The Bully Arcade Cabinet We Wish Was Real

The Bully Arcade Cabinet We Wish Was Real

With a built-in exercise bike and a sweet slingshot controller, this conceptual arcade cabinet from Kotaku reader Cobra would be the ultimate way to play Rockstar’s school days sandbox game Bully.

Perhaps if arcades were more successful than they are today we’d see something like this sexy Bully cabinet sitting in the corner of our local electronic amusement park, at least until some wiseacre decided to use real rocks in that slingshot.

Cobra explains the inspiration behind the render.

“I’ve been following Kotaku for years, yet have never contributed in any way. I love checking out all the crafty things your readers share so I thought I would share some images of an arcade cabinet concept I’ve been working on modelling. I recently replayed Bully: Scholarship Edition and was inspired to create this.”

Cobra’s also got a sweet concept for a Call of Duty arcade cabinet. Makes one wonder what other popular console titles would look like given the arcade treatment, doesn’t it?


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