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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like what are your most hated parts of your favourite games?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I remember loving Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker right up until the irritating fetch quest right at the end, which got me to thinking - what incredible games were almost ruined by some completely stupid section? Tell us dammit!


    My all time favourite game: Vagrant Story. The fact you have to save your game after managing your inventory. The time to save in VS is too long!

    The Water Temple.

    That is all.

      I laughed, but then I was sad because it's true.

      I was gonna bring that up, but It has never ground me to a halt before.

      I can't wait to play the water temple in all its glory on the 3DS.

      You're going down Dark Link!

      Am I the only one that didn't mind the Water Temple?
      Been a while since I've played it but I found it challenging rather than annoying.

        I never understood the hate.

          I have endless memories of running up and down that temple, changing the water level dozens of times and running around trying to see if that effected anything. Then I'd find a door I could have gotten to with the water level at a different level, so I'd go and do that, which would involve back tracking for another 10 minutes, only to find that the room I had accessed had a locked door and I didn't have any keys. Ok, back to changing the water level then.

          The first time I did it I got stuck in there for hours and stopped playing the game for literally a couple of months. Finally went back to it and did finish it. Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser I don't mind it nearly so much, though it does bring back some painful memories. I actually wouldn't mind playing through Master Quest and seeing what its like there.

        I loved the Water Temple - what a brilliant puzzle - I had more trouble with the Forest Temple to be honest and the Spirit Temple wasn't easy either.

        The only reasonable gripe you could have with the Water Temple was having to bring up the inventory screen to keep switching boots - which I'll note was fixed in Wind Waker where the Iron Boots were mapped to the XYZ buttons.

        The Fetch Quest at the end of Wind Waker though - it was more dissappointing than annoying - I wanted more dungeons! The six or so in the actual game were fantastic

    Vampire: The Masquerade

    Spending hours trying to find patches that work to fix the bloody thing.

    I played for several hours - glitch

    Several more hours of playing - glitch..

    Man was it ever worth it, thogh..

    Also, Too Human - story was great, but what is with those bloody deaths?!?! The grind was painful, too... but no where near as painful as dying...

    I guess dying at least looked pretty... *sigh*

    Mass Effect the first section

      Unfortunately it's a necessary evil to set up the rest of the epic story line.
      While it is slow, it really crams you full of knowledge so you know more about what's going on.

      Sort of like a good book.. the first 1-2 chapters normally sets up the rest of the story for awesome..

        A good book is an awesome analogy. I remember pouring over every log and loving every minute of it!

      What do you mean the first section of Mass Effect? The story with being made a Spectre and seeing how Humans are treated like third class citizens is the best part of the game.

      My most hated parts in video games would be:

      Tough moral choices in BioWare games. I spent up to half an hour in DA:O on some of the choices towards the end of the game. I especially hate not knowing which choice will lead to a happy ending. The thing is I also like that those choices are in the games and would be disappointed if BioWare stopped putting them in.

      The end boss fight in Fable 2. You go through the whole game wanting revenge against a man and at the end you just press one button and it's over. Infact you don't even have to press anything you can wait and an NPC does it for you.

      The lackluster revolution and shadow invasion in Fable 3. I liked Fable 3 a lot but the 2 main points of the game that the story had been building towards just felt like big let downs. The revolution didn't feel like a revolution and the invasion didn't feel like an invasion. The shadow invasion boss fight also sucked.

      Another Fable 3 thing: the terrible character morphs. No horns as evil, no halo as good etc sucks. What was even worse then not really having any major morphs was the few morphs they did have. If you went good you lost your eyebrows, your face went pale and you looked like an idiot. No morph at all would have been better then that.

      This one applies to almost all video games I've played. When I have to find an item or complete a puzzle or something and I spend an hour or more trying to do it till I get fed up and go search up the answer on the internet and then see the answer to the puzzle or where the item was located was real simple and I can't believe I never thought of it or looked there and end up feeling like an idiot. It happens to me at least once every 3 games.

      They're all the ones I can think of at the moment. Given time I'm sure I could come up with more but honestly I want to remember the games for all the good they had and not focus on the bad.

      I actually really enjoyed that section. All the conversations set up the situation in the universe really well (kinda unfortunate that they didn't do the same thing for ME2). It had its occasional combat, but you got the sense that the Citadel was the heart of the galaxy's politics.

        Which is why I was so disappoint in seeing how stunted it was in ME2. It was nice to see other semi hub worlds, but it just wasn't the same...

