The Best Game Review You'll See All Day

Even if you've never played Super PSTW Action RPG - and it's a good bet many of you haven't - you should still watch this review of the flash game. And yes, I said watch, not read.

Newgrounds user RicePirate has compiled a typographical video - complete with astounding voice work - bringing a "review" of the game to life, and while it was written for one specific game, it's not hard pretending it was written on the internet about any other game ever made.

[Dot Dot Dot @ Newgrounds]


    Che he he hhhheeeee... Gurlgle. Sigh. That was pretty entertaining! Pointlessly fun in a monty pythonesque way!

    Classic Newgrounds!

      reminds me of a video called the deaf of sonic same thing just people reading the stupid comments posted by kids on youtube. Ten times funnier.

    Oh that was legendary. The Nico Bellic pictures... this... Kotaku you've definitely outdone yourself in the last 24 hours!!!

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

    That. Was. Awesome! Much better than I expected..

    Is there a story behind it? is it a reading of a fictional post? or, are they mocking a real someone who raged in a forum?

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