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    so finally got into the good part of mass effect pretty enjoyable actually

      When is that? I was in the Citadel and became a Spectre, and that was pretty cool; I enjoyed going around and talking to everyone in that city, but then I went search for that T'Soni lady on some volcano planet, and that's just =\. The gameplay seems kinda weird. It's not bad, it's just weird.

        well im just passed all the main beginning and start exploring wherever i want to now and i find that really entertaining as i am not restricted in which order i visit each place but becoming a specter was pretty cool

          See I kind of can't be bothered with all this freedom. Too much choice isn't ideal for me. In large open world games where I can go wherever i want, I tend to just do the main story, with a side quest here and there. It's only if the gameplay and the story is captivating enough that I purposely avoid the story and play the side quests, so as to extend the experience.

          Still, the story is shaping up to somewhat interesting. Hopefully it gets better soon, otherwise, I have a feeling I'm going to stop playing it.

        'that T’Soni lady'???



          Hey, at least he called her a lady, that's much more polite than I would have been. :P

            You don't like her?
            Surely she's more of a lady than Bitchy Mc Bitchtits.

            If it wasn't for her usefulness with a gun i would have offed her on my first playthrough.

            But now i'm playing the second time just so i can off her... oh and i guess to save the council too..*sigh*


          Is she the final member for your squad? Speaking of which, who did you put in your squad? I have Ashley and Garrus, and my Shepard is an infiltrator.

            Liara saw a lot of action in my squad - i like biotic abilities.

            My most common were Garrus and Wrex, however. I did use ashley quite a bit as she's good to shoot shit up with, too.

            Kaidan and Tali barely saw any action at all..

              "... saw a lot of action..."

              Yeah she did.

              *cues porn riff*

                You bet she did, buddy!
                She has a great tush for a blue chick

          ...and give affy one for such shithouse punctuation while you're at it. ;-)

            No need to be rude its a Monday and everyone can be lazy on a Monday morning 1st thing.

    Morning! Saw this on Reddit:

    Also, one of the comments was rather insightful:

    In other news, Nerf Wars at 1am is awesome. Mi Goreng at 3am is awesome. Running for the train at 8 am with only a half hour sleep is not so awesome. What did people get up to on the weekend?

      Haha logic win

      Now I want some nerf war action

    Just wanted to give FatShady 'mad props' for creating a YouTube walkthrough video for Trials HD for me! Awesome.

      link? :)

        I can't Youtube at work so either look up @serrels on twitter for a post i made with the links OR just search 'FatShady1' on Youtube and they are on there.

        It is a two part tutorial where i breakdown each adn every jump on InfernoII (Trials HD). It is the last extreme track within the original game and most people get stuck on it for months.

        I could not complete this track for well over 2 months i think and during that time, I faulted well over a couple of thousand times and spent countless hours. I am not kidding as there is a 500 fault limit per track and i hit that on a number of occasions.

        It is funny to look back because now i do it without fault in just over 1 minute. When i hear others struggling I just recall what trouble i had and that i wished someone could help.. so i made him the vid!


      You have not used it. I tried not stalking you all weekend but I will admit i had a look. Rock climbing, Black swan, Halo Reach.. Up til atleast 1am most nights and STILL had no times for trials.

      I can see when you complete Inferno II because there is a nice achievement and gamerpic for doing so. (Wow, the interweb does give you mighty stalking powers)

      SO, the question is, when are you going to do it?

      Also, If you want to post the links to those vids you are welcome to if anyone else is interested.

      Hope they help.

        I had a mad busy weekend. But mark my words, I will do it. If it's the last thing I do.

          "Mark my words"

          It's funny because you are Mark

            Mark: my words.

              You know, there's a horrible Channel 31/Community channel show called "Mark My Words", hosted by a guy called Mark who likes to talk and has a camera-man who likes to switch angles or zoom in every 10 seconds.
              I'd only really recommend watching it if you hate yourself.

            I'm glad I wasn't the only one giggling over that.

            Maturity five!

        Good news, everyone (well, actually just you FatShady, but I want that imagined in the professor Farnsworth voice)!

        I've finally cracked under your pressure, and as soon as my download limit ticks over to the new month (or I get impatient, one of the two), I'll be getting Trials HD.

        I hope you're happy, my life will be gone.

          Let me know when mate. I really enjoy seeing people do this for the first time. You will start out really easy and think you are cruising through then you hit Medium then HARD!!! Once you hit hard, you will be tempted to just give up. Dont, rather go back and improve on your easier tracks. Take you time and ask for help.

            Pshh, I won't need help, the thing you need to understand is that I hate myself. It makes punishingly difficult games like this surprisingly easy.

            I got it a while ago and did ok through medium. Hard I had to watch a couple of youtube clips to work out how to do 1 or 2 obstacles. The last track of Hard was horrible though, I must have tried that one hundreds of times, just that first obstacle is so frustrating, then there's one just as bad soon after it.

            Finally got it though, and done 2 of the Extreme ones as well. Thinking about getting the DLC.

              I would suggest the DLC packs. I will say the second DLC pack BIG THRILLS is better value for money so if you are not sure, get that one first but they are both worth 400 points easily.

              Also, you dont ever need to use Youtube. If you go to the leaderboards, you will see a friends list and if anyone is in the top 5000 players, their replay is available online. If you dont have any friends that high up, then just flick left or right to change the menu to Overall. Then you will see every rider globally so just watch their times.

              I will say that as you are starting out, don't watch number 1 in the world and then try and do it. Try to watch 4-5000 first to get a better idea of what tyou should go for. Watch number 1 just to be amazed and wonder how they change their bikes (they must have differeny bikes to do THAT!)lol.

              Send me a FR if you want. FatShady Live

          Oh. Trials hd is only 200mb do won't take much. Just FYI.

            I use trials HD to teach game design to kids. Thanks for the ride-through, I'll be able to get some street-cred back with the under 12s again...

    Hey there guys and girls!

