Tell Us Dammit!

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like what would be an reasonable Australian price for the 3DS? And what price do you think it'll retail for here?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

US pricing was announced yesterday at $US250 - if precedent is anything to go by, that means it'll retail here at $399.95. But circumstances have changed in recent times - a stronger Aussie dollar and fear of the import market may force Nintendo's hand a little bit.

I say $399.95.

Nick Broughall at Gizmodo says $350

Elly Hart says $350

Seamus also says $350

What say you?


    What I want: $300
    What we'll probably get: $379

    Reasonable would be around $300. But I reckon it will be more like $399.

    I say "Whatever the cheapest price is to buy it overseas?"


    (Although to be honest, I've never liked buying overseas consoles anyway)

    Nintendo have never been generous about prices of hardware or software so I think $450 RRP is the logical price point. Any lower and I'd be surprised.

    As much as I would like it to be $350, I don't think that the Australian dollar's strength, or the import market, will factor in too strongly. The strength of our currency never seems to make a difference. And I think everyone is too busy complaining about the rise of importing to actually do anything about it, especially not lower the prices of their products.

    The $400 price point definitely seems more likely to me.

    There is a chance that other factors might play a hand. They may not want to price their hand-held system too high above their current home console. And they also have to factor in whether their chosen price point will compete with whatever Sony brings out.

    If they are smart, they'll throw it out there for $380, so that people don't feel as much like they are being ripped off to the tune of four hundred dollars.

      And, I suppose that I'll pay whatever they ask. It looks pretty sweet.

    If its $300 or under retail in australia i would buy it here, anything more i will be importing.

    I estimate the price for australians will be $399, because "we have to rip of Aussies".

    Probably would be wise buying a US version anyway (if there is a region lock), as the games will no doubt be far cheaper importing.

    Not that I know much about these things, but I think Nintendo will be crazy to sell a handheld console for $400. The novelty of 3D is not enough to justify that price. I'd rather get an iPod touch with its hundreds of thousands of apps/games for $289. Or a brand new Xbox/PS3.

    I agree with Mark. I'd expect 400$

    Wii was released at $250US, $400AU. Nintendo isn't going to change. These companies seem incapable of understanding exchange rates, and pushing it down through distributor channels.

      While you say these companies you mean every product in Australia there is nothing that fluctuates with the exchange rate anywhere otherwise the. Rrp would consistantly be changing which causes issues when someone buys a 1000 stock when the dollars in the hole you expect then to accept the loss because they had to buy the shipment when the dollar was down.

      I believe Microsoft set there currency conversion in the 80's and it hasn't changed since. Ideally the currency exchange should be based on the average of the last 2 or so years

      You also have to remember that in most cases our price is derived from the uk price which means it's generally uk to au conversion which increases the price a bit more generally then add GST

    $299.95 RRP is reasonable but somehow I've got a feeling it'll be $329.95 RRP dont ask me why.

    Either way I'm not buying one until it hits $199 and/or Nintendo brings out 3DSiCubedXLSmall2.0 comes out.

      $329.95? That's an odd figure.

        $350 will be too high and scare away customers.
        $300 is a bit lowish as they want to make as much money on 1-day buyers so $229.95 is in between - $30 extra profit but $20 less to make it sound "cheap".

        Call it a marketing hunch (not that I have a marketing degree or anything...)

      I'm going to have to agree with you. I'm predicting anywhere in the range of 300 to 350 but your price point of 329 sounds about right.

    I'm also in the $350 boat, but that might be wishful thinking more than anything - $400 wouldn't surprise me much.

    fingers crossed at a $250 - $300 price range.
    but realistically.. $350 - $450 *sigh*

    has nintendo announced if the n3ds is region free?


      I'm sure they've strongly hinted, if not announced, the exact opposite. Sadly.

    In the UK it's going for about £220-£229. Translate that over to AUD, that's $350-$360. Add GST, that's basically $400. Yes, there is VAT in that £220-£229, but since when has pricing ever been fair in Australia?

      I don't think your pricing is calculation is quite correct as historically UK has almost always payed above the average price after exchange rates are factored for. (Well your calculation is correct but I don't agree with your conclusion).

    Will buy if its 300 to 320 otherwise its import time.

    i want $250-$300 (that's if nintendo doesn't want people to import consoles/games)
    but realisticly... the greed goblin inside of them will sell it for about $350-$400

      but Europe is selling their 3ds for 229.99 pounds which roughly equates to $370 with the current exchange rate soooooo probably about there

    It will cost $399 RRP. Most retailers will have it for about $379.

    Games will go for $79/ea. I think that that is where Nintendo's problem will be.

    Fair pricing? $329 for the console, $50/ea for top-shelf games, $40 for lower tier ones.

    Realistic: $350, March 24th;
    What'll happen: $399, March 31st;


    Min - $349

    Max - $399

    I can't see Nintendo wanting the title of most expensive handheld launch, even if the PSP2 will likely beat it when it releases later this year? maybe?

    anyway, like the PSP launch, $250 in the US, $399 here... I don't think this will be any different 6 years later.

    do not want. but will buy anyway. you know what? i bought a launch ds and a ds-lite. never used either of them. im pretty much to radical to play ds in public & at home-time all my big screen tv fantasies come true. i can even watch womens beach volleyball in mega-vision: thats like three times life size!!! sometimes i pretend im watching monster womens beach volley ball where all the girls are like 18 feet tall. CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!
    sigh . . . but nintendo can sign me up for the 3ds if they have to. 3D nintendogs + cats [this time it has cats too!] wont play itself. or will it?

      Every time I see your name I can't help but think of Casey Jones! :p

      You just need to replace the "I" in your last name to an "E" and we are all set!

    I honestly don't care what the price will be here since I see no reason to buy it locally. Ridiculous console and game pricing plus region locking = no thanks Nintendo Australia.

    Nintendo Australia would be mad to sell it for any more than $350 RRP. It's only $50 difference but the last thing they would want in Australia is Nintendo's version of the PSP GO.
    I don't care if it tickles your balls while you play it. NO handheld should sell for $400 and above.
    Also what hasn't been talked about is the price of games which will be a HUGE factor in what the 3DS will/should retail for.
    My guess on games is between $60 and $80.

    After all that i predict that retailers will have deals that will be, the 3DS and a game and maybe a crappy accessory pack for $400 which i think is reasonable in today's market.

    If the 3DS is $350 or higher, then I will import... Just a question of where to import from. :P

    If it is confirmed we are in the same region as the UK, I'll import from there. (Never bought a console overseas before so I'm a bit wary of buying something that cannot play local games as well as imported)

      u believe we are in the same region as the uk.... but with the exchange rate it comes to about $370... plus you have to pay for postage.... you'd be better to get it from america... for something like $248... but you have to import all your games :( ..... nintendo, you've let us down...

    March 31st
    RRP: $350

    I hope Nintendo realises that Australia has always been a great market for them in per capita sales and so i hope they don't decide to price the 3DS here unfairly.

    I think it will be $350 or $400 with some pouches and stuff. $300 is a dream price but i'll be very shocked if it's that.

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