    I always hate that part in any pokemon game before the elite four, but after the 8th badge, where you have to grind for a while before you stand a chance.

    Quite often I easily just lose interest, which is a shame because it's right before the FINAL BOSS OF THE GAME! (meta-game stuff excepted of course)

      Agreed, I never finished Diamond because of this... I breezed through the whole game, but then the final 4, BAM, they're like 10 levels above me. Grind grind grind ARGH.

    While not my favourite game of all time, I do enjoy the Naruto games on xbox... but damn... fuck those scenes traversing through the forests jumping from tree to tree.. my god they sucked hard!

      Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is horribly painful. I heard UNS1 on PS was really good, better than Rise of the Ninja which I played for a bit. I didn't mind Rise of the Ninja, I actually liked the kind of open world with platforming elements, and having to use jutsu you learnt in the storyline. If Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 was better, than number 2 must be even better right?


      The world was just a series of fixed camera scenes where you walked from one side of the scene to the other, where you were then transported to the next little scene. There were probably a dozen of these small areas in the village alone, and each one would take a few second to walk across, then a couple of seconds to load. A little disappointing compared to an open 3D world, but it doesn't sound that bad right?

      That is until you realise you walk back and forth over this linear paths literally hundreds of times throughout the storyline. One time I had to go from the Village to the Training Area, back to the Village, back to the Training Area, then I was given a new character that had to go from the Village to the Training Area, then when that was done I had to take the first character from the Training Area back to the Village. There were some fights in there to mix things up, and the fights are good, but god the walking around is so tedious.

    I'd have to say collecting those hacks to open some gates in the .hack// games. I loved the four games, it's just the part where you have to Data Drain particular monsters to acquire a hack item of sorts. Getting the B's or whatever hack was common was the easy part. Getting those G's or I's or whatever super rare letter further down the alphabet was the hard part.

    If the game didn't have that "you're using Data Drain too much, guy. You're gonna die," rule, I'd probably have saved hours upon hours of gameplay and have known why such and such place was so darn important and plot developing.

      THIS! I never finished the fourth game because of this.

    Brutal Legend, when you realise it's actually an RTS.

      Yeah, I was enjoying it as well up until then. It was a game I could laugh at because it was metal, it was absurd and laughable but at the same time made you feel like you were twelve again and hearing the first few notes of Run for the Hills.

      This x 10000000!
      I played the Brutal Legend demo and loved it so it was a day one purchase for us. Then my husband started to play it and I discovered it was a not at all like the demo, it was a strategy game.
      Ranting at high decibels ensued.
      Oh well, at least I got to watch my husband play it and listen to the soundtrack. \m/

    The Zero missions in San Andreas, and Driving School, and Pilot School for that matter. (PC version, its easier on PS2 i've found)

    Oh, and while it was awesome, the ending to Metal Gear Solid 4. I finished the last fight at 10.30pm on a work night and was still awake at 2.00am watching the endgame. Bittersweet

      For me Pilot School was two solid weeks (well the nights anyway) of pain trying to unlock the LV missions.

      Also the final driving school mission is almost impossible (the time trial through SF)

      And these words will be forever burned into my brain: "All we had to do is follow the damn train CJ"

    Metal Gear Solid...going back to cool the key then going back to warm it up about a grind!

      Finished MGS (which was awesome) for the first time the other day. I feel your pain, though I took the key to the hot place and then walked back out...big mistake. Upon returning to the computer room I discovered it wasn't fully warm. Had to back track again :(

      Question is why the developers thought it was fun to make us back track.


      Wait what? Ravenholm was Gravity Gun induced ecstasy! Easily one of my favorite sections of HL2.

      On a similar note though: Everything about the ending of HL1 - the game was so way ahead of the curve up until it becomes a jumpy platformer leading to a boring end boss.

        I actually look at that as one of the best examples of xbox achievements improving a game. There's one called "Zombie Chopper" where you have to finish Ravenholm using the gravity gun only. Turns what was already a freaky level into a genuinely white knuckle experience. Loved it to pieces.

        The Orange Box generally has great gameplay modifying achievements. Like using one single bullet in episode 1, or lugging that damn gnome with you across the countryside in episode 2.

        Actually, that's my most hated part of Half-Life 2 - that it finished on a cliff-hanger and we still don't have episode 3.

      Turn in your mouse and keyboard good sir, you are unworthy of it.