    Welcome to what i like to call Fatshady-Aid-ie 2011.
    No, he isn't being held hostage by ninja terrorists, nor has he moved to zimbabwe.
    No, no, no.
    In actual fact, i want to send the little fella my old DS lite without the need for him to fork out for it.

    Heres how it works - atshady needs a DS, i have a DS - if i GIVE away my DS i get shot by the lovely Bee, if i sell my DS on ebay it'll probably be tossed aside by some 6 year old brat somewhere. So instead i'll sell snazzy shirts in a fundraising effort!


    Now most of you are familiar with my Lord Sheppard tee, but over the course of the next week or two i will be updating with brand new designs! And guess what, i've already got 2 up there, one of which i am particularly proud of! They are "Navi-B-Gone" and "big words".

    "Navi - B - Gone" has been formulated with wreckless abbaddon for all your crazy zelda fans out there and has been done in such a way that it can be enjoyed by those who like tees with bold prints and those who like the simpler things. It's got that perfect ballance.

    "Big Word" is specifically for those of you who are tired of people asserting towards you in a dissingenuous fasion.

    Basically, every time i sell a tee via toctopus i get $10 in comission. I need to raise $80 to make bee happy. This means i need to sell a measley 8 shirts.

    What happens if i sell over 8 shirts? do i just keep all of the money myself?

    No, actually, i won't be. For as long as i am running Fatshady-aid-ie, i'll be putting the money back into the community. If i sell more than 8 shirts in the next week or so, i'll use that money to buy somehting i can competition off to the community. Maybe a game of some variety if the situation allows.

    So if you like these designs, or any that i come up with in the coming days, and you have a bit of extra spending cash - pick up one of my shirts. You won't be dissapointed.

    Also, for those of you that may want to use something they are more familiar with, i have also set up a redbubble shop.
    Unfortunately with Redbubble, the prices are slightly higher and i make much less commission on the final product. On the plus side, you can buy sticker versions of my designs! huzah!

    Anyway guys and girls - i hope you like what you see.
    Even if you don't, give me some feedback and let me know what you'd like to see in future designs.

    And most importantly, lets get shady a DS because he is a legend and "Fatshady MBA DS Lite" sounds kinda funky to me.

    Oh, also, for those of you who haven't seen them yet, i still have the limeted edition Kotaku Tees available which are completely profit free - meaning you only pay wholesale and i don't make a cent on the things.

      You are a freak... I guess I'm buying a shirt.

      Can I ask though, what about if i submit a design. Does the price change based on how many you make or is that price a single unit cost that is applied to one or many products?

      Also had an idea for a shirt. Along the lines of the sheppard one..

      John 3:16
      Picture of John Marston????

      I was going to make the deisgn for you but wanted to get your thoughts first?

        What about this for an idea. Does the Missus want to see cold hard cash, or just that you got some return from the old DS. Unfortunately I am unable to do in with an Aussie XBL account but what if i gifted you some Live content?

        If i buy a shirt, you get $10. If i (for example) bought you Trials HD, you would get $20 worth of awesomness? It actually works out cheaper for me and you get more?

        Is this an acceptable practice? Would this assist the FatShady-aid-ie cause?

          Actually - we just got a new place on the weekend



          But yeah she wanted me to earn some coin to help pay for dry cleaning, van hire and the such.

          Besides, why are you trying to buy stuff? It's Fatshady-Aid-ie, not Fatshady-Aid-ie-him-self-ie :P

          I would tell you that i've had enough of your disingenuous assertions, but i don't quite know what it means, and i think it's quite nasty. I mean you need to hit a reporter after you say it... So i won't say it..

          On a side note, how AWESOME would it be if Julia Gillard did that?!
          "Mr. Abbot, i'm tired of your disingenuous assertions!"

          Oh and as for the shirts, they are all fixed price, but you can choose the markup from wholesale. I chose a 60% markup, which i thought was quite fair considering most shirts you buy from a store have at least a 100% markup.

          Also, the John Marsden one sounds pretty good.
          I'm always really keen to take on suggestions. :)

      ...this is an awesome idea, and I can't stop saying to myself "Fatshady-aid-ie"

      I'll see what I can do about getting a shirt later this week :3

      We need an Elton John, Boy George, that dude with the whiskers....ummm George Michael?, anyways, then we need Cindy Lauper and Sting and Michael Jacks..oh. There goes the star studded sing-song of We Ride The World. Maybe Tadmod can do one for FatShady!?

      Cool shirt Loops! :D

    Ok i'm going to kick off this weeks youtube thread with this ABSOLUTE DOOZY!!

    possibly one of the best clips i have seen in a long time, and the shortest!

    Ahhhh finally my training is over (That's why I disappeared from TAY last week if anyone was wondering). Spent this weekend finishing off Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and starting my adventures in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on my PS3 while going through my second character first playthrough on Mass Effect :).

    On the side, yesterday I got a future apartment reserved for me for 2 years while it gets built, giving me the time to save as much as I can until then. With any luck I'll get enough saved to get a pretty small loan for my first home :D. Finally, I can escape the bloodsucking bast-... I mean my *shudder* lovely parents...

      Good on you for saving! Too many whipper snippers these days smooch of their parents for ever and ever. There's nothing like the sense of pride in moving out on your own for the first time. You get naked, walk from room to room, vacuum up a few cockroaches, throw rugs over boxes, raid hard rubbish collections, then you sit back in your shit-hole looking up at the mouldy ceilings waiting for someone to cook you dinner... Yeah, those were the days :D

      Seriously congrats! Seems like your skipping the whole shit-tin stage and going for new. I'm very jealous, but also proud!!! You've done well my son. Once its all paid off, you will feel awesome, cause you don't have to pay any bills (accept rates) and still know there will be a roof over your head. Mind you, I like a hot shower, and internets, so I pay for those ones still. :D

        Thanks Q-bo, my step dad is an ex real estate agent and even he was really impressed with this one, price, location and facilities. I like to show what a cyborg-wannabe Gen Y is really capable of. I've saved quite a lot already, as in the last time I told how much I had in the bank to a lady friend of mine and she instantly said in caps "MARRY ME!" xD.

