That Incredible Mortal Kombat Trailer Is Now A TV Show

Last June, the internet was floored by a fan-made concept trailer for a new Mortal Kombat movie. While it sadly didn't end up as a new film, it has got the creator a crack at a new series.

The clip's director Kevin Tancharoen has been handed the keys by Warner Bros. to a 10-part "webisode" series, which will focus on the story of the character Jax, who in a stroke of luck (and genius) will be played by the same man who played him the the concept trailer: Michael Jai White.

Or, as you may know him, Black Dynamite.

A Bloody Disgusting Report says other characters appearing in the series include Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Durak, Kabal, Kitana, Mileena and Scorpion.

No word on a release date, but even if it's 2017, we can wait.

Warner Premiere's 'Mortal Kombat' Tourney Goes Websides! [Bloody Disgusting]


    How is this a fan made trailer when it has well known actors in it? Still pretty fucking cool though. Can't wait for the series.

      They all did it for free, because the director is a friend of theirs... I imagine they'll be paid from now on.

      It's not a Fan made trailer. It's a mock up to sell the idea to the studio. He didn't sell them enough to make a big budget movie but ended up with a TV show instead.

    It's cool coz Michael Jai White is now playing Jax after he was supposed to play Jax in the Mortal Kombat: Annihalation movie, but he ended up playing spawn instead.


    Kotaku please remind me once the series actually starts - ty

    How can i see the actual trailer, i missed it and cant find it

      Hit the Mortal Kombat tag at the bottom of the story and churn through the results till you find the story you're chasing.

    Can't wait for this to see the light of day. Hope the series lives up to the original video.

    Preview short was amazing, looking forward to how this pans out.

    Just watched it... OMG i want this series now!

    I got goosebumps man

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