        I agree. Any PC now days should be able to handle Half Life 2. Why the heck are you playing it on Xbox?

          Who, me? I make no apologies for my actions. I had a brand new Xbox 360 when Orange Box came out so that's what I played it on. You can look down your nose at me all you want, but it didn't change the awesomeness of the experience one bit.

          Haven't had, nor needed, a windows gaming PC for years now. I do like having Steam on OSX now but only for the indie fare. I still played through Portal: Still Alive on 360 just last month and look forward to playing Portal 2 in the same manner.

          So nyeah! You can't have my keyboard and mouse because I don't have one!

    Ocarina of Time. Probably my favorite game of all time. One thing I found really annoying is going to heaps of effort to collect all the skulltula's thinking I'm going to get some fantastic for saving the last kid in the village and just end up getting more coins which by that point in the game aren't really needed.

    Nintendo, please make it worth my while with OoT on the 3DS ;)

      I got 98 skulltulas. Could never find the last two.

      Other than the required items I don't think I ever bought anything in that game. I didn't buy potions, just caught fairies, everything else I got out of grass. Getting a bigger wallet and more money really wasn't usefull at all.

    Goldeneye - Control - Defending Natalia for ages while still trying to speed through the level to unlock RCP90*2 cheat.

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - The death screen taking forever so you can't just jump back into the game.

    God Of War: Climbing that spinning column down in hades.
    God Of War 2: Room with spikes where you have to move super quick, kick a box perfectly and time everything just so.
    God Of War(all): Playing on hard, failing something with spikes repeatedly and having the game ask if you want to play on easy instead even though only combat is affected.

    Cave Story when in the secret hell level and it's super hard oh wait no it's still super special awesome <3.

    Any Blizzard RTS: The 'Defend this base for an hour' last/second last level.

    Diablo II: Act 2, just hate the environment. Usually stop playing every time I get there.

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - That chariot racing segment, spent hours trying to get past some stupid hard to control unforgiving race in a game that was about fluent motion and had a rewind time button for all the times you usually messed up.

    I'm sure plenty more will come to mind soon.

      That Natalya level was just ridiculous.

      Headbutt your controller until it bleed ridiculous.

        Noobs. I was the guy in my group that could do that cheat :P

    I loved every bit of Wind Waker, and as i have a fear of oceans and deep water in general, it is the closest i'll ever come to sailing the open seas.

    Cant think of one particular game but i hate when i've been playing a great game for so long that i've run out of story line and it just turns into getting 100% completion. My interest quickly fades.
    So many games left incompleted. If i made a graph of all the games i own and their completion level i guess it would average around 70/80% and that's out of 100's of games.

    Been playing God of War on the PS3, it reminds me how much I hate instant-death platforming. For example, in the Challenge of Hades level, you have to walk along some wooden beams in the ceiling while spinning death things spin around one-hit-killing you. If you fall off and die, BACK TO THE START. Maybe I'm just getting too old for it, but this sort of thing makes me rage so, so, so much. Frustration is not equal to fun in my books.

    Speaking of which, I hate when games over-compensate with an infuriatingly difficult final boss/level. EG the absurdly difficult and long drive up the mountain in Red Faction Guerilla with no checkpoints, the INSANELY TOUGH boss in Prototype, etc. Why ruin perfectly balanced games with such stupidly hard segments? It ruins the games forever more in my mind. I never want to play another Red Faction game again.

      Got to agree with you on the last boss being overly difficult. I remember struggling for sometime the first time I played through Prototype on him. Funny thing is, when I played through it again on hard he was piss easy because I'd built my character SPECIFICALLY to beat him.

    I hate getting to the end of a brilliant game, finishing and feeling that brief moment of satisfaction... then remorse. What do I do now? I could play through again... but how do I recreate that sense of adventure and excitement of the first time?

    There are too many games I haven't played through again because I might sully the memory of that first romp. I've got the game sitting there, glistening and smiling at me but I can't bring myself to pick it up. That's what I hate, 'cause it's unfair ;_;

    I played Phantom Hourglass recently and for about 5 minutes I stood at this poster of a mirror image of a sea chart trying to figure out what the hell to do. I touched every damn piece of the touch screen trying to figure out how to mark the hidden location on my map. I eventually got so fed up and closed my DS in a rage. When I came back to it nearly half an hour later it said "Congratulations, you figured it out!" Turns out closing and opening your DS was all you had to do. It was the biggest WTF moment of my gaming life.

    probably any flood levels in any halo game


      Timer in Dead Rising really ruined that game for me

      Why were the flood in Halo Wars... there was no reason for them.