        As for internet I'll have to settle with ADSL-style. It'll be my first time using one of those so no idea what to expect. It's going to be foxtel capable though but I'll never get it xD. All in all, not a bad start for a 22-year old :)

          When i told a "lady friend how much i had in the bank" she dropped some spare change on my tramp-blanket and bought me a Sausage and Egg McMuffin.
          : (

            Thats when you pounce and take 'em for pity sex! :P

              When I told a "Lady Friend" how much I had in the bank, she told me that I'd lied, it was statutory rape, and that her pimp would beat me up.

              Too far?

                That was too far.

                Tell me where you are and I'll come over and explain why.

                *Picks up gold plated jimmy-bar.*

        Ahh, simpler times.

        I miss my first hovel.

        Also, this tangent just got repurposed for quoting The Four Yorkeshiremen Sketch:

        "We was happy, though we were poor".
        "Because we were poor"!

    First up, I bought a new 360 in Feb. last year and it came with a copy of Assassin's Creed 2 - I bought it at launch, so I ended up with a second copy I've been trying to offload it forever (but people are pretty flaky... despite it being free) if anyone wants a copy of AC2 for 360 (NOT Brotherhood), let me know and I'll see what I can do about sending it out in the next week or so :D


    Now fellow readers of TAY, I would like to exploit you for my benefit... :P

    Over the past 4 years (on and off), I've played a browser game - Cyber Nations. You build/manage a nation to make it stronger; nations usually become a member of an alliance for support and protection; following a battle of egos between several alliance leaders, they usually declare war on each other and you proceed to blow the s#$t out of each other; you're free to roleplay as much as you want (i.e. not at all or you can finally live out your fantasy of being an Archduke).

    There's a strong forum and IRC presence, and the interaction between people is far more interesting than the basic nation building mechanics. There are about 20,000 people in the game, of which a couple of thousand frequent the forums and IRC - alliances can have from a handful of members up to 600-700 and are basically a community within a community.

    The game only takes about 5 minutes out of your day, on average, and you're only required to login once every 25 days to remain active... but depending on how involved you get, it could take up your whole day <_<

    I've been playing for most of the last 4 years and it's often been frustrating and unrewarding... but there's something so utterly compelling (but intangible) that I can't drag myself away.

    Now to the important part: I'm a member of the Alliance of International Defence - we suck. I rejoined over Christmas after an 8-month break to find that most other people had left too and we were all-but dead -
    at our peak we were a respectable, mid-sized alliance with ~100 members... now we've got 10 and people are surprised we still exist: even though it's a game, I'm too sentimental and I can't let go of something that has been a huge waste of time for me over the last 4 years, so I need to sink even more time into it :P

    ...if you're the slightest bit interested in what I've said, I'd want you to join Cyber Nations ( and my alliance (Alliance of International Defence, you need to sign up on our forum after you make a nation so we know who you are - and you can let me know who you are here too. If you're not interested... well, you're dead to me _>

    (I kid, I kid!)

      After loops effort above, I am going to politely say that this is an awesome nice thing to offer but leave it to someone else to pick up... I can only stand so much goodness!

      Mate - i would help out, but there is a thing called Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms which has already completely engulfed my life.. it's so sad.

      If i join your game, before i know it i'll be giving BJ's out the back of the Olive Garden to support my addictions...

      Good luck, though. :)

        Oh and in regard to ACII...


          Seconded...or give it to me!


            YOU JUST WON!!!


              If no-one else is interested by the end of the week, it's yours jimu - otherwise I'll just randomly pick a name :P


                  I'm interested, but, I've already played through it, as such, if someone who hasn't (I'm assuming you probably haven't, Jimu) wants it, then I will happily concede, and let them/him/whatever have it.

      I'd totally take it... IF I hadn't just spent the weekend finishing it on PC - thank the heavens I have a USB XBO360 control otherwise I don't think it would have played as well.

      Just give it to Jimu. If no one claimed it today just give it to him. He said he never wins anything.

    For those of you who missed it from the last post on last weeks TAY. Yesterday at 8PM, Sughly was pronounced champion of the Chime competition!

    Final Results
    #1 Sughly - 5,802,700
    Global rank: #92

    #2 Qumulys - 5,349,000
    Global rank: #111

    #3 maelkann - 2,173,600
    Global rank: #1262

    #4 sarujin - 2,050,200
    Global rank: #1451

    #5 The Gamgee - 1,820,100
    Global rank: #1785

    #6 sledcommando - 848,400
    Global rank: #8088

    Thanks to all who participated, I hope you all have fun.

    Congratulations to Sughly who now has his pick from the prize pool to do with what he wishes

      Big congratulations to Sughly, we one upped each other all week and I went to bed last night at like 10:00 and rediscovered a thing called sleep, although, in my mind as I was drifting off, I realized I was watching little blue boxes get stacked....
      I tip thy hat to a worthy foe and bid you good-day.

        Haha, you were more than worthy - you were a pain in the arse! My time with that drug would have been halved if not for you.

        No, I jest! Thanks once again Explody, was good fun :D

          I owe you a big special thanks Sughly! You know why!! Once my work settles in to a nice rhythm, I'll gift you a steam game or sumthin! :)

            No problem! I knew you'd like it. Enjoy :)

              Congratulations Sughly. Once I saw the scores you and Qumulys were achieving I knew I was out of the running.

      Grats to Sughly. I (sledcommando) started playing on Friday but proceeded to become intoxicated enough to end up watching police chases on youtube at 2am. Your score is still massive though.

      Thanks to Explody though for the comp and for turning me onto a great little game.

        Merci! I think the option of youtubing is probably easier on the brain cells than marathon sessions of Chime...

    Okay, my last night in Miami before getting on the ship for the metal cruise.
    I've just got one thing to say: Arrogant Bastard Ale. Yum.

