That's No Moon, It's An Awesome Star Wars Picture!

Ansel Hsiao is both a big Star Wars fan and a talented 3D artist. Put them together and we get 3D computer models of Star Wars ships that are so detailed you could use them at a Corellian shipyard.

He concentrates on a selection of Imperial Ships (and one lesser-known Imperial Walker), so there are no Mon Calamari Cruisers or X-Wings, but if you like Star Destroyers, then boy, he's got you covered.

To your left is a selection of his work, along with bare wireframe shots to give you an idea of the scale of the work.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to go and play Tie Fighter again...

[Fractalsponge] [via Geek-Art]


    That's some incredible work there. That impstar is phenomenal. I'd love to see a Mon Cal Star Cruiser or a Nebulon B, or even an SSD.

      Or an Eclipse class SSD.

      Either way...

      Oh My Mother Frigging God!

    Just a heads up Kotaku, dont think SD's were ever produced in the Correlian system. Most of the major Empire shipworks were out of Fondor. Fan nitpicks aside this blokes done an incredible job on the ISD and the Squint models.

      The Imps had 3 shipyards... for the big ones.
      Fondor, Correllia and Kuat Drive Yards over Kuat.

      Correlia's shipyards were responsible for the Executor (Vader's flagship) and Kaut were responsible for a different Executor (The Lusankya).

        You're aware Star Wars is a work of fiction, right?

    Can you get Tie Fighter to work on a modern PC? I think I have a copy somewhere that I'd love to play through.

      It was a DOS game, so maybe with a DOS emulator...?

      Actually, I think it got re-released in a Windows 95-compatible Lucasarts bundle...

      Oh man, now I want to play it again too!

        Considering all of the HD updating / remaking going on these days, surely this one is more than worthy of that treatment?

        I enjoyed the Monkey Island HD remakes and I'd pay good money for an HD remake of the X-Wing / Tie Fighter games. Especially if they chucked in online multiplayer.

          The only thing I hated about the MI remakes was the voice acting. That dialogue was written to be read, not spoken, and it really showed.

          Some of the voice acting was brutal as well. Largo Le Grande being one of the worst offenders.


      You can set your version of windows to run it in a compatibility mode.

      Years on... it's still awesome!

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