The Dark Tower Video Game Rumoured For 2013

The Dark Tower Video Game Rumoured For 2013

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series of novels is being adapted for movies and television. Also planned? A “very ambitious game component […]that will further utilise elements from the books,” says an AICN source.


  • I’m a huge fan of Stephen King and the Dark Tower series. An epic RPG based on it could be absolutely awesome. But whatever they come up with probably won’t be 😛

    I have mixed feelings about the film/TV adaptation of it. While the actual approach sounds good (3 films with a TV series in between each one), I’m really not convinced Ron Howard is the man for the job. Frank Darabont would be the obvious choice, but I guess he’s busy with The Walking Dead. Still, the involvement of Robin Furth with the film/TV project gives it half a chance of being a faithful adaptation.

    • Best man for the job: Peter Jackson.

      Also, who would play Roland? Before you start touting your favourite actors, remember, he looks just like Stephen King…

      • Nah, best man for the job is Frank Darabont. Nobody gets Stephen King as well as Darabont. But he’s busy with The Walking Dead and Peter Jackson is making The Hobbit, so we’re stuck with Howard.

        Just because he looks like Stephen King in the books doesn’t mean he has to in the films. Otherwise they might as well cast Stephen King as Roland. Heheh that’s an interesting thought, actually… will they get Stephen King to play himself? 😛

        Rumour has it that Javier Bardem is the front runner to play Roland. I could live with that, he’s a good actor. But I’d prefer Viggo Mortensen whose name was kicking around for a while there. He’d be good for both the noble, aristocratic side of Roland and also the single-minded, cold-blooded, ruthless bastard side of him 🙂 Mortensen is also older, which is what you want for Roland. But Bardem is a good choice, probably better than Christian Bale whose name was also mentioned a fair bit by the rumour-mongers. He’s a decent actor but too young to play the old Roland, and too old to play the young one.

        There’s another debate, too – who plays the young Roland? Kodi Smit-McPhee will probably be about the right age by then (assuming they make that as the TV series between movies 2 and 3) and he can act. Having seen True Grit the other day, I’m sure that Hailee Steinfeld could make a good Susan Delgado and she’ll be about the right age too.

      • Irrespective of the descriptors in novels you always make your own mind up on how they look. He is Clint Eastwood down to a tea to me, and always will be.
        Whomever is chosen to play Roland has mighty large shoes to fill imo. I even resented Jake all the times he sooked that Roland let him go.

        A game would be awesome! So long as it’s not one of those ridiculous over indulgent style RPGs… Fallout style would be sweeeeet 😀

        • Clint Eastwood is what I sort of had in mind too. And since playing RDR, I kinda want him to sound (not look like) like John Marsten.

          Excited as all hell for the movies… but I know not to get my hopes up too high.

  • After playing Fallout New Vegas with a character named Roland with the gunslinger and cowboy perks, yeah I could see myself playing a Dark Tower RPG.
    “Hile, Gunslingers to me!”

  • I take it everyone’s seen The Stand film version? It’s possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The Stand is still my favourite ‘element’ of the Dark Tower and Randal Flagg is still one of my fav baddies of all time.

    I’ll still watch the movies/series because the story is so enriching, and the swap between different era’s will definitely feel like Sliders at times 😉

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