      Oh, okay make that two things: the running order for the cruise has been posted and I'm having trouble deciding on a schedule. All I know for sure is I'll see Gamma Ray first but after that I'm paralysed with indecision. Too many choices!

      OMG, roam around Miami and try see if you can hunt down David Caruso as he's solving a crime, indoors, at night, with sunglasses on, standing there hands on hips.

      WAIT! You must try this and tell us how it goes:

    I spent all of my weekend playing Oblivion, modded to hell and back. Loved every second of it.

    It was funny, I'm a level 20 Argonian Mystic Knight (custom class), and after doing the 3rd-ish main story mission (Baurus and the Mythic Dawn Commentaries), I was leaving the sewers, feeling overconfident as I hammered the crap out of all the Mythic Dawn goons without a scratch on me.

    I go through a door, and all of a sudden, I'm staring at 15 goblins, some blue, some brown, and a few goblin shamans.

    It was insane, I telikinetically (is that a word?) flung them into a wall, which gave me enough time to buff up my blunt skill and give myself a fatigue regen, before going to town. Bodies were flying, my health was steadily dropping, but in the end I was the victor! Standing in the middle of about 15 goblin corpses.

    I heart mods.

    Kind of makes me want to do an "Oblivion 2011 mod compilation" thing, but after the shitstorm of "Morrowind 2011" I'll just stick to modding it over the course of 6 hours. >_>



    in other news, Australia's through to the semi's of the asian cup!

    So is japan and south korea! can't wait to get back :D

      Took us long enough to score, though.

        harry kewell man!

        (and mark schwarzer, his shoulders must hurt pretty bad after carrying australia forever)

    I have a Nudge! ?

        Yes! Perhaps this needs some explaining. I only thought of this today, but for at least 85% of these school holidays, my daughters best friend has been living at our house. If it was my daughter, I'd want her home after a one night sleep over. But this kid just won't leave. Not only that, she calls me Dad. Which seemed weird after the first week, but now four weeks later, I yell at her to clean her room like a Dad should.
        All I need now is a Betty for comic relief.

        (Although, I do feel sad for her, as she seems to have a pretty shitty life at her home with parents who just don't seem to give a damn about her)

          This picture I was just sent might give you some ideas for scaring her away...

            Dude....that scared me away!

              I know right.. where it sits on the screen makes you look down at it, and that makes it feel like you're looking at Christian Bale after he just bit your man bits off..

    **Doritos Crach Course Competition**

    While it is starting to feel a little one sided i thought i'd post the times anyway. Again, Batguy has blitzed the competition.. well done again mate, awesome running!

    Batguy - 1.01.867
    Blaghman - 1.03.208
    Ambrose IV - 1.10.610
    FatShady - 1.15.171
    Welbot - 1.15.584
    Tristosterone - 1.21.662
    Jimu Hsien - 1.29.054
    Banderdash - 3.21.097

    Well Batguy, bragging rights go to you once again. Someone (Looking at blaghman this week) will have to knock him down a notch or 4.

    OK, to increase the difficulty once again, this week it is Japan Level 1.

    Get running (and slide jumping) people!

      It was closer than you think this week. I checked in at 6pm on Sunday to confirm my dominance, only to find that Blaghman had overtaken me by 0.2 of a second!

      So I pushed myself for another hour or so and retook the land with a very lucky run. Those fans at the end of the level can really make or break a time.

      Then I was checking in every hour till midnight to make sure he didn't strike back again :)

        Oh and you might yet get a Batguy-free run this week or next. My wife is *this* close to giving birth, so I'm fairly certain that my Crash Course contributions will end as soon as that all kicks off!

        I'll have to make sure I get in early and put in some unbeatable times tonight.

          Congrats and good luck. I went through that about 2 years ago. You will be surprised but your gaming will likely remain unchanged as new borns sleep heaps... I would normally stay up gaming til 1am, do a night time feed while wifely sleeps then she would get the 4am feed while i slept. We both got a solid 5-6 hours a night and i got to keep gaming...

          Just an idea.

          But yeah, sort out the family side of things first mate. Just be sure to change your name before you post (lol).

        Holy crap that was tense.

        GG WP Batguy.

        I was hoping I had you with that second time, and I figured that maybe if you beat mine I could shave maybe half a second, but that much? No.

          Yay, good to see you posting a bit.

          Umm, I dunno.

          Something to clean up the mess that is TAY, without removing its inherent charm. I like the current format, except that whenever we go over to a new page the previous ones seem to die.

          I have no idea how to fix this, but, you know...


            Gah, that was supposed to be a reply to the below post, I know what we need, a damn edit button!

          Thanks for stepping up Blaghman. Good work on the time, I reckon we'd be neck-and-neck in a race and it probably came down to a good fan exit for me. I could consistently get near my final time last week - this week I only ever finished one run that was better than yours.

          I got a bit of a flutter in my stomach when I saw that you'd overtaken me. Then it was loads of fun trying to catch you, the sort of experience I've been hoping for in this comp. I was actually being cheered on as I chased you down! Hopefully we'll be able to get a few days worth of friendly rivalry in again this week.

            Friendly rivalry?

            Speak for yourself, I plan to CRUSH YOU INTO THE GROUND!



            I worked out a good place for the fan exit, but I didn't manage to do a boosted exit (as in, go off the blades to drop down, then get pushed up).

            I could also get just shy of your time that I beat over and over again, but beating it was a bit of a fluke.

            Still, I love a challenge, so hopefully we can have a good back and forth.

              I see this leading to Batguy bing pressured to buying Trials HD from Blaghman... hey batguy.. do you feel it, squeezing you from both sides... that my friend is peer pressure!

                You may not recall, but I do already own it, bought in the end of year XBLA sales. Haven't turned it on even once cos I'm scared of what it will do to me.

                Now that I've finished SMB (see comment below) I might fire it up. This evil Doritos gateway plan appears to be working...