      God I HATE the flood. I understand they made them part of the story but fighting the covenant was what made the Halo games fun. Its all we needed.

        The Library is easily the worst level in Halo history. So pointless. So irritating. Completely against what Halo was all about at the time - its incredible AI.

          Not just the AI, but the level design too! Halo took it up a notch - I'd never seen AI or outdoor levels like that before, and then suddenly you get to the library and some genius at Bungie must have decided - "We should have really dumb enemies that rush at you in corridors, where each room looks like the one before it!"

      Definitely agree on both points. Honestly, the Halo story would be MUCH better if you just deleted all the Flood from it. You'd still have an epic space opera with action aplenty.

      And argh, the timer in Dead Rising. I know you're "supposed" to play the game over and over, but stuff that. I HATE playing games over and over, I want to sit down and experience a story, not grind the same freaking sections over and over. I ragequit when the timer ran out to fight a boss and she rode off on her motorbike... WHILE I WAS FIGHTING HER. WHY WOULD SHE GET TIRED OF WAITING FOR ME AND LEAVE WHEN I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT WITH HER. AAAAAAAAAARGH.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

    Those goddamn jet ski riding bits going up the river. Thank god they learned their lesson and left that kind of rubbish out of Uncharted 2.

      My old 60GB PS3 crashed a few times on that LV. I started doing it more and more after that and I promptly sold it off and replaced it with a slim.

    Jet Force Gemini

    An old 64 game that was actually a lot of fun for a 3rd person shooter. It had a lot of features that were a lot of fun, perhaps even ahead of its time though I can't remember other games from that time well enough to know.

    Multiple characters with unique abilities meaning you would have to replay areas with each character to get to some areas. It was all linear pathways but you could go back and revisit any of the earlier worlds to find secrets and upgrades. Cool weapons and ammo upgrades. Cool little minigames where you took control of a ship and had to fly through 3D obstacle courses.

    You play through this fun and really cool game and get to a point where this little furry munchkin says to you 'oh yeah we'll help you catch up to the big bad guy that's gonna kill everyone, but you gotta do ME a favour first. Go back through all of the levels in the game and save all my little furry annoying friends that have the bad habit of standing in front of enemies, or running through gunfire, or standing at the edge of cliffs that are about to fall and break. Then I'll help you'

    Never got past that point in the game, never got to see the final Boss fight. And the Boss fights up to that point were pretty epic too. Now I feel like going back and playing that again...

      hahaha! I forgot about that! Yeah, I think that was the first time I just stared at the TV and said "yeah, no, I'm not going to do that." and quit.

    Racing missions in GTA IV.


      Especially when they weren't optional - I wanted to punch Brucie in the face more than usual.

    I mentioned it last week, but all the Sierra/Dynamix games when you got all the way to the end to find you hadn't done something menial in the first half hour

      I had that same thing with Starship Titanic. A seriously impressive game for visuals and AI. In order to interact with other characters, which were almost all robots, you had to actually type what you wanted to say. They did a pretty good job of having responses for just about anything you could type.

      However you could make the game unwinnable in the first 20 minutes by pressing a very obvious and curious lever near the start. Even with a walkthrough I made the game unwinnable multiple times because I did things in the wrong order.

    Does anyone remember Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire on N64? The game was only really fun if you activated the cheat code and messed with the physics a bit.

    That cheat code was the most degrading thing I've ever done for a video game. I distinctly remember having to use my chin to move the thumbstick, delicately holding it in position until I heard that blessed chime, upon which i moved the thumbstick to the next position. Repeat that process 5 or 6 times and you get the worst cheat code in the galaxy far far away...

      I have never heard of this cheat or its effects, though I actually really liked that game. I'm going to go check that out. What did it do?

        From memory, you could change alot of game parameters. I'm pretty sure you could become invincible, decrease/increase gravity, change jump strength and such like.

        I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure you had to be careful with changing gravity and jump strength. i.e high gravity + high jump strength = death by hitting the ground to hard. It is quite fun being able to travel an entire level in one jump :-)

        I think this cheat code is actually a debug mode, hence the freedom in changing a lot of parameters.

          I think you're right about it being a debug mode.

          Sometimes the epic whole-level jump was completely worth the painful crash-landing at the end :P

          Best bit of Shadow of the Empire was fighting IG-88.

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