The Complete Guide To Sony’s Next Big Portable PlayStation

Sony’s impressive successor to the PSP was revealed to the world in Tokyo. Here is everything we’ve written about it, all of our hands-on impressions, photos and more.

The PSP2 Is Here: Dual Analogue Sticks, Touch-Sensitive OLED, 3G Built In And So Much More
The PSP2 is finally here. Sony revealed its brand new PlayStation Portable at an event in Tokyo today, our first official look at the PlayStation maker’s next foray into handheld gaming, the NGP or “Next Generation Portable.”[imgclear]

Uncharted Leads The PSP2’s First Game Lineup
There’s a new PSP! And it needs games. Lucky, then, it’s getting some, and it’s starting at the very top of the PlayStation tree. [imgclear]

The PSP2 Is Like A Friends List In Your Pocket
The PSP2 – or, as it’s being called temporarily, the Next Generation Portable – will as expected play nice with cellular data networks via a 3G connection. Here’s what that means for your gaming.[imgclear]

The First Sexy Pics of the PSP 2
The PlayStation Portable 2, codenamed the NGP, is a sexy beast packed with touch controls, dual analogue sticks, a sexy OLED screen and built-in 3G.[imgclear]

Let’s See How Big This PSP2 Really Is
Here’s how the new PSP2 (or NGP) sizes up compared to its competition in the handheld gaming space.[imgclear]

Catch The PSP2’s Debut trailer
Here’s the first trailer for Sony’s new PSP2 (or NGP as it’ll be known).[imgclear]

Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Planet, Yakuza Shown In PSP2 Form
The PSP2 – or the NGP, as its currently codenamed – may be powerful enough to play PlayStation-quality games. At today’s coming out party for the next-generation PlayStation Portable, Sony and friends showed just that.[imgclear]

The PSP2 Has A Slick Little Logo
Here’s one of the less obvious, but nevertheless classiest things about the new NGP/PSP2: its branding.[imgclear]

Our Camera Adds Weight to the PSP2
Viewed in the spectacle of a media feeding frenzy, the PSP2, codenamed NGP, suddenly seems to have more girth than the sexy device spotted in Sony’s official pictures.[imgclear]

Sony’s New Handheld Is Not Called The PSP2 (Yet)
For the past few months – and over the past few hours, for convenience’s sake – we’ve labelled Sony’s new handheld gaming device the PSP2. That has to stop, because it’s not the thing’s name.[imgclear]

Yes, I’ve Played With Sony’s New Gaming Portable, The NGP
Today in Tokyo, Sony unveiled it’s newest PlayStation Portable, codenamed Next Generation Portable, or NGP. And I’ve played with it.[imgclear]

NGP: Sorting The Myths From The Facts
For nearly four years, we suffered through rumours of what the PSP’s true successor would actually look like. Now that it’s finally here, let’s revisit those rumours, see how right we (and others) were![imgclear]

Hands On With The NGP’s Brand-New Uncharted, And A Deviant Surprise
Another techy Sony product with more big promises. We’ve been here before, right? Not this time, though. If the NGP, or Sony’s Next Generation Portable, seems different, it’s because the way the portable lets gamers game.[imgclear]

A Beginner’s Guide To The NGP (Or, If You’re Just Joining Us, The PSP2)
Good morning, world! if you’re just waking up to news of Sony’s new handheld gaming platform, here’s a handy cheat sheet to get you started.[imgclear]

The NGP Reveal Summarized In Convenient Video Form
Want to hear all about the reveal of Sony’s Next Generation Portable without reading words? NetworkWorld’s video summary’s got gameplay, Sony executives, and the dulcet tones of IDG’s Tokyo bureau chief Martyn Williams.[imgclear]

NGP Battery Life Will Be Comparable To The PSP’s
The sight of Sony’s new NGP gaming handheld running demos of PlayStation 3 games is both exciting and terrifying for those concerned about the so-called PSP2’s battery life. Sony tells Kotaku that we can expect a decent amount of charge.[imgclear]

That’s what we have so far on this powerful new machine. Keep on eye on Kotaku for more NGP coverage.

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