                  As soon as you said it I recalled. I just didn't see how crazy you are for this stuff. I am seriously worried.

                  I am getting excited now. I really want to replace the Doritos comp with a trials one. I am thinking about running it in the same way. I will not compete unless one of you beat one of my times. I'll wait a couple of weeks for Blaghman to get it then we can get started. Might post another topic just to see if anyone else wants in?

                You know what the problem is though, then I'll have 2 XBL friends playing Trials HD, and both will be better than me. I don't like to lose, it's a real problem given how filled with fail I am.

      Dammitt, I never made it back...thats my time from weeks ago!

        I was about to say, you had a bit of the inflatable boy going there.

        That is, you let the team down, you let Kotaku down, and you've let yourself down.

      Damn! Considering I only tried this level once at the beginning of last week, I did pretty well! I kept meaning to go back and see if I could do any better, but never quite got around to it!

    HEY TAY!

    The moment feels right to say hello, so here goes :)
    I'm Ben, and I'm working at Allure Media in a design / pseudo development role.

    I've been kept pretty busy since starting in November last year, but the one job I'm REALLLY looking forward to getting my teeth into is the design update for the tech network (Kotaku, Giz, Lifehacker).

    As a long time reader myself (mainly Kotaku :D), I've already got some ideas down, but I'd love to get some feedback from you guys.
    You're the ones that check back the most, so I want the site to cater to your needs.

    Any feedback is welcome - problems you have with the current site, features you'd like to see come or go, blahhh.

    You can comment here, or twitter me (@d3v1an7) but I have no idea how to use twitter, so here is probably best :D

      Hi Ben. Thanks for joining in and asking. Appreciated.

      Can I check, does this extend to the mobile site also? I find myself using this while at home or in transit so wondering if there is any scope for that?

        We are currently using a plug-in to generate the mobile sites, and what you currently see is the vanilla output with the site logo slapped on top :)
        Any suggestions design/functionality wise are appreciated :)

          My only real comment about the mobile site is the comments are much harder to follow. It is often difficult to tell the difference between a comment and a reply (they should be in different colours) and also that as the site has no indentations for subsequent replies, there is no easy way to follow a conversation. I suggest figuring out this website first, but just something to note.

            And the mobile site doesn't work on WP7.

            Also, Hiya Ben.

          how about multiple pages for TAY comments?
          The muscles in my index finger are bigger than my other fingers from trying to scroll to the bottom of TAY :P



      Collapsible Comments (Reddit style)!

      More than 25 comments a page! (Maybe you can choose?)


      Community members that can moderate!

      The ability to hit the Kotaku US button without spending a million years trying to line up the mouse to the weirdly placed invisible button!

      I don't know why I'm making exclamation point comments, but thank you!

        This is all good stuff - thanks :)

        I don't think Kotaku really needs it as the community is rad - but how would you feel about comment ratings?

        Community member moderators is a bit out of my scope, but I can definitely bring it up.

          Define comment ratings and their purpose?

            There are a few variations out there, but I was thinking a community based vote up/down system.

            Vote up could simply be a bit of an ego massage for the commenter, knowing that the community agrees with their sentiments, or it could even move the comment/thread to the top of the page (see youtube).

            Vote down would eventually cause the comment/thread to disappear from view, requiring a action from the reader to open the comment again.

            Like I said, probably not required as the community is so friendly, and comments are already moderated - but wanted to gauge interest anyway :)

            Another option would be a 'mood in here' type system (see get satisfaction) where you can attach a 'mood' in response to the article or the comment you are replying to.
            A module would sit on the right hand site which displayed the total of each mood, which give you an instant idea on how the community feels about the story.

              Mmmm, I'm not sure about this one myself, I prefer to look through chronologically at everything. If things are getting bumped up and down I'll soon lose track of everything. Unless I misunderstood what you meant. Which is highly possible :(

                If it's done in the youtube way, then it's only a few comments that are bumped up to the top, in their own little, umm, paradise, and if you look through the stuff chronologically you'll still find them.

                I think that would work well for the regular articles, but given the size of TAY, and the timeframe it lasts for, it might be a little tricky (not that I'm saying not to do it, I think it would still be cool).

      Hi Ben, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

      My main requests are that I'd like the layout to be a little more like the US one - as that's the version I look at when I want to catch up on a few days worth of news:
      - bigger pictures, including column width ones when appropriate
      - an in-article image browser that actually works
      - more articles per page, so that it's easier to skim through. Some kind of cookie-based tracking of which stories I've read would be even better if you could be bothered!

        Hey batguy - when you say the US site, do you mean the one that is currently live, or the beta?

        Read/unread sounds like fun :)
        I know forums do this, but I've never seen it on a blog? (Don't know why, it's a great idea)

        Do you have an example online where you have seen this before?

          The existing one (didn't even know there was a beta one!)

          I haven't seen the blog read flag thing before, sorry, so I can't point you to any examples. I just know that I'd definitely appreciate it: Hide all the articles I've read when catching up, then go back to regular view to participate in the comment conversations.

      Well hey there!

      So you're working on the new forums right... right?

      A couple of feature I think I'd like to see are:
      1. Page numbers for comments. Particularly useful in TAY threads, I usually want to jump to a certain page
      2. Comments for the mobile version of the site without having to load the full browser version.

        It's just my gut feeling - but I don't think forums will be on the cards, unless there was massive demand for it.
        Even then, I'd need to have a big chat with Shay and Serrels to see how they felt about this one.

        Good call on the other points, these will be included in the new spec.

        Sorry Splody but i dont want a forum. I know they work elsewhere but the current format keeps it fresh and is always moving. Forums tend to stick around and threads keep getting dug up over and over again. This site appeals to my short attention span

        *sees a dog with a leg of ham out the window and runs after it*

        As such a good community has been built around the current format, it is therefore working so why change it. I do agree that there is heaps we can do to improve the site, but a dedicated forum I feel would alienate more that it would welcome them.

