The Fallout Conversation System Does Not Work In Real Life

When you try to apply the logic and mechanics of the conversation system from Bethesda's Fallout series to real life relationships it can only end in tears - or dead girlfriends.

If only every major decision in life came with enough time to stop and ponder a selection of choices conveniently labelled in terms of good or bad. You could bring up the statistics screen, check your karma levels, and make an informed choice.

It sure beats the method I use. I throw darts whenever a big decision comes up. Not at a board filled with various answers or anything. Just tossing darts in random directions with no regards for human life.

Thanks for the clip, Carson!


    everyone knows that you press escape exit the convo and come back when your speech skill is higher. shes now a static NPC and must accordingly sit and wait

    Ah c'mon now, at 50%, you'd HAVE to have a stab at those odds.


      Gold! Pure gold!

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