The Elder Scrolls Fans Give Morrowind A Makeover

Give your 2002 copy of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind a fresh, modern day coat of paint with the Morrowind 2011 Graphical Project, a graphical once-over that may make you love the look of Bethesda's massive role-playing game.

The Morrowind 2011 Graphical Project is basically a long, long list of Morrowind mods (4 gigabytes worth!) stuffed into a single, seemingly easy-to-use package. It won't necessarily make the game look as attractive as more recent Elder Scrolls games, but if you've found your interest in the series reignited after the announcement of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this might be a better way to play through Morrowind.

The project's overseer has uploaded more videos of the mod collection to YouTube, should you need further convincing the files are worth the download.

Morrowind 2011 Graphical Project [Official Site via Reddit]


    I needed an excuse to reinstall morrowind. I just found it :D

      I didn't need an excuse, but damn - i'm all over this like a bad rash!

    I no longer need Skyrim.

      This will keep me occupied until Skyrim.

    looks better then oblivion

      Oblivion [i]is[/i] horrid.

        For its time the graphics in Oblivion were top notch and looked gorgeous. The art style however and some of the interactions may not have been - almost as though Bethesda were trying to fit every cutting edge feature into the game (i.e. Havok physics, all sorts of new grpahical techniques)

    These are always "easy" to use, until you get to the errors and the lack of guides in the mods. If this is JUST graphics mods and it works perfectly, hell I'll play it. But I've been disappointed in the past by trying to mod Bethesda games.

    I was about to reinstall Morrowind anyway.. *cough* Yeah, let's go with that.

    Okay, I'm gonna have to differ from everyone else then...

    I'm really not a fan of user made graphical mods. In my experience they only serve to kill the developer's original artistic vision... the Doom HD mods for example: Doom may have been a pixel-ly mess, but there is *no* game that looks remotely like it. When you slap the HD mod on you've got what some dude thinks looks "better", not the masterpiece you played years ago. It really disappoints me that people think these make games look better... it's up there with George Lucas ruining his old films by adding CGI.

      Nor forget that Han Shot first!

      "it’s up there with George Lucas ruining his old films by adding CGI."

      Actually it's nowhere near up there since the updated SW actually is in line with the creators original vision.

      Instead of being a downer on stuff like this, how about having some enthusiasm for the passion and dedication these gamers have to these masterpieces that they will enjoy contributing to the possible experiences of it for other people. Especially when so many mods out there are: "Hey you know that thing in the game everybody hates? Well I fixed it..."

    looks pretty sexy, buuut I cant play Morrowind with no fog, you can notice that the world is so much tinier then it feels when you can only see your immediate surroundings.

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