        Just me though. I know it has been talked about heaps on here and i'm happy to be the odd one out. Just offering my opinion.

      Accounts and page numbers (TAY)'
      Fulfill these requests and you will receive abundant amounts of the following

        I'm all about the high five!
        I love to high five.

        What kind of options would you like to see in a user account?

          With regards to accounts, you probably wouldn't need to go overboard. Maybe allow us to view profile pages, etc. With options for information that we can choose to give (make everything optional, to respect privacy), such as name, age, location, what we are currently playing, gamertags/equivalent for friend requests, etc.

          I'd like to be able to search for my posts...
          Possibly a notification if someone replies to a comment, although this would need to be disabled for TAY otherwise the whole thing would become some kind of lesbian spank inferno.

            Lesbian spank inferno?!? Those things exist?!?

              I'm glad you asked:

              Suitable for work... amazingly.

            In terms of searching for posts, maybe if our account system worked like the facebook connect thing, except maybe with an avatar, and possibly a small signature or something.

            imagine if you received a notification every time tad commented on something.. my gmail inbox would explode

      Hi Ben! All I want is for the regulars to have instant non-moderated comments. We'll be good, and if we step over the line, you could perhaps revoke such privileges. Maybe it could be awarded as a prize? Ohohohoh, and then our names appear in GOLD!!!!! And, we get an avatar!
      Oh, and a Mark LIVE cam, which follows him everywhere like The Truman Show!!!

        Interesting - it's defiantly something that will have to be run past Serrels/Shay.

        The biggest issue I see with this is that with the current system, it's really easy to make sure everything is kept above board, as every comment is read (usually in context) before it gets approved.
        If comments are auto approved, Serrels and Elly would have to check logs all day to ensure everything is kept in check. It would probably end up being more work than the time it would save.

        I'm working on the live cam as we speak.

          Mwhahahha watch out for falling lighting rigs Mark!

          Maybe a "flag this post" / "report this to moderator" button... with such an active community it would get used.

        +1 for avatar! :D

      Hey Ben - Mark told us all about you (well... your name, at least) so it's good to see you here! :D

      I agree with a lot of the other ideas, so there's only one other thing that occurs to me at the moment - some kind of form on the website so that we can email Mark without becoming a victim of his spam filter. Alternatively (if we're getting accounts) a PM/message system would be awesome.

      Looking forward to what you guys can do, and I hope you blur that line between work & play and visit TAY more often :P

        Thanks AmbroseIV :)

        I’m pretty sure the idea is to have no email addresses listed on the new site.

        Instead, you’ll get a form that will place a nicely formatted email directly into Mr. Serrels inbox.

      Hello Ben!

      I replied, but it was to the wrong person, because I'm just that awesome.

      Anyway, something I've realised, could something be done with the "share" popup, it's not that I have a problem with its function or contents, it's just that I always seem to mouse over it when I go to hit the next page button, and I'm then stuck there awkwardly as my browser dies and fails to remove it.

      OK, so it's there for like, three seconds, but still, it is very minorly aggravating, and therefore should be your top priority.

        Hey Blagman, I also just replied to the wrong person, YEAAAA.

        Agreed with the share thing, I'm doing that all the time.
        We are going to have a look at what social networks people are actually using in the redesign, but be assured that whatever happens, it wont be a pop up/over/thing.

        I'm not sure if it's a change that will happen before the redesign though - you might have to put up with it a little while longer. Sorry!

          I am stifling my laughter, but be aware that if I wasn't at work I would be laughing so hard right now.

          In all seriousness though, it's only a minor annoyance, but I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one.

            +1 for the banning of those mouseover popups.

            Also, with regards to social intergration... perhaps a twitter feed (news ticker) on the page?
            Please don't make us go back to facebook... it's full of people who 'like' everything

        You sir are a mind reader...

        talk about frustration


        Well, of course, we need accounts to have the edit button, because otherwise it would be editing via a "session" based system, or something in the cookies, both of which could be easily faked.

        But yes, I really need an edit button, to make up for my flailure when typing.



        This x 1000.

        We REALLY need an edit button.

      Lovely to meet you, Ben.
      Welcome to the madhouse!

      Another feature I just remembered, some sort of automatic system or permanent link to the most recent TAY, instead of having to use up an Editor's Picks slot.

      With this in mind, if you read this Mark, could you update it to be this weeks?


      I submitted some ideas in a thread a while back that mr serrels said were awesome.. and now I can't recall what they all were. One was definitly threads in TAY that collapse with a little + sign next to them, and had an indicator that showed when something had been added to the thread since you last visited. That would be a great time saver!


    I see Giz has instituted the Whitenoise community forum.. has their been any office bets placed as to whose community will be bigger? Or do you for now and always have bragging rights on that one?


        Actually does a larger number of comments mean we are bigger or just noisier?

        oh and LOL that the first comments were about accounts and forums!

          It means we have enormous throbbing members! (said in a really manly yell, I apologise to the womens [sic]who are excluded from this comment).

        I love that half of that is them asking what it is... and Nick repeating that it's going to be awesome like Kotaku.

    Well on February 9 I will be heading over to Japan to snowboard, but outside of that I will be spending a bit of time in Tokyo. Who can help me out with some 'must do' things!?

      You must but me lots and lots of Naruto paraphernalia.

      OK, to be honest, I have no idea, except to make sure you visit Akihabara, supposedly it's a geek paradise or something.


        Christ, I have a bad case of the Monday fail today.

      Akihabara is always nice to visit for tech/electronics stuff. Lots of cheap stuff there (cameras, etc). It's also big for anime and otaku sorta stuff (I didn't go to any of that, so not really sure what it's like).

      For cultural-y stuff the Meiji Shrine and park in central Tokyo is very nice. There's also a huuuuge Buddhist temple and market at Asakusa which is awesome for getting Japanese souvenirs.

      Have fun.

