The Art Of Halo Is Like A Postcard From The End Of The Universe

Isaac Hannaford is a concept artist at former Halo developers (and series creators) Bungie, and recently got the all-clear to post a ton of his work on his personal site. Good news for us!

While there are character pieces and works of promotional art, the most numerous (and our favourite) are the environmental and action shots, which show that the thinking behind Halo's trademark large levels starts at the ground floor.

We've posted a selection of Isaac's work here, but to see the rest you'll need to check out his portfolio/blog at the link below.

[Isaac Hannaford]


    That last pic was concept art for a mission that microsoft didnt allow Bungie to finish in halo 3.....

      You mean the one with the 'Guardian' that eventually became the multiplayer map appropriately named 'Guardian'?

      Seriously? I was wondering what the hell that was. It looks awesome! Fighting that would have made for a much more satisfying ending!

    why are the concept art models always better looking than its in game counterparts :(

      current technology != skills of an artist.

    Can anyone name a game that looks like concept art? Oblivion's 'painted world' got close, but there's gotta be at least one..

    Seeing this just makes me itchy to see what 343 has planned for Halo.

    Oh god in heaven please let them have something planned.

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