encourage you all to support my site even though you think I'm a dick, and also Cheapskate Gamers (I doubt that will be a problem)


                Was just kicks and giggles. No need to pack up and go home. Wasn't that mean was I.....?
                Seriously mate, was just for laughs. :(
                Thought use of the word "hurties" and the "tsk tsk" made that clear.
                Theyz jus jokez!!

                  If you don't want people poking fun you shouldn't call your website Vagina Prices...

    In case anyone was wondering (I think one of you was), I have misplaced my dog's leash, and have indeed been walking him with an extension cord.

    I will endeavour to post a photo this week if I get the chance.

      I like to think that you actually have a robotic dog that constantly needs charging so you plug him in with an extension cord and constantly run a magnet up and down the line to induce charge.

    quickly scanned tay. one slight concern. TadMod ruminating on movies? i only hope cheapskate gamer is finished before deadline this week. finished before deadline with jokes included.
    if not?

      That TadMod!
      He's a slacker!
      Just like his father!

        The last post was close
        Had you written Haiku
        It would be awesome

          That Mad Todd Tannen!
          Reminds me of his father,
          He's a slacker too.

          Stealing my paper,
          One day I'll catch them, and then
          they'll EAT LEAD, SLACKERS

 "I'll" and "they'll" one or two syllables?

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