      If you're in Tokyo on a weekend, head down to Harajuku (1 or 2 train stops from Shinjuku).. you'll see all manner of HOT cosplay chicks just roaming the street and posing for pics and stuff! Tokyo Dome City has a kickass rollercoaster running in and around the building! Such a thrill! That also houses the Jump Shop (that's where you can get Blaghman and Mr Serrels some Naruto stuff.. I know for sure Mr Serrels would love you forever and a day if you bought him a Frog wallet! ;)
      Shinjuku has a few Fugu bars if you wanna try it. I was going to when I was there, but my friend was too chicken, and the place close to my hotel happened to be right in the heart of the red light district, and my friend was too pussy whipped by his GF at the time, and wouldn't go there for fear of being tempted :| WUSS!
      Plenty more cool stuff you can do there, but the list would fill pages!

        Oh, Harajuku. So much win.

        We met this guy over there a few years ago, apparently he makes something of a hobby out of posing for Western tourists:[email protected]/2273002933/

        Yes, they are real goldfish.

    Kevin muscat is a wanker and should never play football again in Australia. Discuss.

      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Super Kev!
      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Super Kev!
      Super Kevin Muscat!

      Yeah, he's kinda aggro, and kinda old, but he's awesome nonetheless.

        ...really? :P

        I've never liked him, always thought he was a bit of a dick... but he is entertaining, I'll give you that.

      That was disgusting.

      I hate so-called hard-men. Roy Keane, Muscat - they're a relic of the 70s and all that bullshit posturing. He played for Glasgow Rangers for a season and was never picked for the Rangers vs Celtic Old Firm match, because the manager knew that the chances of him staying on the pitch for 90 mns during a high intensity match were virtually nil.

      They should make an example of this guy - he's injured so many players with this crap.

        Correct. So lucky he didn't do that in the English Premiership because otherwise the cops would be called for assault. They don't have rules in the UK which prevents cops from charging on field behaviour

        I am a FFA referee myself and I have to say although Beath did a fine job with a tough match he did miss 2 CLEAR AS DAY red cards earlier which could have contributed to Muscat thinking he could get away with such a ridiculously bad challenge

        Had the MVC had 2 others sent off earlier, would he have done it, we will never know but its certainly less likely.

        Thankfully the kid doesn't have a bad injury. Just a few minor strains in the knee. Heart are going to rest him for the season to ensure he is ok for next year though.

        If i was on the heart team i would have gone and smacked Kevin myself, would have been worth the red card.

          That last point, I'm not really an aggressive person, but yeah - sometimes I don't know how players restrain themselves when someone does that to a teammate.

          I would be gooooooooone (and totally unapologetic)

          On a semi-related note, I can't believe Sydney gave up two goals to draw yesterday. Frustrating team -_-

      As an attack, it was skillfully executed in dramatic fashion.

      As a football tackle, he's lucky that a red card is the only punishment he seems to be getting. That was disgraceful.

        "As an attack, it was skillfully executed in dramatic fashion."

        That was hilarious.


      Frankly I think we should be more worried about Mark Bosnitch's hair.

      WTF is that thing?

        It took me a while to realise that it was him. Time has not been kind...

        I'm willing to look past that because he's got the best laugh ever -

    So I started "playing" Amnesia in earnest over the weekend. I quote playing, because I couldn't go through a session for more than 15 minutes without having a break.

    I don't know why it scares me so much. My character has only died once in the 2.5 hours I've been playing and that was because I didn't know how to avoid it (it tells you how when you die).

    It's, I suppose, just the atmosphere.

    There was one time in a particularly dark area, I was running very low on lamp juice so I didn't have it out, opting to light candles instead. I oppened a door and it was pitch black inside. Knowing I wouldn't be able to find a candle I produced my lamp.
    half a meter in front of me was this monstrosity who was slowly turning around. I literally shrieked and sprinted away to hide in a corner somewhere. Turned off the lamp and waited for it to leave. I could hear it shuffling around to start with, but eventually I couldn't hear anything. I reckon I sat there for a full 5 minutes, well after it had gone...

    Then I saved the game and quit.

      Well at least you gave it a go, I wouldn't even do that. xD I can stand horror movies... but in any game where there is: a dark room and enemies (horribly monstrous or not), I can't stand it. I always end up cranking the screen brightness right up. lol

      In a zombie apocalypse, I would be more than useless. :P

    Blahhh, I cant help it. I have a dirty obsession. Does anyone else have a website they always go to which they would rather not speak about??? Well for me its its got all sorts of stuff on it, conspiracy theories, ufo's, technology, as well as breaking news etc. The content is all driven by members the best of which gain flags which brings them to the front page. I must warn you that it is FULL of crackpots, you'd be amazed the amount of people who seriously think they can predict the future/are aliens/etc. Its highly amusing. I rarely post on there though, mostly read.

    So, anyone else have secret websites they'd rather not say on their daily click list?

      Yeah, I visit this Kotaku site, it's got all these terrible people who comment with the most inane things. And the editor is terrible and never gets involved in the site.

      And don't get me started on this Chuloopa guy.

      In all seriousness though, the worst I have is that I occasionally visit CVG pages via GamesRadar, and I almost always regret it.

        I've heard he has 13 fingers and uses doona's as napkins...

          Some say, he has 8 tentacles in place of each of his fingers. All we know is, he's called the wait, that's not right....

            Some say his last name really is " "

        +1 for the CVG articles linked from Gamesradar. Some of it is informative, but there's too much fluff over there.

          I always read the title, and am like "Oh my god, this article will be great, I really want to find out about this" then it's just a bunch of speculative crap, or something that has almost nothing to do with the actual title.

          So infuriating.

    Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu unlocked for SSF 4 AE...NUFF SAID !!


        Capcom alluded that there would be more bonus characters in the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter 4 other than Yun and Yang.

        Appears to be a timed thing in Japan, which has just been unlocked. Don't know if there are any more characters yet....



          Except that they'll prolly charge for individual downloads when they finally make it to console...

            Yeah...textbook Capcom unfortunately.

