Teamwork Is Key In Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Flashpoints

Teamwork Is Key In Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Flashpoints

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Flashpoint system will give players of BioWare’s upcoming MMO the chance to team up and take on epic group adventures, like rescuing an important Jedi Master from the Imperial planet of Taral V.

We’ve seen plenty of solo gameplay for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not much in the way of team-based adventure. That’s where Flashpoints come in. Flashpoints are instanced zones where teams of Imperial or Republic players will partake of adventures every bit as rich and detailed as the singleplayer content. Teamwork is key, and the decisions your group makes while playing can change the experience for everyone involved.

For those World of Warcraft players out there, think instances, only with a much deeper storyline and lightsabers.

Check out the Flashpoint page on The Old Republic website to see more examples of these interactive multiplayer Star Wars tales.

Flashpoints [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


  • I dont actually mind the graphics, its a nice take and efficient.

    Who the hell was that Green Terd looking guy at the start though? I assume that was meant to be Yoda..

    Didnt sound anything like him though, which, is kind of stupid as its a pretty unique voice that everyone knows and loves quoting.

    In fact the voice acting here on the whole is pretty lousy. Worse than WoW’s, and thats saying something.

    • Yoda was ~900 years old when he died. Old Republic is set ~3500 – 4000 years before A New Hope. No way is that little green dude Yoda.

    • Yoda only lived to be about 800, and this takes place roughly 1000 years before the prequel series AFAIK, this must be a creature of the same species.

      What is weird though, is that there already was another of Yoda’s species, called “Yaddle,” who, spoke in that backwards way, like Yoda, whereas this one did not.

      Although not very much is known about Yoda’s species (and I hope to the gods that Lucas keeps it that way; midichlorians… pfft!), so their way of speaking may not be a specific trait of the species.

    • It’s not Yoda, just another member of the species. There’s another one like him in the first KOTOR as well. Yoda was about 900 so this takes places thousands of years before he was born.

    • It isn’t meant to be Yoda, just another member of his species who isn’t 900 years old. Don’t forget The Old Republic takes place thousands of years before the movies.

      • You know there was a being in the original Jedi Council of the same species as Yoda right? Or at least a similar species, it’s name was Yiddle. There would be others of them around, though probably rare.

  • yeah the game is looking great and the whole universe will be epic, but there will be way to many doods with light sabers (jedi/sith) and not enough of the other suggested classes like bounty hunter(awesome), republic commando(also cool) and rogue (han solo much?).

    The class I want to play most is the Bounty hunter cause of Boba/Jango Fett (both cause they’re awesome).

    • Yeah, that’s always gonna be the problem with Star Wars games. Too many people digging the light sabers.

      But I guess that’s a challenge BioWare will just have to combat by giving attractive reasons to choose the non-saber classes.

      I’ll probably go for a bounty hunter too, the same reasons as you. Being a for-hire bad-ass in space just seems way too awesome to pass up.

  • A very young yoda perhaps? There was also a chick yoda in the kotor timeline, but I don’t think this was her. she had an orange lightsaber.

    Hmmm orange.

  • This american voice acting’s pretty bad. Doesn’t feel like Star Wars nor do the human characters fit the universe but some sort of space marine game.

    “‘Are’ team will free your friend no matter what it takes”? Oh dear.

  • Yeah voice acting is the least of my worries, and when you think of how many voices they’d need to do then you can’t expect it to be perfect.

    can’t wait for the full game 🙂

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