            Also Capcom appear to be pretty P!ssed at the leak as they have sent YouTube a letter requesting them to cease all videos due to copyright.


              "oh no! People are going to know we did something good, let's be dicks about it!"

    Mmmaaaark, did you get my email? About Dead Rising 2?

    weeeelbooooot... did you get your email from Explody?

    My apologies to everyone else who cares not for my hassling :)



        I spoke to Welbot all is going to plan...


          Awesomeness! Thanks Explody!

            haha thanks sughly.. i responded to a thread higher up in the page. I've only been able to comment this arvo cos I've been out busy all day with jobs! w00t!

        Mark...? *prod, prod*

          Yeah I got it! Sorry - the prob is the poster containers we need for the posters. SO ANNOYING.

    I think I reached my gaming pinnacle over the weekend: I finished Super Meat Boy.

    That's right. One mother-hundred percent completion baby! (Actually something like 104%, it gets a little confused in the statistics). All A+, bandages, warps, characters, light and dark worlds 1-7. Then went back to optimise my times, currently sitting at about 380 on the XBLA leaderboards. It's amazing how much easier the early levels after finishing the later ones!

    Maybe I can retire from gaming now?

    Nah, who am I kidding. I have to keep going to take down Fatshady in Trials HD ;)

      You, sir, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, are a freak. Seriously, I am in awe of your amazing abilities.

      *Bows down. Can I bring you fruit sir? Perhaps I can have 10 useless minions torn in twain by angry badgers for you amusement?

        *YOUR* not you, sorry sir, please spare my poor typing skills. I have children who need a pappa. I know I know, I shall hang myself sir. You are truely a wise King, Lord of the Meat.

        *Plays Strange Fruit, and dangles from a tree.

          Batguy: Lord of the meat... well that's his porn name taken care of!

      Actually, Trials HD just sold out. There are no copies anywhere and they are not taking new players. Sorry to get your hopes up but you can't play this game at all. Thre was nothing i could do.. sorry....

      *Damn, my days of being a Trials Legend are officially over!*

      Mate, seriously freakish effort. I am honestly worried what you would do with Trials!!!! looking forward to it though.

      And suddenly, it all becomes so clear why you've been winning Crash Course...

      ...seriously, nice work - I still need to get back into it after my spirit was shattered in trying to unlock The Kid :P

      Super props, dude. That's some extreme dedication.

      I hope to accomplish this myself someday, when I find the time :P

    Some leftovers from last week's TAY:

    @ Jamie Watt: I was disappointed by SpiderWoman, Bendis had been banging on about that for years. Then they didn’t even finish…was meant to go on for a while, maybe as long as their run on Daredevil, which is amazing.
    Ultimate Spider-Man was the comic that got me back into comics after about 3 years of not reading.

    @Nohandle: Marvel put Jeph Loeb in charge of Marvel TV, I expect VERY good things!

      And I'll apologise to Braycen for whinging about not being in his eps only to discover the ep I didn't watch... featured me :(

      I'm so lame.

      Still doing the happy dance bout Dini, wrote by far the best eps on all series i've seen.
      Marvel TV with him and loeb i soooo exciting, just hope they don't try to do it all of the back of the Avengers and Xmen. Would really like some other characters get some screen time Moon Knight, Dr Strange etc

    Ben White is here? OMG. Mark Literally talks about you all the time [don't tell anyone, but i think he loves you, man].

    Don't worry about changing a thing, Ben. At my work I used up a lot of company resources and time & staplers and other nice stationary items just building an amazing place to hide. Having a good place to hide is an important career move for a young professional like myself.

    I've guaranteed my long-term future viability at the company by remaining entirely incognito. Nobody even knows who I am! This gives me a lot of free time to pursue my personal interests and vices.

    Here. Serrels told me to give you this box: [♥] - (what's inside? is that a human heart ?) - i think he must've gone crazy? HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!

      I hide under my desk when under duress.
      Let's be friends!

    I found out that I can get through the day with only five and a half hours of sleep and a large latte.
    Also, how was everyone's weekend?

      Man, you get five and a half hours sleep? That would be great.

      I've recently pretty much lost the ability to chuck an all nighter, but it's been replaced with surviving on three hours sleep a night for up to 4 days, which I consider a fair trade-off.

      My weekend?
      Found out that my parents were fail, and hadn't organised my present for my sisters 21st (which is today) like they said they had (they just told me, btw, we've organised a present for you, I'm not so pathetic that I couldn't have managed something on my own). Then I slept not nearly enough. So, overall, pretty normal.

      Yeah, ~5 hours is pretty much a minimum for me too - I know people who seem to gloat about 1-2 hours sleep, but it's unpossible D:

      And I spent my weekend sick. I was all mucousy and disoriented and hallucinating and stuff... it was horrible. :/

        I get about 3 hours sleep on average, for about 5 days at a time, then I get a 7-10hr binge then rinse and repeat.
        It is bloody horrible. I usually finally crash at about 2 or 3am and wake at 5 or six. It sucks.

        When I was younger it didn't seem to phase me, these days it knocks me around a lot.
        God when I started working at 17 I had two jobs and uni. One job was a systems programmer on DEC VAX and PDP machines, we didn't get much sleep, would often go two to three days with only desknaps. It isn't good for you though, about a year into that job I woke up in hospital. I had passed out halfway in my front door and was suffering with exhaustion and fatigue and had a few days on various drips.
        If you are able to sleep, I highly recommend it.

      NOOO! - This is definitely going to turn into a pissing competition now. *unzips* Well, i once made it through the day with five hours sleep and a decaf banana frappuccino.

      You kids these days.

      When I turned 18 I was working split shifts in 2 jobs.
      0400-1030 job1
      1100-1600 job2
      1600-1900 job1
      1900-2330 job2
      2330-0330 Drinking.
      For 3 straight days...

      I crashed so hard afterwards though, and it helped that I was in Darwin, you can drink all day without getting drunk up there.

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